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Characters- Songs- Setting- Plot Leonard Bernstein Theme comparison.

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2 Characters- Songs- Setting- Plot Leonard Bernstein Theme comparison


4 .

5 West Side Story Romeo and Juliet Maria – Chino – Tony Juliet – Paris – Romeo Anita Nurse Jets vs. Sharks Montagues vs. Capulets Bernardo Tybalt Riff Mercutio.

6 Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare 1597 Montague and Capulet family feud Romeo and Juliet meet at Capulet ball (Juliet to marry Count Paris) Fall in love Balcony scene Romeo & Juliet marry – Friar Laurence Street brawl – Tybalt kills Mercutio – Romeo Kills Tybalt Romeo banished to Mantua.

7 Poor Juliet – arrangements made for marriage to Count Paris Friar Laurence has a plan – sleeping potion to appear dead Wrong message to Romeo –gets poison Goes to tomb – good bye to Juliet – kills Paris Takes poison and dies as Juliet awakes Juliet kills herself Families unite – end feud Never was a story of more woe Than of Juliet and her Romeo.

8 The same tale has been told numerous times in past cinematic history, including: Romeo and Juliet (1916) with vampish Theda Bara as Juliet Romeo and Juliet (1916) with Francis X. Bushman as Romeo George Cukor's Romeo and Juliet (1936) with elderly 'teen' lovers Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer, John Barrymore as Mercutio, Edna May Oliver as the Nurse, and Basil Rathbone as Tybalt Renato Castellani's Romeo and Juliet (1954) with Laurence Harvey and Susan Shentall in the leads Paul Czinner's Romeo and Juliet (1966), with ballet dancers Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet (1968), with appropriately-aged star-crossed lovers Leonard Whiting and Olivia HusseyRomeo and Juliet (1968) Baz Luhrmann's hip and updated William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (1996) with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.



11 West Side Story – Leonard Bernstein –1961 musical Gangs feuding : The Jets and The Sharks Maria and Tony meet at the school dance Fall in love Fire escape scene – sing “ Tonight ” Pretend marriage Rumble – Bernardo kills Riff, Tony kills Bernardo Tony and Maria plan to leave town Anita delivers wrong message to Tony Chino shoots and kills Tony Tony dies in Maria ’ s arms – she threatens to kill her- self and others

12 Gangs come together and carry Tony ’ s body to the ambulance There's a place for us, Somewhere a place for us. Peace and quiet and open air Wait for us Somewhere. There's a time for us, Some day a time for us, Time together with time to spare, Time to learn, time to care, Some day.

13 Characters Romeo is a Montague. He falls in love with Juliet and proceeds to marry her. He is a tragic character. He is characterized as hasty and emotional. He is young. Juliet- She is a Capulet. She falls in love with Romeo. She believes marriage should be for love. She is also characterized as hasty. She is young Lord Capulet- He is Juliet's father. He is strict, harsh, not understanding. He wants her to marry Paris. Lady Montague-She is Romeo's mother. She is very busy and strict. Lord Montague-He is Romeo' father. He is stubborn and not willing to forgive. County Paris- He is kinsman of Prince. He cares about Juliet and wishes to marry her.

14 Prince Escalus- He is Prince of Verona. He wants to call a truce and end the family feud. Friar Lawrence- He is the Priest in Verona. He weds Romeo and Juliet hoping it will unite both families. Instead it causes fighting. He later gives Juliet sleeping potion. He helps Romeo out. Friar John-He was supposed to deliver a letter to Romeo about Juliet, but Romeo did not get it. The Nurse- She cared for Juliet during childhood. She wants Juliet to be happy. She is very talkative. Mercutio-He is a good friend of Romeo Balthasar-He is a servant and a friend of Romeo. Benvolio- He is a friend of Romeo Tybalt- He is a nephew of Lady Capulet. He has a bad temper. Samson- He is a Capulet servant Gregory-He is a Capulet servant.

15 Romeo, wherefore art thou…?

16 Romeo and Juliet

17 West Side Story Characters Maria- P.R., falls in love with Tony, to marry Chino Tony- former Jet who meets Maria at dance and falls in love with her, killed by Chino Bernardo- P.R., loves Anita, killed by Tony, Leader of the Sharks Riff- leader of the Jets Doc- owner of the drugstore Lt. Schrank- prejudice police officer

18 Jets- American gang Sharks- Puerto Rican gang Anita- Bernardo ’ s girlfriend

19 .

20 Homework Assignment: In a well developed essay, explain how you would resolve the conflict between the Jets and Sharks – non- violently. Be specific and use comparisons to “ West Side Story ”..

21 The most beautiful sound I ever heard: Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria... All the beautiful sounds of the world in a single word.. Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria... Maria! I've just met a girl named Maria, And suddenly that name Will never be the same To me. Maria! Maria Boy, boy, crazy boy, Get cool, boy! Got a rocket in your pocket, Keep coolly cool, boy! Don't get hot, 'Cause man, you got Some high times ahead. Take it slow and Daddy-O, You can live it up and die in bed! Boy, boy, crazy boy! Stay loose, boy! Breeze it, buzz it, easy does it. Turn off the juice, boy! Go man, go, But not like a yo-yo schoolboy. Just play it cool, boy, Real cool! There's a place for us, Somewhere a place for us. Peace and quiet and open air Wait for us Somewhere. There's a time for us, Some day a time for us, Time together with time spare, Time to learn, time to care, Some day! Somewhere Cool.

22 SURVEY SAYS … Let ’ s play a game of FAMILY FEUD! Montague's vs. Capulets Jets vs. Sharks.

23 Rules for “ Family Feud ” Create 6 different categories for each game – West Side Story – Ensemble songs, Duets, Sharks, Jets, Main Characters, Similarities to Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet – Montagues, Capulets, It ’ s all in a name, tragic deaths, scenes, similarities to West Side Story Each group needs a group leader/host

24 Each category should contain from 2-5 answers and all totals should add up to 100 (people surveyed.) Example: Category – Cats: Siamese –36, Persian –25, Lions – 23, Tigers – 16 You may add new categories Write everything down

25 Word Search

26 Works Cited omeo.html

27 http://www.bellmore- er97/submit/7.24.97-11.59.12.html er97/submit/7.24.97-11.59.12.html lasses/Shakespeare_Illustrated/Calderon.Juliet.html isc/blaa1961.htm?iam=dpile_1&terms= west+side+story+pictures

28 ein.html lasses/Shakespeare_Illustrated/Leighton.Romeo.html l2/lyrics/cool.html

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