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Recarding 101 Presented By Timothy Aaron Director, Global Services April 12, 2005 ID Number Conversion & Recarding Made Easy.

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1 Recarding 101 Presented By Timothy Aaron Director, Global Services April 12, 2005 ID Number Conversion & Recarding Made Easy

2 Session Objectives –Understand the critical environmental changes leading to recarding projects –Identify the key components of a successful conversion and/or recarding effort Innovation –A set of full-service components Blackboard Consulting has developed to make the ID conversion and recarding effort easier Results/Outcomes –Allow the campus to focus on managing the campus constituents dependencies while being assured that card production and personalization is being well managed

3 Agenda Background The Challenge The Solution

4 Background

5 Historical Perspective The Social Security Number –Became the “ideal” unique numbering scheme for government, banks, insurance, health coverage and more Colleges and Universities followed this lead and used SSN as the ID# Card Systems were designed to use SSN as ID and Card Number

6 Historical Perspective (continued) SSN becomes the key to the BTS: Campus ID and Card Number PrintedEncodedStored Mostly Eliminated UnderwayThe Final Frontier

7 Identity Theft A new category of theft evolves SSN becomes a key enabler –With SSN, thieves can access nearly all other personal information With this information, thieves can access banking, credit, health records They can also open new accounts, obtain loans, file bankruptcy and even falsify arrest records

8 Identity Theft (by the numbers) 10 million victims in the US annually Requires an average of 600 hours to rectify Average out of pocket expense: $1,400/victim Leads to serious problems: –Higher insurance premiums, credit card fees, battles with collection agencies, problems finding a job and emotional stress Source: “Identity Theft – The Aftermath 2003” published by the Identity Theft Resources Center.

9 Mandates for Change Federal Legislation & Regulations –Privacy & Data Protection Acts –Numerous Bills under consideration State Legislation & Regulations –Nearly all states have passed or are debating various regulations around SSN usage –California has a strict notification law that requires an institution to proactively notify a consumer is a breach occurs Campus Policies

10 Recent Data Security Issues Georgia Tech – Event Ticket Ordering Server University of Texas, Austin – Student stole 55,000 records with SSN New York University – Security flaw in web exposed student records University of Georgia – Applicant server hacked San Diego State University – Financial Aid & Scholarship Server used for file transfers University of California, San Diego – Business & Financial Services server used for movie storage University of California, Riverside – Stolen names and SSN used to make $200,000 in fraudulent charges George Mason University – ID Card production server hacked University of California, Berkeley – Laptop with student record data stolen

11 The Challenge

12 The stakes are high… Institution’s need to protect an individual’s social security number from being unnecessarily exposed or revealed to anyone without the need for access to it. People are becoming much more concerned about SSN usage

13 …and the risks are great… SSN as the Campus ID or Card Number in a BTS can be viewed on many screens and on many reports –Approximately 88% of data is stolen manually rather than electronically (FTC) Operators with system access could breach security rules or regulations –As much as 70% of all identity theft starts with theft of data from a Company or Institution by an employee (Michigan State) When encoded, the number could be “skimmed”

14 …so it’s only a matter of time It is really is only a matter of time until you have to change –Individuals –Campuses –Campus Systems –State Regulations –Federal Regulations “With Identity Theft, the best form of protection is prevention” Gail Hillebrand Consumers Union

15 But, this is bigger than “you” This is truly a campus-wide (system-wide) project –Global coordination is needed Campus policies Project task assignment Resource allocation (funding and staffing) –Dependencies throughout the campus Assignment of numbers Systems integration Campus Planning and Card Planning

16 Other Reasons for Conversions/Recarding The conversion effort may arise from sources other than SSN –New information system implementations –Increased security for card number The recarding effort may arise from sources other than SSN –Programmatic changes –Logo/Naming updates –Rebranding opportunities –Increase security for the card

17 The Solution

18 Campus Planning: Global Policies Designate an employee or employees to coordinate information security Identify security risks, both internal and external Teach employees how to maintain security Require service providers to comply with the law Continue to monitor network security Five Components for Data Security Policies The Chronicle of Higher Education 07/11/2003

19 Card Planning: Identify Card Data Campus ID (or Customer Number) Card Number Issue Code Magnetic Stripe Encoding –Tracks 1, 2 and 3 Barcode

20 Card Planning: Data Inventory Where is card data used and stored? Who has authority to gain access and use the data? Who is the custodian of the data? What are acceptable levels of security? Originating Systems –SIS, HR Transaction System Other Systems –Card-related –Others

21 Card Planning: Data Mapping

22 Determine the New Number(s) Campus ID/Customer ID –Centralized assignment of new numbers is recommended Card Numbers –Utilize Campus ID/Customer ID –Randomly assigned (ISO) –Financial system Card Formats (Encoding Schemes) Other –Bar Codes –Tracks 1 and 3

