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2 We are OU ISS  OU ISS =  ISS helps international students with immigration questions  CESL and ISS work together to help YOU!  If you have questions about your immigration status or your immigration documents, ask ISS University of Oklahoma International Student Services

3 Attend class!  Go to class!  Do well, and make good grades.  If you do not go to class or make good grades, your immigration status may end.

4 Change of Address  Within 10 days of moving to a new home, tell ISS your new address  An important part of your F-1 and J-1 status  Send ISS an email to

5 Know your documents!!  Your documents are:  Your I-20 or DS-2019  Passport  Visa  I-94 card Contact IMMEDIATELY if you lose any of your

6 When is your Expiration date??  Know your document expiration dates!  Always keep a current passport.  You must ask ISS to extend your I-20 or DS- 2019 before it expires.  Start 1 month before expiration date  Ask Crissy or Vicki for help.

7 Travel  If you are traveling outside the US, bring your documents to the ISS office for a travel signature  If you are traveling inside the US, you do NOT need a travel signature  Keep copies of your immigration documents when you travel inside the US, especially in border areas like Texas, California, Arizona and big cities like New York.

8 Travel Signature  Plan ahead before you travel  To reenter the US you need:  Travel Signature on your I-20 or DS 2019  Valid Visa  Email before you come back to the US if you have

9 Do not work!  CESL students are here to learn!  Working will cause your visa status to be terminated and you MUST leave the US.  CESL students in F-1 status can not apply for a Social Security Number (SSN). The SSN is only for working  F-2 dependents cannot get a SSN. They can not work and can not attend school.

10 Leaving CESL  If you are going back to your home country  Ask ISS  If you want to transfer to another school  Ask ISS  We will help you with if you go home or change schools.

11 Session Breaks  You MUST complete 4 CESL Sessions to get for a session break.  TO KEEP YOUR F-1 or J-1 STATUS, YOU MUST ask CESL and tell ISS if you plan to take a session break.  Sooner Jump Start students take 4 session then go to OU. SJS students do not have session breaks.  If you complete three or less sessions at CESL, you must leave the US within 14 days of your last day of CESL class. You cannot stay in the US.

12 Session Breaks  After you finish four or more sessions at CESL, you can take one session break from CESL while keeping your F-1 or J-1 status.  Go to a CESL End of Session Orientation before your session break  During your session break, you can:  Travel outside the US  Stay in the US  After your session break, you can:  Leave the US  Return to CESL

13 Ask Questions  If you have a question about your immigration status, ask ISS.  Email  Ask Crissy or Vicki at CESL  Read the ISS website:  Come to the ISS Office

14 Contacting ISS Phone: (405)325-3337 Email: OU International Student Services 640 Parrington Oval, Old Science Hall, Room 220

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