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A) Asiab) Europe c) Africad) Asia Minor Egypt is located on the Continent of.

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1 a) Asiab) Europe c) Africad) Asia Minor Egypt is located on the Continent of

2 a) Nileb) Zambesi c) Euphratesd) Tigris Herodotus called this river a Gift to the people of Egypt

3 a) Deshretb) Ammit c) Kemetd) Mattock This term means black land

4 a) Deshretb) Piruit c) Kemetd) Shaduf This term means red land and Represents all that is evil

5 a) Shadufb) Shemu c) Shaitd) Piruit The season of flooding or Innundation is called

6 a) Piruitb) Shait c) Papyrusd) Deshret The season of emergence is Known as

7 a) Shemub) Piruit c) Shadufd) Shait The season of harvest is Known as

8 a) Nilometerb) Shaduf c) Shemud) Mattock The Egyptian word for plow Is

9 a) Shemub) Shaduf c) Shaitd) Mattock A device used to raise water from the Nile to irrigation channels

10 a) Shemub) Shaduf c) Nilometerd) Mattock A device used to measure the Height of the Nile’s flood

11 a) Piruitb) Shait c) Papyrusd) Deshret The plant used to make paper Is called

12 a) Tutb) Menes (Narmer) c) Hatshepsutd) Thutmoses IV According to an Egyptian Legend who united upper And lower Egypt

13 a) Shadufb) Vizier c) Kashtad) Anubis Pharoahs often depend on an Advisor to help them run the Government efficiently. The Title given to this advisor was

14 a) 2 kingdomsb) 10 dynasties c) 12 dynastiesd) 3 kingdoms Egyptian history is divided Into how many different eras or Time periods

15 a) Queenb) Pharoah c) Regentd) Dynasty A series of rulers from the Same family is called a

16 a) Old, Renovated, & Newb) Old, Middle, & New c) Old,Intermediate,& Newd) Khafre, Cheops, & Tut The three kingdoms that divide Egyptian history are

17 a) Tutankhamunb) Ramses c) Thutmose IId) Nefertiti Great warrior king who had Over 100 children

18 a) Hatshepsutb) Nefertiti c) Menesd) Ramses III First women pharaoh in Ancient Egypt

19 a) Senefrub) Khufu c) Cleopatrad) Thutmose I The pharaoh who had the Great Pyramid at Giza built. When it Was completed over 2 million Stone blocks were used.

20 a) Canopicb) Sarcophagus c) Papyrusd) Cartouche Oval ring that contains the Hieroglyphic name of the Pharaoh.

21 a) Senefrub) Khufu c) Zoserd) Thutmose I The pharaoh who had the first Pyramid built during the Old Kingdom

22 a) New Kingdomb) Old Kingdom c) Middle Kingdomd) Intermediate Kingdom The time period from 2700 BCE To around 2200 BCE.

23 a) New Kingdomb) Old Kingdom c) Middle Kingdomd) Intermediate Kingdom The time period from 1550 BCE To around 1085 BCE.

24 a) New Kingdomb) Old Kingdom c) Middle Kingdomd) Intermediate Kingdom The time period from 2050 BCE To around 1780 BCE.

25 a) Cuneiformb) Sanskrit c) Hieroglyphicsd) Helvetica The name of the Egyptian Writing system was called

26 a) Wedge shaped writingb) Sacred carved inscriptions c) Chicken scratchd) alphabet Hieroglyphics is a Greek Term which means

27 a) 750b) 26 c) 500d) 100 Approximately how many signs Or symbols did the ancient Egyptian writing system contain

28 a) Dead Sea Scrollsb) Cleopatra’s diary c) Rosetta Stoned) Osiris papyrus What famous tablet discovered In 1799 allowed the Egyptian Writing system to be translated

29 a) Edubbab) House of Life c) House of Papyrusd) Mastaba The name given to the temple, where young boys were taught to read & write was called the

30 a) Papyrusb) alluvium c) Xeroxd) Ricoh Egyptians used a reed like plant to make a type of paper called

31 a) They gave away their stuffb) They believed in one god c) They built cities for the deadd) They preserved their bodies How did the ancient Egyptians Demonstrate their believe in An afterlife

32 a) Sphinxb) Mastaba c) Burial moundd) Step pyramid An Arabic word which means Bench and was the first style Of Egyptian tomb built was Called a

33 a) Imhotepb) Khufu c) Menesd) Cheops The architect of the first Step pyramid built in ancient Egypt was

34 a) Sinai Peninsulab) Thebes c) The Nile Deltad) Valley of the Kings Instead of pyramids many of Egypt’s greatest pharaohs Were buried in secret cliff side Tombs located in

35 a) 70b) 50 c) 3d) 180 Approximately how many days Did it take to mummify a body

36 a) Worship one godb) Prepare for the afterlife c) Go to the temple each dayd) Worship the pharoah In ancient Egypt, a very important religious practice was to

37 a) When he diedb) When he was born c) When he was crownedd) When the Nile flooded When did planning for a Pharaoh’s tomb begin

38 a) They were expensive to buildb) They took a long time to build c) They were often robbedd) They ran out of limestone Which of the following was NOT A reason why the ancient Egyptians stopped building pyramids

39 a) Piruitb) Natron c) Shabtisd) Shait The special salt used to dry the Body during the mummification Process was called

40 a) Masonb) Shemu c) Shadufd) Canopic The special jars used to hold The internal organs were Known as

41 a) Shadufb) Shemu c) Shabtisd) Ammit Small little servant statues that were buried with a person and were supposed to do work for the person In the afterlife were called

42 a) Undertakers handbookb) Rosetta stone c) Book of Amon Red) Book of the dead The collection of spells,poems, And incantations used by the Egyptians to reach the afterlife Was called the

43 a) sarcophagusb) Shait c) shadufd) Shemu Stone coffin in the tomb where the wooden inner coffins were Placed was the

44 a) Opening of the mouthb) Capturing of the Ka c) Weighing of the heartd) Trial of Osiris Ceremony where a person’s Soul was judged to see if they Were worthy to go to the field Of reeds

45 a) Howard Carterb) Heinrich Scheilman c) Indiana Jonesd) Lord Greystoke Who discovered Tutankhamun’s Tomb in 1922 in the Valley of The Kings

46 a) the universeb) nature c) The governmentd) machines Religion played an important part in Egyptian life by helping to explain the workings of

47 a) Osirisb) Anubis c) Sethd) Isis The Egyptian god of the Underworld was called

48 a) Field of Dreamsb) Valhalla c) Field of Reedsd) Land of the dead The Egyptian idea of heaven Or paradise was called the

49 a) It was illegalb) Grave robbers lived there c) Wild animals might attack d) Spirits of the dead lived there Why didn’t ancient Egyptians want to be on the west bank of the Nile after dark

50 a) Anubisb) Thoth c) Ammitd) Osiris The Egyptian god of mummification or embalming was

51 a) Weighing of the heartb) Opening of the mouth c) Freeing of the Bad) Releasing the Ka The last ceremony performed in mummification was the ___ which gave the dead the ability to eat & speak

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