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Raised on the Third Day (1 Corinthians 15: 1-8, 12-28) p. 1062-3.

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2 Raised on the Third Day (1 Corinthians 15: 1-8, 12-28) p. 1062-3

3 News …  Napoleonic wars ended at Battle of Waterloo Message: “Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo”  Resurrection critically important to Christians A Historical fact – without it our faith is “futile” (v 17)  Not easy to believe. BUT an essential part of Christian faithfulness

4 1. Resurrection: Cultural Context  Others were raised to life: Elijah – Widow’s son (1 Kings 17:17f) Elisha – Shunammite woman’s son (2 Ki 14:18f) Jesus –  Lazarus (John 11)  Jairus’ daughter (Luke 8:41f) Peter – Tabitha/Dorcas (Acts 9:36f)  Jesus’ resurrection was much more!

5 1. Resurrection: Cultural Context …  Greco-Roman Belief Homer (800 BC):  There was semi-life after death  It was without physical substance, shadowy.  People became dreamy – limited mental/emotional capacity  It was tragic, miserable, undesirable –full of sorrow  Because “Self” was embodied in the physical flesh. Around 500 BC “Mystery” Religions appear

6 1. Resurrection: Cultural Context … Picked up by Socrates and Plato (~ 400 BC):  Unseen world better than seen (physical) world.  Virtue (care of the soul) is important  Expounded & promoted by Aristotle Prevailing beliefs in first century:  Death inescapable: a purely spiritual/non-physical existence  Ultimate goal was to escape the physical world.  Return to physical body: Impossible and undesirable Paul is arguing against such ideas in 1 Cor. 15.  Jesus was Physically raised from the dead!

7 1. Resurrection: Cultural Context …  Jewish Belief: Overtly positive about physical world– creation. Had a vibrant resurrection hope YHWH would raise up the righteous (one day) A single resurrection absurd Death of Messiah was also absurd.  He was establishing the Messianic Kingdom.

8 2. Resurrection: Disciples’ Testimony  Jesus died and was buried Disciples were discouraged and demoralized  Shortly tomb was empty; disciples saw him alive Started a movement based on this belief The disciples all suffered/died for this belief Without resurrection hard to account for these facts!

9 2. Resurrection: Disciples’ Testimony …  Interesting features of the Gospel accounts: No attempt to link the story to Biblical tradition No interpretation of the significance or meaning Very physical and unremarkable picture of Jesus  No signs of exultation or heavenly glory Women’s testimony no more valid than childrens’ No disciple ever returned to the tomb again.

10 2. Resurrection: Disciples’ Testimony …  The change in the disciples None gained anything but persecution & death A Lie would be against Jesus’ moral teaching Appeal to eyewitnesses dangerous.

11 3. Implications of the Resurrection  Death has been defeated  Fellowship with God is restored  Resurrection is our assured hope.


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