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Welcome to Travel Training for Preparers Welcome to Travel Training for Preparers Travel Services and AFISM.

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1 Welcome to Travel Training for Preparers Welcome to Travel Training for Preparers Travel Services and AFISM

2 Class Objective: To provide Preparers with information to comply with University and State travel policies to complete travel documents online.

3 ●Online Travel System - ●Travel Services Website - aspttp:// asp ●State Contract Info: - ●In/Out of state meal & Lodging rates - ● Foreign Per Diem Rates - Travel Services Web Links

4 Vendor Codes Vendor Code in Travel System required If Vendor is not found in Search Tab click on link New Vendor Request to create vendor code with Correct SSN If NO SSN contact Purchasing @ Vendor Payment Website -To provide vendor info -To provide all payments info

5 Account Codes 7BO In-state Travel 7B1 Out of state Travel 7B2 Foreign Travel 7B4 Apartment House Rental 7B5 Prospective Employee 7B6 Student Group Travel 7N0 Registration Fees 7N4 Food and Entertainment

6 Travel Application Submit prior to trip for Employees, Prospective Employees, Graduate or undergraduate (no State funds 11, 12, 13 or 14) Students. –Recommended at least 2 weeks prior to trip –International travel submit at least 50 days prior to departure Request travel advances and TR’s Submit prior to submitting voucher. May be entered on the same day. Wait 3 hours in between. All International travel by state employees or students on behalf of the university requires OIA approval, even if personal funds are used. Travel System is not for Employee moving expenses or for non employees such as speakers or participants.

7 Travel Advances Issued for lodging and meals for employees, Graduate & Undergraduate Students. Released 2 days before travel date. May request approval to be released earlier if necessary. Not recommended to use another individuals credit card. Conference brochure required for advances for lodging rate exceeding allowable rate Issued for prepaid expenses with credit card statement (not transaction summary) and receipt Not issued to non-employees or employees with outstanding advances. Check is picked up in Travel Services. I.D. required. Direct Deposited for Employees with Travel Payment Direct Deposit

8 Transportation Requests (TR) Business Travel Accounts (BTA ) To purchase airfare for employees, Graduate & Undergraduate students or for Prospective Employees. Not for speakers or non-employees. Must use SWABIZ (Rapid Rewards Account required) when using Southwest or local travel agent SWABIZ required for cities: Austin/Corpus Christi/Dallas/El Paso/Houston/San Antonio/Albuquerque, NM/Los Angeles, CA/New Orleans, LA/Oklahoma City, OK/Tulsa, OK/Phoenix, AZ/St. Louis, MO. Not processed until application is approved Toggled on when using SWABIZ to make purchase Travel Agency receives email of approval to charge TR Account

9 Airfare Request a BTA/TR for Employees, Prospective Employees, Graduate or Undergraduate Students without a credit card It is not recommended to use another individuals credit card May use SWABIZ when using Southwest or Travel Agent for booking May use Internet booking tools on local funds for state funds (11, 12, 13 or 14 funds) proper receipts will be required to include fare basis code. Advances are issued for prepaid airfare with credit card statement and receipt

10 Meals May estimate at per diem or actual with itemized meal receipts. Itemized meal receipts required for student group travel if not claiming Per Diem Federal Per Diem Rates are used for instate and out of state rate. If city or county is not listed for instate or out of state use the standard rate $46. To comply with IRS Guidelines Meals for one day travel are not estimated.

11 Lodging In-State and Out-of-state Lodging rates are listed on the Federal Per diem website. ●Standard rate for a city or county not listed is $85.00 for Texas and $83.00 Out of State. Requests for Overage Exceptions Prepare a signed exception form for a non conference Hotel for local or grant funds Provide conference material for conference hotel Overage is not estimated on State Funds (11, 12, 13 or 14 funds) Guest Lodging is available for Prospective Employees. Contact Purchasing @

12 Car Rentals Contract rental agencies and rates may be found on Travel Services Website/TTU Rental Car Rates. Verify traveler reserves a car at the contract rate. (Use Rental agency code shown on link). –Required insurance is included with a contract rental no additional insurance is necessary –There are NO TAX EXEMPTIONS on rental cars Rental Car’s may also be rented through Purchasing with appropriate certification please contact Purchasing.

