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Telescop Pin CORI DENT CO.. Telescop Pin Telescop Soft Pin.

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1 Telescop Pin CORI DENT CO.

2 Telescop Pin Telescop Soft Pin

3 Telescop Pin Telescop Pin has the same system as Telescopic crown that is new concept pin for our life. There are strong retention and no deformation by the slightly tapered rectangular and by the resistance force between Male and Female. The user feels soft in the pin-process of joining and detaching, and the pin can keep its precision and accuracy when male and female are united. Sampling of teeth model is easy with this pin which has narrow width.

4 Telescop Pin Telescop Pin is new concept pin with the system like telescope crown. Using telescop pin can effects perfect joining of male and Female parts. In the system of Telescop pin, the more users push the male pin, the male pin gets inserted more tightly to the Female sleeve. Telescop Pin can be applied to almost all of any uses, like Anterior, Posterior, Mandible.

5 Female sleeve of Telescop Soft Pin is made of soft Plastics. Female sleeve is united shape of sleeve-body and bottom- cap, so there is no need to put the cap on the pin annoyingly. Female’s keeping ball can catch the male harderly. Users can separate Female’s cap easily. Telescop Soft Pin

6 Telescop Soft Pin is new concept pin. Female is so soft that user have feeling tight in the pin-process. Users will throw away annoying for putting rubber cap. Telescop Soft Pin

7 Telescop Pin Single Pin Telescop Soft Pin Telescop Pin has three kinds of pins

8 Thank you CORI DENT CO.

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