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Oklahoma’s Promise Scholarship & Grant Training July 22, 2014 Carol Alexander Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

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1 Oklahoma’s Promise Scholarship & Grant Training July 22, 2014 Carol Alexander Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

2 2 Resource Page Financial Aid Resources for Institutions fac/FinAidResources/ fac/FinAidResources/ One location for up-to-date information including:  Administrative rules and statutes  Report form templates  Reporting instructions  Other information related to OSRHE financial aid programs

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5 5 OK Promise Eligibility Report Same username and password as O-SAFE Multiple Report Options:  Current Eligibility (2013-14)  Current Eligibility (2014-15)  Potential Eligibility (2014 grads only) Two Processing Options:  Individual  Batch

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8 Reports 2013-14 Eligibility  Verification of students for 13-14 school year (Fall 13, Spring 14, Summer 14) 2014-15 Eligibility  Verification of students for 14-15 school year (Fall 14, Spring 15, Summer 15) 8

9 Reports (cont.) Potential Eligibility – contains current seniors who are enrolled in the program and potentially eligible to receive the scholarship in the fall.  Potentially Eligible – still processing  Not an OKPromise Student – processing completed and have been moved off of the potential list 9

10 10 OKPromise File created by institution Column A SSN Column B Student ID

11 11 OKPromise File returned to the institution Eligible – student have passed the HS paperwork and the 2 nd income check Not eligible – student did not complete the program rqmts Potentially Eligible – Current/Recent HS grad; not completely processed (we may be waiting on the HS paperwork or the 2 nd income check.) Not an OKPromise student – student does not show on Potential Eligibility Column A = ID Column B = Elig/Not Column C = Elig. code for text file Column D/E = Expiration Date Column F = Student last name Column G/H = Date enrolled in OKP Colum I/J = HS Grad Year

12 12 Troubleshooting Eligibility Report Errors Error: the # of columns does not match … Answer: too many columns in your spreadsheet or SSN field may be blank Error: Website requires you to login to use … or “the specified request cannot be executed from current application pool.” Answer: Save the file to a lower version (Microsoft Office Excel Workbook.xls)

13 13 Troubleshooting (cont.) Problem: Found a student in May; the following September, the student is not on the list. Answer: Student’s eligibility has probably expired. *5 year (or bachelor’s degree earned) expiration *3 year expiration – if the student is attending college for the first time, you might suggest they contact us.

14 14 Troubleshooting (cont.) Problem: Student is coming up as “not eligible” Answer :  Student did not complete the rqmts.  Possible incorrect SSN  No SSN on record Question: Why does one OKPromise student have an expiration date and another does not? Answer: The 1 st student has a disbursement on record with OKPromise; the 2 nd does not (yet).

15 Troubleshooting (cont.) Problem: you click ‘start process’ and nothing happens. Answer: this is an Internet Explorer issue; you’ll need to get an instruction doc. from me that will show you how to adjust a security setting. 15

16 16 Automating your OKPromise claim Do as much as you can electronically Pulling data from your FA Management System into your claim form Please share your practices or ideas

17 17 OKPromise Helpful Tips Financial Aid handbook FAQ for HS Seniors & FAQ for College Students OKPromise Scholarship Rates

18 18 Cooperative Alliance An agreement between one or more public Oklahoma institutions and one technology center as a joint vision of a collaborative partnership designed to benefit students and enhance the technical workforce in that part of Oklahoma. A Cooperative Alliance is voluntary and agreed upon by all partners and their governing boards. The State Regents for Higher Education and the State Board of Career and Technology Education review and approve the agreement for each Cooperative Alliance. The approved Cooperative Alliance agreement remains in force until the governing boards of the Cooperative Alliance partners dissolve the agreement.

19 19 Cooperative Agreement A formal, academic program offered by institutions in the Oklahoma State System for Higher Education that includes approved courses taught by a CareerTech technology center and leads to an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree or a college-level certificate in a technical or occupational field.

20 20 Cooperative Agreement (cont.) Students should follow the rules of the cooperative agreement. Co-enrolled; must pay charges to institution Claim should show name of coop agmt program (i.e. Applied Tech) and name of the public institution

21 21 Contact Information OR 1.800.858.1840 (option 2) Carol Alexander: Kelley Norris:

22 Claim Processing Claim Instructions Sample claim Refund sample 22

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