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Pronouns I, me, my etc i is a subject pronoun, me an object pronoun and my a possessive adjective.

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1 pronouns I, me, my etc i is a subject pronoun, me an object pronoun and my a possessive adjective.

2 Subject pronoun IYouSheHeItWeThey Object pronoun MeYourHerHimItUsThem Possessive adjective MyYourHerHisItsOurTheir

3 mine etc. Mine is a possessive pronoun. This bike is mine = This is my bike. We cannot put a noun after a possessive pronoun.

4 Whose bike is this? It's mine. possessive pronoun mineyourshershis-ourstheirs

5 a (noun) of (possessive pronoun) Use a possessive pronoun with a noun in this expression. This is an interest of his. This great country of ours. It is very common with friend. We can also use friend of + a name with a possessive apostrophe. Is she a friend of yours? No, she's a friend of Martin's.

6 Use myself etc for emphasis, and with some verbs. Can you make me some tea? Why don't you make it yourself! as an object with verbs that describe doing something to ourselves. Look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself this question. Sally is too young to wash herself and put herself to bed.

7 Other verbs often used like this: cut, enjoy, hurt, behave. Did he hurt himself? Please behave yourselves! Enjoy yourselves! I've cut myself. Cut, enjoy, hurt can also have an object, but not behave. Enjoy your meal! Please behave.

8 Tutankhamun a He has been famous ever since __ tomb was discovered in 1922. b However, little is known about __ for certain. c __ began __ reign with the name of Tutankhaten at the age of nine. d Because of his youth, it was probably __ chief minister Ay who ruled instead of __. e While still a boy, __married Ankhesenpaten. f As a result of political changes, both __ names were later changed.

9 g Tutankhamun's death took place when __ was still a teenager. h The ancient Egyptians buried __ young pharaoh in a tomb full of beautiful objects. i In modern times these objects have been seen by thousands of tourists and __ have made Tutankhamun famous. j If you want to see __ death mask and other amazing objects, you will have to visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

10 Answers… a his b him c He, his d his, him e he f their g he h their i they j his

11 a If you are climbing alone, and have an accident, you have to try and keep calm. You have to ask__a number of questions. b Have you hurt__ in any way? c Sometimes when we have injured __we don't even realize that this has happened. d Some people may not realize they have cut __ until they see the blood.

12 e It's important to think carefully: Can l look after__ in this situation? f In some cases you may have to make a difficult decision to save__. g In a famous case, climber Aron Raistan trapped his arm, and was forced to cut it off in order to free__. h Very few people think that they__ could do that kind of thing. i But most of us would have to consider doing it if we found__ in a similar situation.

13 Answers… a yourself b yourself c ourselves d themselves e myself f yourself g himself h themselves i ourselves

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