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St. Martin of Tours. “Little Mars” 313: Edict of Milan 316: Martin Born in Hungary 331: Martin “Drafted” 335: Cloak Event & Baptism 356: Leaves Army 370:

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1 St. Martin of Tours

2 “Little Mars” 313: Edict of Milan 316: Martin Born in Hungary 331: Martin “Drafted” 335: Cloak Event & Baptism 356: Leaves Army 370: Elected Bishop of Tours 397: Dies Nov. 8, Funeral 11 th St. Martin and the Beggar, by El Greco

3 Precocious Piety 10 Years old: Ran away for two days, became a catechumen 15 Years old: Drafted, treats slave as his equal, ridiculed 18 or 19 Years old: Cuts cloak for beggar, has vision of Christ in cloak Charity of St. Martin by Simone Martini, Church of St. Francis, Assisi

4 Holy Boldness 40 Years old: Imperial Guard to fight barbarians at Worms -Donativum evening prior -Martin asks for discharge -Julian accuses cowardice -Martin offers to go into battle unarmed -Barbarians surrender in the morning St. Martin Leaves the Life of Chivalry and Renounces the Army, by Simone Martini 1322-26


6 Poitiers and Parents Makes way to St. Hilary in Poitiers -St. Hilary wants to ordain him deacon -St. Martin only accepts minor order of exorcist -Dream prompts him to visit parents to convert them Ordination by St. Hilary, Cathedral of St. Gatien, Tours

7 Scandal of Heresy Converts brigand on way home Pagan parents: -Mother accepts Christianity -Father rejects: cites scandal of disunity in faith (Arianism) -Hassled by Arians, Martin goes to island hermitage The Charity of St. Martin, Louis Anselme Longa

8 Alone at Last…Hello, who is it? -Returns to St. Hilary, begins life as a solitary monk -Disciples gather -St. Martin raises the dead (twice) -Beginnings of monastic community (before Benedict) St. Maarten, Antoon van Dijck

9 Shanghaied in Tours 368: St. Hilary dies -St. Martin is asked to become 3 rd bishop of Tours -Refuses -Rusticius begs him to come see his sick wife -Crowd gathers as they walk -St. Martin is trapped!

10 Psalm 8: Out of the mouths of babes… -Some bishops opposed St. Martin’s consecration -Leader was bishop of Angers Named “Defensor” -Lector delayed by crowd, someone opens a psalter and begins reading first passage he comes to: Psalm 8 -Crowd roars approval, opposition crumbles St. Martin & St. Christopher, by Pordenone 1528-29

11 This Means War! First recorded act as bishop: uprooting a false devotion Next: Pagan shrines -Travels the byways, reaches the pagani -Destroyed pagan shrines -Cut down sacred trees -Miraculous protection converts many -Immediately built churches or monasteries to replace shrines Tomb painting, St. Gatien Cathedral ca. 1200’s


13 Marching Orders: Mark 16:15-18 -St. Martin travelled well beyond his own diocese, all over France -Saw demons, exorcised many -Healed even more: Kissed a leper’s face, healed Statue on Façade of Cathedral of St. Martin, Lucca, Italy

14 St. Martin and Imperial Rome -Fame and occasional petitions for others brought about imperial contacts -Three vignettes: 1.Dinner with Maximus and other bishops 2.Dinner with Maximus and his wife 3.Confronting Count Avitianus The Charity of St. Martin, 15 th c. book of hours of Etienne Chevalier


16 The Priscillian Incident Complicated Matter Priscillian = Spanish Heretic -Gnosticism & Manichaeism Unsavory orthodox bishops get emperor involved Political intrigue spins out of control St. Martin communes with unsavory orthodox to spare lives of Priscillianists in Spain St. Martin fresco in Abbey Church of St. Hilary, Poitiers, France


18 Obedient to the End Trip to Candes-restore peace to the clergy Tells brethren end is near Their grief prompts him to pray as St. Paul did-God’s will be done, whether it mean life or death Tells off the devil, then dies Body looked transfigured

19 Devotion Rewarded Men of Poitiers vie with men of Tours for body of the saint All night vigil, men of Poitiers all fall asleep Tourians slip body out window, down river on a boat Nov 11 th Funeral like a Roman general’s triumphal procession Return of St. Martin’s Body, St. Gatien Cathedral, Tours, France

20 “Special Patron of the Whole World” -Devotion to St. Martin floods France, spreads across Europe -Tours becomes pilgrimage destination, also on route to Santiago de Compostela -French Huegenots and later the French Revolution destroy tomb, burn relics -1880 Tomb rediscovered -1925 Basilica rebuilt Statue on Monastery of St. Martin Pinario, near Santiago de Compostela

21 “Look After Your Own Everywhere”

22 The Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month… WWI ends on feast of St. Martin of Tours -Patron saint of France -Former soldier, prayer ended a war in his lifetime -Eleventh day, Eleventh month, Eleventh hour -Salvation History is ongoing, God’s Providence continues to shape our lives and world events

23 The Challenge of St. Martin What ought we to learn? -Power of prayer -Prayer is first resort, not last -The poor are Christ Himself -Life is sacred -The devil is real, we are at war -Humility and obedience -Ardent devotion to the truth Reliquary of St. Martin

24 Don’t Take My Word For It-Read! Sulpitius Severus: – On the Life of St. Martin – Dialogues (II and III) – Sacred History (Bk II, Ch. 50) – Letters Available at Régine Pernoud. Martin of Tours: Soldier, Bishop, and Saint. Trans. by Michael Miller. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2006. (Catholic) Christopher Donaldson. Martin of Tours: Parish Priest, Mystic and Exorcist. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1980. (Anglican)

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