13 Conferences Early registration fees for conferences may be paid on a P-card, a PO or state or personal travel card. Can request advance if traveler prepaid using travel or personal credit card by providing statement and receipt Contact Travel Services if you have a problem paying with Citibank credit card.

14 Automobile Travel Automobile Travel “Four-Per-Car” Rule Two to four state employees traveling to the same conference may not travel in separate vehicles Only one person may estimate mileage; mileage includes wear & tear and gas If an employee wants to travel alone : –Explain reason in writing and request prior written approval from department – Submit approval with voucher

15 Group Travel Advances are issued for 90% estimated expenses to a sponsor even if they have a travel credit card. A Travel Advance Card is available. Forms available on Travel Services Website Application is submitted in sponsor’s name or Full Time Employee. List travelers’ names and R #’s on application and voucher Itemized Meal receipts are required or students may sign a form showing they received the per diem. The signed form is required for per diem. The Emergency Contact Release form is required for each student for foreign travel

16 International Travel All international travel by state employees or students on state business requires OIA(Office of International Affairs) approval, even if personal funds are used! International travel may not be entered on State (funds 11, 12, 13 or 14) FOP’s. The request for approval must be sent to OIA at least 50 days in advance. For students the approval must include the Emergency Contact Release Form & Release & Indemnification Agreement Form The meals may be entered using the per diem rate by using t he International website or estimated actual meal amounts.

17 International Travel International Travel Guide is available on the OIA website at Travel.asp Travel.asp Requests for travel will not be approved to a nation that is, at the time the request is received, subject to a Travel Advisory issued by the U.S. State Department. Check website for current travel advisory: – html html If a non-employee does not have a SSN please contact Purchasing @

18 Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Possessions Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Possessions Are not considered International Travel for account codes May estimate Meal Per Diem or actual meal expenses with itemized receipts on local funds. Itemized meal receipts required on state funds for Alaska and Hawaii. Canada and Mexico may not be estimated on state funds (11, 12, 13 or 14 funds) Prior approval is required by OIA Office for Canada and Mexico

19 Direct Deposit Direct Deposit for travel payments is separate from Payroll Direct Deposit. -Use RaiderLink to set up or update Direct Deposit for Travel Payments. -Please contact Sandra Kiser if you have any questions regarding Direct Deposit for travel payments.

20 CITIBANK TRAVEL CARD An Employee or Graduate Student is eligible to apply for a CITIBANK TRAVEL CREDIT CARD. Employee is personally responsible for payment of the statement. An employee may access their account information online at rcialCard/Cards.html rcialCard/Cards.html Click on self registration for Cardholders for First time users.

21 6 Tools to check before you submit travel application 1.Make sure funds are available. 2. Plan Ahead! Provide Travelers with useful information. 3. Check TTU OP’s and Travel Web site and links tab on the online travel system. 4. Submit statement copies and appropriate receipts by fax, email or delivery to Travel Services to approve advance for prepaid expenses

22 4.Make sure the following is available –Traveler’s (correct) R# –Contact name and phone # of preparer –Valid FOP and Account Codes –International OIA Approval –The Emergency Contact Information Release & Release and Indemnification Form for students 5. Explanations must be in detail, with no acronyms or abbreviations & Title of Paper. 6. Explanations must include Destination, Benefit & Purpose to TTU

23 Need More Help? Need More Help? Call 742-4517 or Fax 742-4244 or visit Travel Services in Room 332 Drane Hall. Email Lydia Mecalco, Travel Services Supervisor: Shirley Dobbins, Sr. Business Assistant: Travel Services Mailbox

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