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Online Identity Authentication and Data Broker SNAP Director’s Conference September 23, 2013.

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1 Online Identity Authentication and Data Broker SNAP Director’s Conference September 23, 2013

2 Identity and Authentication  What is I&A?  Known as Knowledged Based Authentication in the Industry  Identifies – uniquely matches who they claim to be against many databases  Authenticates – verifies the person requesting online access is who they claim to be  How does it work?  The Self Service Portal (SSP) User provides personal information: name, date of birth, etc.  I&A software finds the individual’s information on data broker databases  I&A forms challenge questions from those databases  The Online User answers the questions and becomes authenticated and chooses a password  Why use I&A?  Secures access to view and change private case data  SSP User cannot easily deny they submitted their data in a hearing  Helps detect and prevent fraud  What can an SSP User do after authentication?  Submit and View Application Submitted  View Case Facts and Inquiry  Submit Case Changes and Renew Benefits  Become an Authorized Representative in SSP 2

3 Identity Authentication Process  Identify  What is required?  Name, Address, DOB  SSN, Case#, EDG#, or Individual ID  User Name & Password  Answers to 3 Security Questions  What is optional?  Gender, E-mail, Phone Authenticate  How is SSP User challenged?  Four questions  Multiple choice answers  How are the answers scored?  Three of Four must be correct  User may attempt eight times  What if they cannot answer?  Contact Call Center or Visit Office 3 DCS I&A matches the identity and creates challenge questions

4 I&A Question Examples  Which number goes with your address on [Street Name]?  Which street have you lived on?  Which of the following vehicles do you own?  Which of the following people do you know?  Which person is not a relative or someone you know?  Which of the following phone numbers is related to you?  Which of these roads is closest to your address?  Which of these hospitals is closest to your address?  When did you purchase the property at [Street Address]?  What type of residence is [Street Address]? 4

5 Linking SSP User to TIERS TIERS Individual  Must pass I&A first  Case numbers and first names on case are shown after I&A when SSP User is matched to TIERS Individual  SSP User verifies the match is correct to establish link Authorized ReP.  Must pass I&A first  Specify Case  SSP User First & Last Name must match TIERS AR to establish link  SSP User may be AR for multiple cases 5

6  Authorized Staff (e.g., Clerk)  Search for SSP Account  Create New SSP Accounts  Set SSP Account for Full Access  Match TIERS Individuals  Link SSP User to TIERS Individual  Link SSP User to TIERS AR  Reset Passwords  Temporary Password Document SSP I&A Alternative Process State Portal 6

7 SSP Security Implementation  Identity Authentication (DCS-Data Broker)  I&A Design Completed  Web Service Interfaces Provided  Configuration of I&A Service Specified  Implemented April 2012  7 I&A SSP State Portal LDAP SSP

8 Data Broker  HHSC contracts with a Data Broker vendor to provide financial and other background information about SNAP, TANF and Medicaid applicants and recipients. The vendor collects and combines information from multiple sources into one report.  Staff may also request a credit report before the initial interview only on the individual who signed the agency’s application form, or for individuals for whom assistance is requested on the agency’s application form.  Agency users of Data Broker must successfully complete the initial web-based training and assessment(s) for the appropriate program area. Once training is successfully completed, the user automatically has access to the Data Broker interface in both TIERS and the Data Broker stand-alone system. 8

9 Data Broker Sources  Driver License Data  Persons at Entered Address  Neighborhood Address Search  Out of State TxEBT Shopping Data  Texas Vehicle Ownership and Fair Market Value Data  SSA Death Index  Real Property Ownership/Value  Telephone number Information  Marriage and Divorce  Child Support  SNAP electronic Disqualified Recipient System  SAVE Alien Verification from DHS  Workforce Commission (wages/UIB)  Employer New Hire Report  TALX Wage Income Data  Texas Criminal Conviction Data 9

10 New Sources in Development  Texas Birth and Death  Child Care Expense Info  Department of Criminal Justice Prisoner Info  Additional Driver License Info  National New Hire Report  Asset Verification System (AVS) 10

11 Texas Data Broker Usage For July 2013 there were: 720,114 Data Broker reports pulled on adults age 16 and older, 653,423 TALX inquiries with 121,664 hits, 7,347 Credit Reports requested, and 131,988 Identity Authentication requests. 11

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