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Sungai Ara Gospel Hall Series on The Doctrine of the Church (Cont’d) RECAPITULATION: I. THE “UNIVERSAL” CHURCH II.THE LOCAL CHURCH Two areas where the.

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1 Sungai Ara Gospel Hall Series on The Doctrine of the Church (Cont’d) RECAPITULATION: I. THE “UNIVERSAL” CHURCH II.THE LOCAL CHURCH Two areas where the Local Church should reflect the Universal Church: 1) H E IS THE HEAD of the body, the church… Col. 1:18 2) As the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: SO ALSO IS C HRIST. I Cor. 12:12-14

2 III. The Problems of the Local Church in Corinth (cf. Acts 18:1, 8, 11) 1.Paul’s Appeal for Unity in the Church. I Cor. 1:10-30 a.There were Petty Contentions.1:11 b.There were Personal Cults. 1:12ff c. There was no interest in the Preaching of the Cross. 1:17-25 d. They Professed to be Wise and opted out of God’s Calling.1:24-29

3 Toilets in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

4 We were waiting in a long line to enter what is believed to be the tomb of Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre Church. Since we all were quite early our RC Palestinian guide enquired if any needed to use the toilet to do so. Then he told us different denominations (Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Syrian and Armenian churches) disputed over the control of the premises. Then there was a "status quo" agreement, meaning whoever occupied a particular area at that point in time, that would be the church's area. For other areas, it would be deemed as "no man's land" -- no individual church can do anything in that area. One of the areas was the toilet area. "It's all about power, control. Each denomination built their number of toilets. Anyone can use them." Jack added, "But if noticed carefully, you will also see three toilets which are sealed. No one can use them. It's all about power - who controls! They can't agree; so these three toilets are sealed! It's really stupid!" The toilets (except the three mentioned above) could only be used after about 50 years of negotiation, We were privileged to use them today. :) If not, we would need to bring portable toilets, and we'll be seeing booths everywhere!

5 2. Paul Argued for the Adoption of the Wisdom of the Word and not the Wisdom of the World. I Cor. Chs. 2-3 a. Preaching should not be with Excellent and Enticing words but with the Power of the Spirit. b. Service likened to the building of a Structure. 3:9b-15 It will be tested by Fire with two Results – one Rewarded and the other will suffer loss but will be saved.3:13-15 i.Ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you - 3:16f ii.Ye are Christ's; and Christ is God's.3:18-23

6 3. Paul was Appalled by their Tolerance of Incest in their midst.I Cor. Ch. 5 a.The Public knowledge.5:1 cf. Lev. 18:6-8ff b.They were Puffed up with their Inaction.5:1, 2, 6 c.They did not use their collective Power to Incise the leaven. 5:3-5 d.They needed to Purge out the Leaven Inside the Lump.5:7, 8 e.They needed to Part company with those who are Immoral, Idolaters, etc.5:9-13

7 Summary of the Problems in I Cor. Chapters 1-5 Problem 1 – There is Disunity. Solution: Let there be Diversity in Unity. Problem 2 – There is Duplicity. Solution: Let there be Wisdom of God and the Word. Problem 3 – There is Immaturity. Solution: Let there be feeding on the Meat of the Word. Problem 4 – There is Quantity of Service. Solution: Let there be Quality of Service. Problem 5 – There is Immorality. Solution: Let there be Purity: Purge out the Leaven.

8 4. They Accused one Another in Court. I Cor. Ch. 6:1-8 a.Such accusations should be brought before the Court of Saints and not Sinners.6:1-4 b.It was Shameful that these Surfaced – no one was prepared to Suffer wrong!6:5-8 c.All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. I Cor. 6:12

9 5. They Abused their own Bodies. I Cor. Ch. 6:9-20 a. The Ten Sins Around them:6:9, 10 i. The Four Sexual Sins of Fornication: 6:9b, 11 Fornicators, Adulterers, Effeminate (male prostitutes), Abusers of themselves with mankind (sodomites, NRSV). ii.The Six Surrounding Social Sins:6:9, 10 Idolaters, thieves, covetous, drunkards, revilers, extortioners b. B UT they were Saved, Sanctified; hence they need to behave like Saints and not Sinners.6:11-12 c. Their bodies are the Spirit’s Dwelling – they will be Destroyed, if Defiled. 6:13-19, 20 cf. 3:17

