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By: Hiva.A Hope you enjoy!!!

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1 By: Hiva.A Hope you enjoy!!!
Shiraz By: Hiva.A Hope you enjoy!!!

2 Fars province The 6th most populous city in Iran
Located on the Southwest of Iran on the Roodkaneye Khoshk. Shiraz is the capital of fars province It has a moderate climate with degree C. The word “Shir” in persian means lion, it can also mean milk . Shiraz is 4,000 years old history. The earliest reference as Tirazis goes to Elimate clay tablets dated to 2,000 B.C .

3 53% of Iran’s electronic industries is placed in Shiraz.
Shiraz - Fars Population: about 1,455,073”2011 53% of Iran’s electronic industries is placed in Shiraz. It is also known as the city of poets , literature , wine , and flowers. Shiraz is the most attractive tourist place in Iran. The important places are: Persepolis , pasargadae , Tomb of Sa’adi , Hafezieh , Shah Cheragh , Bazar vakil , Hamam vakil , Bagh Eram.

4 Persepolis Everyone who travels to Iran must visit Persepolis.
It is the center of the great Persian Empire and ceremonial capital of the Achaemenians . 60 km northwest of Shiraz. Persepolis was the summer capital of Persia in Achaemenians.

5 Pasargadae Pasargadae was the capital of Cyrus the great and also is his last resting place, Pasargadae was a city in ancient Persia, and one of Iran’s UNESCO world Heritage sites. Pasargadae remained the Persia capital until Cambyses II. The tomb of Cyrus the great and Cambyses is located in Pasargadae.

6 Hafeziyeh Khaja Shamsu Din_ Muhammad who is known as Hafez . Most scholars generally agree that Hafez was born in 1315 or 1317 and died in 1390. When he was young he was working in a bakery, delivering bread to wealthy part of the town. There for the first time he saw Shakh – e Nabat a women of great beauty to whom some of his poets are addressed. It is said that he learned the Qur’an by listening to his father in an early age. The tomb of Hafez is located in Hafeziyeh. His Divan has 573

7 Sa’adi A b u Muhammad Muslih al din is better known as Sa’adi : He was born in Shiraz Sa’adi left Shiraz in a young age for Baghdad to pursue a better education, He learned Law, Islamic science, History, and Arabic Literature. He traveled to many countries such as Turkey, Egypt, India, Syria, and Central of Asia. Also for 7 years he was a slave, in 1258 when he returned to Shiraz he was an Elderly man. His works is known as Boostan 1257 and Gulistan 1258. He died in Shiraz.

8 Bagh - Eram Bagh – Eram or also known as Eram Garden is a historic persian garden, Bagh – Eram is a garden and Qa’vam house within it, they were built in the middle of the 19th century, over the 150 years the structure had been modified and restored by many participants. Today Eram – garde and Qa’vam house are within Shiraz Botanical garden, and established in 1983.

9 Shah - Cheragh Shah – Cheragh is a famous monument and mosque in Shiraz. The name means king of light. It is the most important place for pilgrimage. It is told that the tomb of Ahmad brother of Imam Reza is located in the Shah – Cheragh.

10 Bazaar Vakil Bazaar Vakil is the main bazaar in Shiraz.
It is located in the historical center of the city. It is established in the 11th century. Bazaar has beautiful Court yard, Shops, and wonderful Structure and Decoration.

11 Hamam Vakil This building in Shiraz used to be a Public bath house, then it was a Tea house as well. Now it’s a Carpet Museum. Isn’t that interesting Hmmm.

12 Food & Beverage The favorite traditional food of Shiraz and Fars province are : Dopiazah, Kalam polo, Sabzi Koofteh, Vegtable stew, Faloodeh Shirazy and more.

13 The main transportation in Shiraz are: Plane, Car, Train, and Bus.

14 And learned a lot from my Project Thankyou!
Hope you enjoyed And learned a lot from my Project Thankyou!

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