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2 INTRODUCTION The Delhi sultanate is a noble example for the glory of ancient India.Its culture, art and architecture that exists even today is praiseworthy. The Sultans of Delhi ruled for quite a long period of 320 years during which there were achievements in different fields. Our Indian history is the famous and the longest history in the world . It helps our present generation to understand and remember our past.

3 THE DELHI SULTANATE. Project Associates:- Nafeesa Bi P.R. Ambuja .J.
Nida Zabiha. Nafeesa Bi P.R. of 9th ‘B’ Bapu Composite P.U.College.

4 Dynasties which ruled over Delhi. Slave dynasty. Khilji dynasty.
CONTENTS-- Dynasties which ruled over Delhi. Slave dynasty. Khilji dynasty. Tughlaq dynasty. Lodi dynasty. Causes for the decline of Delhi sultanate.

5 SUMMARY:- After the Arab invasion of sind, the Delhi sultanate was established by Qutub-ud-din-aibek in 1206 A.D . Iltamush succeeded Qutub-ud-din-aibek & later he was succeeded by his daughter Razia Begum. Giyasuddin-Balban was the next important sultan,he beautified the Delhi.Giyasuddin Tughlaq defeated the last ruler of Khilji dynasty &became the ruler in1320 A.D. His son Mohammed-bin-Tughlaq succeeded him. He was an able sultan with best intention &excellent ideas, but he lacked in patience. The next ruler was Firoz-shah-Tughlaq.He was a capable &strong sultan. Finally the Tughlaq dynasty was succeeded by Syed Dynasty & later by Lodi Dynasty. Ibrahim-Lodi the last ruler of Lodi Dynasty was defeated by Babur in the first battle of Panipat in1526 A.D. Mosque at Ajmer--

6 OBJECTIVES: To know more about Delhi Sultanate . To have a complete analysis of Qutub-ud-din-Aibek’s rule. To know more about the dynasties which ruled over Delhi. To know the reasons for the downfall of Delhi Sultanate. Qutb minar

7 THE DELHI SULTANATE. After the death of Mohammed Ghor in 1206 AD; his Indian Empire passed onto the hands of his viceroy Qutub-ud din-Aibek as he had no successors. He later became the founder of the slave dynasty. The Delhi Sultanate was established by Qutub-ud-din-Aibek in 1206AD. Altogether five dynasties from 1206 to1526AD formed Delhi Sultanate. Expansion of Delhi Sultanate.

founders. SLAVE DYNASTY- Qutub-ud-din-Aibek. KHILJI DYNASTY- Jalal-ud-din khilji. TUGHLAQ DYNASTY-Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq. LODI DYNASTY-Bahlul Khan Lodi. Tomb of SIKANDAR LODI-

9 SLAVE DYNASTY: Mohammed Ghor had left the task of administering his Indian conquest to Qutub-ud-din-Aibek,his slave & governor of Indian provinces.After the death of Mohammed Ghor, he declared himself the sultan of Hindustan.He ruled for 4 yrs,later he was succeeded by Iltamush.In turn he was succeeded by Razia begum who was killed in a battle in1240AD.Ghiyas-ud-din-Balban was the next important sultan. Razia Begum-- --Tomb of ILTAMUSH.

10 KHILJI DYNASTY. Jalaluddin Khilji established Khilji dynasty. The founder of Turkish dynasty, Jalaluddin Khilji was seventy when he ascended the throne. He defeated the descendants of Balban, being victorious came to power. He was kind hearted, mild and had faith in nature. Alauddin-khilji ascended the throne after killing his uncle and father-in-law, jalaluddin-khilji. --Arabic calligraphy during khilji dynasty. Alai Darwaza--

11 TUGHLAQ DYNASTY Ghiyas-ud-din-Tughlaq defeated &killed the last ruler of Khilji dynasty & became the ruler of Delhi in 1320AD.He was succeeded by his son Mohammed-bin-Tughlaq. He ruled from 1325 to 1351 AD. He was a good calligraphist, scholar,writer & an orator.Firoz Shah Tughlaq was a powerful ruler after Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq.He built a new capital at Delhi & named it Firozabad. He founded the cities of Hissar,Fetehbad & Jaunpur.After the death of Firoz Shah Tughlaq the Delhi sultanate gradually declined. Tomb of TUGHLAQ SHAH---

12 LODI DYNASTY: Bahlul Khan Lodi was an Afghan noble who was a great soldier. When Alam Shah voluntarily abdicated the throne to him, Bahlul Khan seized the throne on April 19, 1451 with the support of his minister Hamid Khan. He was the first Afghan ruler of Delhi. Bahlul Khan extended his territories over Gwalior, Jaunpur and upper Uttar Pradesh. He appointed his eldest son Barbak Shah as viceroy of Jaunpur in Bahlul Khan was confused as to who should succeed him among his sons Barbak Shah and Nizam Shah and grandson Azam-i-Humayun. Nizam Shah succeeded Bahlal Khan Lodi under the title Sikander Shah LODI GARDENS---

13 The nobles became the king makers & controlled the weak sultans.
Causes For The Decline Of Delhi Sultanate There was no definite law of succession, after the death of each sultan ,the situation gave rise to many civil wars. The nobles became the king makers & controlled the weak sultans. Jagir system gave rise to disintegration that weakened the kingdom. The invasion of Timur & Babur was the main cause for the downfall of the Delhi sultanate. TIMUR--

14 Conclusion: Qutb Gate--
The Delhi sultanate was a lengthy chapter with detailed study of five dynasties which is difficult to remember . This project will help the students to remember better due to its attractive effects. “ONE TIME SEEING IS BETTER THAN THOUSAND TIMES OF LISTENING” . Qutb Gate--

15 We are thankful to our teachers Mrs. . A. Veena.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT Our sincere gratitude to SCHOOLS ON LINE for providing us COMPUTERS to do projects and providing INTERNET to collect information. We are grateful to our respected Head Mistress for encouraging us to do projects AND We are thankful to our teachers Mrs. . A. Veena. Mr. V. Srinivas. for their valuable guidance.

16 BIBLIOGRAPHY. http//travel india complex.html http//www.kwiorg/wood stock/wosa/sisipics.html Islam /timur.jpy. Lodi Gardens--

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