23 Determine Dependencies Campus ID/Customer ID –Identify existing integration –Identify manual systems Card Numbers –Identify integrated systems –Identify stand-alone systems Identify order for updates –Dependent on Distribution Plan

24 Outline Requirements Implementing a New ID Number –Assignment of Number –Future Changes –Systems Integration Implementing a New Card –Card Production (Design Opportunities) –Card Personalization Requirements –Card Distribution Options

25 Evaluate Carding Options Re-encoding –If you do not print SSN on the card, re-encoding might be an option Re-issue (with a New Photo) –Need to evaluate timeline and resource requirements Re-issue (without a New Photo) –On campus –Outsourced

26 Card Production (Base Card Stock) Standard –60/40 PVC/Poly Composite Card –4-color Front, 1-color Back (black) –½” Hi-Coercivity Magnetic Stripe Other Items –Security Features –Proximity Card –Off-line Magnetic Stripe –Unique Color Variations Issues –If redesigning your card and using existing photos – keep the photo aspect ratio the same

27 Card Personalization Print Elements on the Front –Photo –Name –Classification –Number –Issue or Expiration Dates Print Elements on the Back –Bar Code –Number Other Items –DuraGuard Overlay –Holographic Overlay Issues –Printing near “rolled-on” stripes may have dropouts –Bar codes require quiet space –Holographic overlays require 12 weeks lead time (and cost a lot)

28 Timeline for Implementation Influential Factors –Policy/Legislative Requirements –Public Relations –Available Resources –Inter-dependencies Options –Annual –Semester –Immediate

29 Consider Blackboard Assistance Card Design Card Production Distribution Updated Card Designs Preprinted Card Stock Carding Hardware, Software and Supplies Replicated Campus Environment for Recarding On Campus Testing Quality Control Production System Conversions Customized Distribution Services Data Management Image Conversions Campus ID Number Updates Project Management System Conversion

30 Updated Card Designs –Standard Stock –Specialty Designs –Advanced Features Preprinted Card Stock –Recarding Stock included in flat fee pricing –Additional supply at volume discount Card Design Card Production Distribution System Conversion

31 Data Management –Cardholder Auditing –System Data Updates Image Conversions –Ensure Photo Utilization ID Number Conversion –Format Import Scripts –Test Environment –ISO Pools Card Design Card Production Distribution System Conversion

32 Off-campus Recarding –Level 1 Service Campus provides Production Ready files –Name, classification, encoding data, photo, other –Level 2 Service Campus sends us a system back-up and a file of newly assigned numbers –Blackboard creates the necessary production files Card Design Card Production Distribution System Conversion Allows production of the new cards to occur in a closed environment which allows the campus to continue operations without interruptions and minimizes cardholder inconvenience

33 Testing –Small group of cards (15 to 20) are run and returned to the campus for testing Records updated Cards tested in all systems which touch the card Retesting, if needed –Campus approval before production runs Finishing Services –Attach cards to customized card carriers –Insert cards and carriers into envelopes –Direct mailing to cardholders Card Design Card Production Distribution System Conversion

34 Updates to On-Campus System –Card Production Templates –Provision of Imports and/or Scripts for Mass Card Reactivation Level 1: Campus Level 2: Blackboard Custom Distribution Services Available –Example: Swipe Card to Initiate Import and Activation as New Cards are Issued Card Design Card Production Distribution System Conversion

35 Providing expert input to the campus during the planning and implementation of ID Number Conversion and Recarding engagement Partnership with certified card production and personalization groups provides quality, scalability and capacity to meet expanded needs Blackboard Project Manager coordinates all activities between campus, card production and card personalization allowing the campus to focus on the management of campus constituents Project Management

36 Standard Project Timeline TaskTime Requirements Card Design Approval2 to 4 weeks (or longer!) Produce Pre-Printed Card Stock (can occur concurrent with testing) 4 to 6 weeks Create System Files (includes newly assigned numbers and system backup) 2 weeks before test Test Cards (to be sent to campus for onsite testing) 2 weeks before production Card Personalization1 to 6 weeks Shipment1 week DistributionAs needed

37 Why use Blackboard Consulting? Expertise with your system Ability to replicate your environment and convert system Top quality card production Top quality card personalization Technical resources available to provide systems support in conversion and distribution

38 In closing… Innovating Together in ‘05: –If you still store SSN in your system start considering the elements required to remove it from your system –If you are facing an ID number conversion and/or campus-wide recarding effort consider the services available through Blackboard Resources Available: –For more information on this presentation, you can contact Tim Aaron at Follow up Contact(s): –If you would like explore the services offered by Blackboard, contact your Account Manager or Regional Account Executive to schedule a scope call IF YOU ONLY REMEMBER 1 THING: –Blackboard can help

39 Thank you! Tim Aaron (323) 344-7380

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