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CSAC U PDATE All Financial Aid Directors Training Conference 2013.

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1 CSAC U PDATE All Financial Aid Directors Training Conference 2013

2 O N THE AGENDA SB 70 Reporting Cal Grant Competitive Awards Chafee Grant SB 1899 Dream Act Application Disbursement Issues Dream Act and Application Update Update on Cal grant advances Coming Calendar

3 SB 70 D ATA R EPORTING Final regulations have gone to Office of Administrative law 30 day public comment period Further regulations to be drafted

4 SB 70 D ATA R EPORTING How did we do for the March 31 st deadline? Any major issues? File errors CSAC performing back end validations Campuses are being contacted When will we begin the process to update the regulations for Enrollment, Persistence and Graduation? What are the plans to address the regulations and processes needed for the Placement, Wage and Salary Data requirements?


6 C AL G RANT C OMPETITIVE P ROGRAM What’s the issue? Take rate is around 70% What’s happening to these students? Institutional requirements changed Cohort Default rate Graduation rate Grant selection criteria has mostly stayed the same Is it time to revisit the criteria Use additional FAFSA responses on SSI, Food Stamps, Free lunch, TANF and WIC

7 C AL G RANT C OMPETITIVE P ROGRAM What has CSAC been doing? Over awarding Serious grief if additional payment is requested

8 C AL G RANT C OMPETITIVE P ROGRAM Possible additional actions Increase award offers Decrease scoring cohorts by using additional scoring criteria Require enrollment files from campuses Request students to activate their award by a certain date and offer more awards by lowering the score Increase contact attempts

9 2012-13 C HAFEE U PDATE

10 C HAFEE U PDATE 3391 Awards offered as of March 25, 2013 1550 New, 1841 Renewal Possible $242,000 cut Waiting on DSS

11 C HAFEE P RIORITY S ELECTION C RITERIA USED Each week awards and payments cycles are processed utilizing the following priority selection criteria: Priority 1: Renewal students who have received a payment in a prior year Priority 2: Students who are aging out of the program Priority 3: Students with dependents Priority 4: Students who had an unmet need of $5,000 or higher Priority 5: Submission date of completed application

12 C HAFEE U PDATE & T IPS Summer quarter payments are scheduled to process in May 2013. Returned funds will be recycled Do not write “void” on check. This delays recycling of funds. We have to request another check to be reissued and it can often take up to 8 weeks for this process. Funds returned with “Not Enrolled”, “Unable to locate” and “Revised NAR” reasons are placed in reserve for 21 days which allows for submission of school changes and revised NARS. Unreserved funds are used to offer additional awards based on the priority selection criteria.

13 2013-14 C HAFEE A PPLICATION The 2013-14 online Chafee Foster Youth Grant Program Application is available on the Commission’s website at Only new Chafee applicants need to complete the 2013- 14 Chafee application. Eligible 2012-13 applicants will automatically renewed.

14 C HAFEE C ONTACTS : Jeana Maduli, 916-464-2988 or Bryan Hanson, 916-464-2440 or

15 U PDATE ON HOW CSAC IS PROCESSING AWARDS FOR AB1899 STUDENTS U and T Visa holders Crime victims T Visa holders file the FAFSA application U Visa Holders file the Dream Act Application

16 D REAMER D ISBURSEMENT I SSUES On Student Aid Commission Agenda April 25-26 Cashing the check Disbursing to Dreamers

17 D ISCUSSIONS AT VARIOUS LEVELS Senator Dick Durbin Congressman George Miller Student Aid Commission Meeting April 25 - 26 CSAC Staff Calls on Disbursement Issues US PIRG Report – The Campus Debit Card Trap, May 2012 State Legislation – AB 1162, SB 595 Local Solution

18 B ANKING ISSUES Campuses should investigate how checks issued through their disbursement agent can be cashed. Banking Questions: Can the checks be cashed at branches of the bank issuing the check? If so, what identification is required at that bank to cash the check? Can bank accounts be opened without a Social Security number? If an account can be opened, can direct deposit be made? Does student have to get an ITIN to cash a check? Can Dreamers get a Driver’s license or California ID? With Employment Authorization With an SSN?

19 D ISBURSEMENTS TO N ON -R ESIDENT A LIENS A nonresident alien (NRA) is an individual who is not a U.S. citizen or a resident alien. This includes persons residing in the United States without documentation issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States. A nonresident alien may be subject to the withholding of a portion of taxable income as required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Scholarships and grants issued to students may be non-taxable and not subject to NRA withholding if the student meets the following conditions:

20 No withholding is required on a qualified scholarship from U.S. sources granted and paid to a candidate for a degree A qualified scholarship means any amount paid to an individual as a scholarship or grant to the extent that, in accordance with the conditions of the grant, the amount is to be used for the following expenses: Tuition and fees required for enrollment or attendance at an educational organization, and Fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses of instruction at the educational organization Most colleges and universities treat the Access portion of a Cal Grant B award as a qualified scholarship and, hence, do not perform NRA withholding D ISBURSEMENTS TO N ON -R ESIDENT A LIENS


22 D REAM A PPLICATIONS The current number of submitted 2013-14 California Dream Act Applications received on or before the priority deadline is 20,232. The current number of completed 2013-14 California Dream Act Applications received on or before the priority deadline is 18,351. The total number of Cal Grant awards for all California Dream Act applicants is 4,407.

23 D REAM A PPLICATION C OUNTS Awards 1st choice Secondary Choices Community College1,85810,64918,761 UC6482,21910,313 CSU1,6295,85017,368 Prv 2 year0511 Prv Non-Profit2577843,374 Prv For-Profit15287841 TOTAL4,40719,79450,668

24 NON-SSN GPA S Received approximately 50,000 non-SSN GPAs from the community colleges for the 2013-14 year The non-SSN GPAs will be used and matched against the dream applicants that meet the criteria during the Transfer Entitlement award cycle in early May.

25 D REAM A CT AND D REAM A PP U PDATE Lessons we’ve learned (are still learning!) Males dreamers must register with Selective Service Dreamers and their parents do file US tax returns Parents and students can request tax transcripts DACA SSN is confirmed as valid during USCIS match Dreamers are not as wary as some have suggested Best practices Student refunds Check cashing

26 D REAM A PPLICATION – N EXT S TEPS Cal ISIR Correction Screen enhancements Cal SAR release by May Dream Application 3.0 (2014-15 AY)

27 U PDATE ON S PRING ADVANCES HAVE THE TANF FUNDS BEEN RECEIVED ? A NY OTHER PROBLEMS ANTICIPATED TANF Funding is received on a quarterly basis Spring reimbursement was received on April 10, 2013. Funds should be sufficient till June.


29 C OMING KEY DATES May 16 – Deadline for students to submit appeals on Entitlement GPAs. Can be submitted if circumstances beyond the student’s control prevented timely GPA submission. Does not allow late FAFSA/Dream Act Application submission Less than half of late GPA appeals are approved May 14* Transfer Entitlement award selection May 15*Competitive Award selection May 24* 2013-14 Renewals June 30* Cal Grant C supplement due September 2 Deadline for CCC only Competitive grants September 12* – approximate date for submission of CCC enrollment files * Approximate date

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