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Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY.

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1 Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY


3 Indo-European Migrations: 4m-2m BCE The Middle East: “The Crossroads of Three Continents”

4 The Ancient Fertile Crescent Area The Middle East: “The Cradle of Civilization”

5 Sumerians

6 Sumerian Religion - Polytheistic Enki Innana Anthropomorphic Gods

7 Mesopotamian Trade “The Cuneiform World”

8 Cuneiform: “Wedge-Shaped” Writing

9 Cuneiform Writing

10 Deciphering Cuneiform

11 Sumerian Scribes “Tablet House”

12 Sumerian Cylinder Seals

13 Gilgamesh

14 Gilgamesh Epic Tablet: Flood Story

15 Ziggurat at Ur  Temple  “Mountain of the Gods”  Temple  “Mountain of the Gods”

16 The Royal Standard of Ur

17 Mesopotamian Harp

18 Board Game From Ur

19 Sophisticated Metallurgy Skills at Ur

20 Sargon of Akkad: The World’s First Empire [Akkadians]

21 The Babylonian Empires

22 Hammurabi’s [r. 1792-1750 B. C. E.] Code

23 Hammurabi, the Judge

24 Babylonian Math

25 Babylonian Numbers


27 A View of Egypt by Satellite

28 The Fertile Nile Valley

29 The Annual Flooding of the Nile

30 Nile Irrigation-the Shaduf

31 Ancient Egyptian History PeriodsTime Frame Nile Culture Begins3900 B. C. E. Archaic3100 – 2650 B. C. E. Old Kingdom2650 – 2134 B. C. E. Middle Kingdom2040 – 1640 B. C. E. New Kingdom1550 – 1070 B. C. E. Late Period750 – 332 B. C. E. Greek Ptolemaic Era332 – 30 B. C. E. Roman Period30 B. C. E. – 395 C. E.

32 Menes: Unifier of Upper & Lower Egypt c. 3050 B. C. E. ?

33 Ancient Egyptian Housing Middle Class Homes Peasant Homes

34 Scenes of Ancient Egyptian Daily Life

35 Making Ancient Egyptian Beer

36 Making Ancient Egyptian Wine

37 An Egyptian Woman’s “Must-Haves” Perfume Whigs Mirror

38 Egyptian Social Hierarchy

39 Some Famous Egyptian Pharaohs Thutmose III 1504-1450 B. C. E. Ramses II 1279-1212 B. C. E. Tutankhamon 1336-1327 B. C. E.

40 Egyptian Nobility

41 Egyptian Priestly Class

42 Egyptian Scribe

43 Papyrus  Paper Papyrus Plant Hieratic Scroll Piece

44 Egyptian Math & Draftsmenship 110100100010,000100,0001,000,000 What number is this?

45 Champollion & the Rosetta Stone

46 Hieroglyphic “Cartouche”

47 Hieroglyphics “Alphabet” 24 “letters” + 700 phonetic symbols

48 Egyptian Creation Myth The Goddess Nut

49 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses: “The Sacred ‘Trinity’” Osiris Isis Horus

50 Preparations for the Underworld Priests protected your KA, or soul-spirit ANUBIS weighs the dead person’s heart against a feather.

51 Materials Used in Mummification 1. Linen 6. Natron 2. Sawdust 7. Onion 3. Lichen 8. Nile Mud 4. Beeswax 9. Linen Pads 5. Resin 10. Frankinsense

52 Preparation for the Afterlife

53 Egyptian Mummies Seti I 1291-1278 B. C. E. Queen Tiye, wife of Amenhotep II 1210-1200 B. C. E. Ramses II 1279-1212 B. C. E.

54 Journey to the Underworld A boat for the journey is provided for a dead pharaoh in his tomb. The dead travel on the “Solar Bark.”

55 Egyptian Book of the Dead

56 The Final Judgement Anubis Horus Osiris

57 Shabtis: The Pharaoh’s Servants in the Afterlife

58 Stepped Pyramid at Saqqara

59 “Bent” Pyramid of King Sneferu

60 Giza Pyramid Complex

61 Plan of the Great Pyramid of Khufu

62 The Valley of the Kings

63 Archaeologist, Howard Carter (1922)

64 Entrance to King “Tut’s” Tomb

65 King Tutankhamon’s Death Mask 1336-1327 B. C. E.

66 King Tutankhamon

67 King Tutankhamun’s Tomb

68 Treasures From Tut’s Tomb

69 The Valley of the Queens Temple of Queen Hatshepsut 1473-1458 B. C. E.

70 Ankhenaton: First Monotheist? 1352-1336 B. C. E.

71 The Ankh – The “Cross” of Life

72 Queen Nefertiti

73 Abu Simbel: Monument to Ramses II 1279-1213 B. C. E.

74 Routes of the “Sea Peoples” The end of the Bronze Age!


76 Hittite Empire

77 Hattusas: Capital of the Hittites

78 Hattusas – Lion’s Gate

79 Hittite Chariots & Warriors

80 Hittite Writing

81 A Balance of Power: 1200 B. C. E.

82 The Battle of Kadesh Treaty of Kadesh Ramses II at Kadesh


84 Phoenician Sea Routes

85 A Phoenician Bireme Ship

86 The “Royal Purple” Dye

87 Phoenician City of Byblos: “Home of the Alphabet”

88 Phoenician Alphabet

89 Carthage: Phoenicia’s Mightiest Colony


91 The Assyrian Empire

92 Assyrian Military Power Assyrian soldiers carrying away the enemy’s gods.

93 Jewish Captives: 8 c BCE

94 Babylon under the Chaldeans

95 Nebuchadnezzar II’s Babylon

96 Ishtar Gate

97 Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

98 Israelites in Captivity

99 Alexander the Great & the Hellenization of the Near East

100 The Great Library at Alexandria. Egypt

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