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The People at the Cross.

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1 The People at the Cross

2 The People at the Cross Introduction:
It was always interesting to me when I was a fire fighter and EMT to look around the scene after a fire had been brought under control or an accident sight had been secured and the victims taken care as to who was there looking on at the event that had taken place. Some really got in the way Driving down the interstate you can’t help but notice all those who slow down to gawk at the accident that just took place. It’s curious as to what they think they will see or what they will tell others later.

3 The People at the Cross Then you have those who caused an accident and then elude it altogether to avoid “blame”. 4. Did you ever wonder about – THE PEOPLE AT THE CROSS ?

4 The People at the Cross Did you ever wonder who was there?
Who was not there? And WHY?

5 The People at the Cross Why would such a Lesson be important?
Our Study of Biblical Characters is more of a judgment about ourselves than a judgment of the Characters themselves. We can and should be able to see ourselves in each one of them. We find that great teaching can come from the ones at the Cross as well as those who were not at the Cross. What will we learn about ourselves through these characters?

6 The People at the Cross Those Who Were NOT There. Judas was NOT there.
A. We could call his story the worst of all human stories, unless of course we do just as he did. B. Our story becomes worse than his because if we learned nothing from what he did.

7 The People at the Cross 2. Judas betrayed Christ - Matthew 26:47 – a. With a kiss – LUKE 22:47 – 48 God did NOT reject Judas because of this awful deed. This would denigrate the Goodness of God He is not desiring that any one perish. II Peter 3:9 4. Judas was a “successful hypocrite” he professed one thing and did another. 5. Judas allowed the Devil to enter his heart, he was called the “son of perdition” John 17:12

8 The People at the Cross 7. Eleven of the Apostles were not present at the Cross, Judas was dead, 10 did not show up at all, only JOHN went the full distance and there is no record of him saying anything while there. a Who is in Our Heart? Where are we at in regard to what took place At the Cross? Doesn’t Jesus deserve better than that?

9 The People at the Cross 8. Martha, Mary and Lazarus are NOT mentioned as being there. a. These are the people that Jesus spent his final days with, He loved them – John 11:5. b. Sometimes you have the least influence over the ones you love, especially when times are really tough and trying. c. Maybe they felt it was too risky to be so close to one so despised.

10 The People at the Cross 9. OTHERS WHO WERE NOT THERE. a. Jesus’ physical brothers, there is no record. i. John is there and Jesus gives the care of His mother to him. John 19: b. No record of the many people that Jesus healed as being there. c. No record of Barabbas being there, his life was spared because of Jesus. Matthew 27:15-23.

11 The People at the Cross Some Who Were Present.
Simon of Cyrene -When the humanity of Jesus failed, he could no longer carry the Cross. Simon was there. Matthew 27:32, Mark 15:21, Luke 23:26 Simon was there and when least expected compelled to pick up the Cross and carry it the distance. He then stood at the foot of the Cross.

12 The People at the Cross The women were there. Luke 23:27-31
a. The ones who did not run away when there own lives could have been taken by the Romans or others in the crowd. They wept for Him, later women helped to bury Him and watch His tomb, Matthew 27:55-61. 4. Mary, His mother was there. Would we expect less? What was it like for her to live with the Savior of the world, even herself? What was it like to watch her Son go through what He did?

13 The People at the Cross Mary Magdalene was there. A woman from whom He had cast out 7 devils, Jesus appeared to her first after His resurrection. Mark 16:9 Three other women were there, Mary the mother of James and Joses, Mark 15:40, Salome, the mother of James and John and Joanne Luke 24:10 and other women also. Women were the last at the Cross and the First at the Tomb. What a blessing women are!!!

14 The People at the Cross 8. The Thief on the Cross. Luke 23:39-43 a. Jesus died with sinners to save sinners. b. This thief was saved, when he was at his worst moment in life Christ was there for him. He is there for us while we bear our Cross for Him. 9. There was a crowd there, it consisted of His enemies and the Roman soldiers Matthew 26:65 – 68 They came to gawk and make fun of Him and to kill Him. Matthew 27:27-31,

15 The People at the Cross 10. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. a. They asked for the body to bury it. Matthew 27: We are glad that they did. b. But, These were men that could have done so much more when He was alive and yet did so little. Why is it that we do this even today, it takes the death of a loved one to make us finally realize what we have missed? c. While their action took nerve, it takes even more courage to Confess Christ in Life, What about your Life? What is your confession? Matthew 10:32, 33

16 The People at the Cross Conclusion:
Judas could have been forgiven by God, he did not forgive himself, he let Satan destroy him! Will let him do the same to us? Jesus forgave the 11 Apostles and used them, he will do the same for us; This gives us hope! His close friends were not there. His own family deserted Him in his time of death.

17 The People at the Cross Many who benefited personally from Him in a physical way did not show up when He was stricken for their eternal life The one who cheated death, Barabbas, was not there when Jesus literally died in his place. Simon went the distance, will we? Will we stand like the women did? Will we wait until it is too late, the thief almost did and the point here is that there is no respect of persons with God and “dead bed” confessions will not be enough.

18 The People at the Cross Are we His enemies yet today? Romans 5: 10
Will we do more than have the nerve to Bury Him? Where do we all fit in with those who were and were not present with the People at the Cross? 12. Our Study of Biblical Characters is more of a judgment about ourselves than a judgment of the Characters themselves. How would we have been different?

19 What MUST You Do to Be Saved?
Hear The Word Of God Romans 10:17 Believe His Word Mark 16:16, John 8:24 Repent of your sins Luke 13:3, Acts 2:38 Confess your belief Romans 10:10, Acts 8:37 Be Baptized Mark 16:16, Acts 2: For the Remission of Your Sins Acts 22: Galatians 3:26, 27 Live Faithfully Titus 2:11-14

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