10 6. Paul’s Answers (7:1) Re: Relationships. I Cor. Chs. 7-10 a. Re: Relationships between Male and Female. 7:1-40 i. Between Man and Woman – touch not or get married! 7:1-6 (Social, Sensitive, Sensual) ii. Between Husband and Wife – Defraud not; Depart not.7:2-5, 6. 10, 11 iii. Among the Unmarried – abide even as Paul, if not, better to marry than to burn. 7:7-9 iv. Among the Various cases and the Virgin - Abide in the same calling wherein…called. 7:12-25-38 (20) v. To the Widow – free to marry another believer. 7:39f

11 Paul’s answers to the Church’s Questions (7:1) – A Summary. [ What The Bible Teaches – I Cor. By J. Hunter] (1)Should conjugal relations continue after conversion? - Yes. (1-7) (2)Should the unmarried marry? Paul advises the unmarried. (8, 9) (3)Is divorce permissible to Christians? - No. (10-11) [ct. Matt. 19:9]

12 (4) Should the marriage bond continue when one partner gets converted? – Yes, (12-16) (5) If conversion means a moral and spiritual change, does it call for an external change? No. (17-24) (6) In view of the present distress, is it better not to marry? (25-38) – Yes. (7) May a Christian widow remarry? Yes, in the Lord, but better to remain unmarried. (39-40 )

13 b. As touching Relationship between those who eat Meat offered to idols and those who do not – the Strong and the Weak.8:1-13 i.The Strong must not Stumble the Weak.8:13 ii. Meat commendeth us not to God: for neither, if we eat, are we the better; neither, if we eat not, are we the worse. 8:8 iii. Liberty vs. Love: Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend. 8:13 Love may Limit what Conscience permits. Also Consider Rom. 14:1-15

14 c. Re: Relationship between the Missionary and the Church Members.I Cor. Ch. 9 i.A Missionary has Rights to any basic needs of life like any other Man or woman. 9:1-(3-6)-10 ii.The Lord’s Servants Minister to the Saints their Spiritual needs. 9:11-14 They in turn are responsible for the Material needs of the Lord’s Servants. iii.But Paul looked to God to Provide for his needs and made his Preaching free!9:15-27 Because of the negative attitude of the Members towards him.(9:1-10)

15 d. Re: Relationships between Israel and God, and the Church and God. I Cor. Ch. 10 i. The Example in Type set for Teaching the Church. 10:1-10  God Provided for all Israel. 10:1-4 (5 occ.) Baptism assured them of God’s Presence, Protection, Power and Promised Provision.  However, God was not Pleased with the many even as some of them (4 occ.) sinned. 10:5-7-10a  God sent the Destroyer to Punish them. 10:10b (Cp. Exo. 12:23)

16 i. The Example in Type.10:1-10 ii. The Exhortations.10:16-33  Re: Temptations – God is Faithful.10:11-13  Re: Testimony – Flee Idolatry.10:14, 15 (6:18)  Re: the Table – Two Fellowships. Divine and the Devil’s. 10:16-22 (Deu. 32:16, 21)  Re: Treatment of others – Be Free, but... 10:23-33  Consider the Conscience of others.10:23-30 The Principle and the Practice.10:23, 24  Do all to the Glory of God.10:31-33

17 Summary of the Relationship Problems in I Cor. Chapters 6-10 Problem 6 – Litigation between brethren. Solution: Let there be Pardon (Forgiveness). Problem 7 – Lust between the Sexes. Solution: Let there be Purity of thought and action. Problem 8 – Liberty vs. Love  Strong and Weak. Solution: Let there be Partiality – Love Limits Liberty. Problem 9 – “Living”  the Saints and God’s Servant. Solution: Let there be Partnership. Problem 10 – Leadership and Fellowship  The Lord and His People. Solution: Let the Lord Lead in all Paths.


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