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Getting a job, Social Security, I-9, Taxes, Paying Bills, and Driver’s Licenses Sarah Jome.

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1 Getting a job, Social Security, I-9, Taxes, Paying Bills, and Driver’s Licenses Sarah Jome

2 1. Attend Employment/OPT workshops 2. Determine your work authorization parameters 3. Find a job 4. Get a Social Security Number 5. Complete an I-9 6. Pay taxes Employment Process

3 Types of F-1/J-1 Employment  On Campus – eligible for it immediately, no special work permission needed, up to 20 hours per week, includes GA/GPSI  Off Campus – must have special government permission CPT – must have class credit in major, not offered by most departments at UIS OPT – usually done after graduation, takes approximately 3 months for application to be processed, application costs $380, job must be directly related to major and appropriate for your level of study  Attend Employment/OPT workshops

4 1. Determine work authorization parameters  Immigration status  On or off-campus Do you need to apply for special work permission? Attend an employment workshop  Number of hours per week  Come to OPT & Employment Workshops!

5 2. Find a job  Career Development Center ○ Career Prep programs ○ Resumes ○ Work Options/Eligibility ○ CDC Services and Resources Most jobs will be found after graduation during OPT period.  On Campus jobs can include student worker, grad student hourly, GA/GPSI  Attend Employment/OPT workshops

6 3. Get a Social Security Number  If you already have an SSN, don’t get another one  Gather immigration documents  Get employment letter from supervisor and have it also signed by Tracy or Sarah  Go to the Social Security Administration Office (3112 Constitution Dr.). Approximately 3 weeks after application, card will come in the mail. Sign it and show it to your employer & your bank

7 4. Complete an I-9  Go to job site with proof of identity, proof of work permission, and Social Security Number For example - Passport I-20 (update I-9 if I-20 extended) DS-2019 and work permission letter  Form is complete online

8 5. Pay Taxes  Taxes are withheld from every paycheck  Due to tax your country’s tax treaty, you may not receive a full pay check for one or two months.  Every spring, complete tax forms for the previous calendar year – forms due April 15  Pay attention to tax help information sent in email newsletters – ISS buys online international tax program (Glacier)  Everyone must complete a tax form – even if they didn’t earn any money

9 So, if you have an employable Immigration status…

10 And a Job Offer…

11 You can apply for a Social Security Number …

12 So that you to complete an I-9 and start working…

13 and do tax forms every year! Congratulations – you get to do taxes

14 But also allowing you to earn money so that you can…

15 Lose it. don’t “let your money go down the drain”

16 No No No… Don’t let your money go down the drain! Don’t lose your money. Be safe with your money, bank account numbers, PINs, codes, passwords, Social Security Number, ATM card, cash …allowing you to earn money so that you can…

17 Pay your… Bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills

18 Paying your bills  Each month you will receive a bill from the organizations that you owe money ( sometimes even if you don’t owe money) UIS Telephone company Magazine company Etc.

19 Paying bills  Bills for UIS are due on the 28 th of each month.  Tuition and fee bills are due September 28 and February 28 unless a payment plan application is completed on time.  Check out https://paymybill.uillinois.edu Online payments Paying in person at the office Paying by mail (postage is Wire Transfer (peerTransfer)

20 What if I can’t pay? 1. Don’t spend money that you don’t have! 2. Fees will be added to bills that are late – and – you will get big fines if you “overdraw” your checking account 3. You will not be able to register for further semesters or get official transcripts from UIS until your bills are paid

21 Driving in the U.S.

22 Acceptable Licenses  Unexpired license issued to you by your home country  License from another U.S. state  Once you move to Illinois, please get an Illinois driver’s licence  “International License” not recognized **

23 Before you get an Illinois License (or state ID card)  Get a Social Security Number or a letter from SSA indicating that you are not eligible for one  Learn about the laws of driving in Illinois by reading the Rules of the Road at  Learn to drive – driver’s education programs are available

24 Driver’s license requirements  Valid passport and visa  I-94 card  I-20 from Illinois school valid for at least one year with at least 6 months remaining  Either an SSN or denial letter  Pass driving tests – written, driving, eye (must use own car)  Go to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office/Driver’s License at 2701 S. Dirksen Parkway

25 Buying a car and learning to drive…  Please, please, please take someone with you who is very experienced at buying cars in the U.S. before you sign any papers to buy a car! (not me )  Mandatory insurance coverage  License plates and annual car registration

26 Common Driving Laws  30 mph in town, 55 out of town, 65 highway  20 mph school zone  Stop for school buses  Stop for trains  Pull over and stop for ambulances, police, & fire  No ALCOHOL!


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