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ACCESS - TEAM Austin, Sandra Grant, Anthony Pham, Tran Samuel, Bhanu Stewart, Doretha.

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1 ACCESS - TEAM Austin, Sandra Grant, Anthony Pham, Tran Samuel, Bhanu Stewart, Doretha

2 Agenda Goals Infrastructure of Sybase Management DBMS Selection by choice Cost

3 Mission Statement Sybase databases are developed to accommodate business needs regardless of size. The main focus of the database is Web based to allow portability, integration, manageability, and availability of applications as their dedication to businesses success.

4 Mission Objective 1.Provide high performance, scalable products that are compatible and deliverable anywhere. 2.Provide the most comprehensive solutions for processing of critical information globally.

5 History of Sybase Corporation located in Emeryville, Ca. Company founded in 1984. Sybase is primarily a UNIX vendor and is recognized as one the largest providers of database software. Introduced the SQL server in 1987 as a client server solution that was as designed to separate the client and server functionality.

6 Tran Pham Infrastructure of Sybase

7 ASE 12.5 includes: 1.Adaptive Server 12.5 2.Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor™ Server 12.5 3.Monitor Client Library 12.5 4.Historical Server 12.5 5.Open Client™ 12.5 SDK 6.Embedded SQL™/C 12.5 SDK 7.SQL Remote™ 7.0.2 8.Language Modules 12.5 9.jConnect for JDBC 4.5 10.jConnect for JDBC 5.5. 11.Java utilities: »JISQL 2.0 »Ribo 2.0 12.Sybase Central 3.2

8 ASE Environment

9 Common Database Architecture

10 Database Architecture Mixed and Varying Workloads Leverage Legacy Data Enterprise connect Replication Server Internet-Architecture Support Low and High-end Scalability

11 Data Type Having standard data type SQL2. However, there are quite a few exceptions.

12 SQL Statements vs. SQL*Plus Commands SQL: Is a language Is ANSI standard Keywords cannot be abbreviated Statements manipulate data and table definitions in the database SQL statements  SQL Buffer SQL* Plus Is an environment Is Oracle propriety Keywords can be abbreviated Commands do not allow manipulation of values in the database SQL*Plus commands  NO SQL*Plus buffer

13 Basic SQL Data Retrieval SELECT Data Manipulation Language (DML) INSERT UPDATE DELETE Data Definition Language (DDL) CREATE ALTER DROP RENAME TRUNCATE Transaction control COMMIT ROLLBACK SAVEPOINT Data control language (DCL) GRANT REVOKE


15 DML - Insert data into table INSERT INTO EMPLOYEE VALUES(‘Rich’,’k’, ‘Martin’,’123456789’,’1962- 05-09’, ‘123 Main St, Baltimore, MD’, ‘M’, 37000, 15); go


17 Grant, Anthony Management

18 Data Management Information Management (Advanced E-Business Data Management) –Extensive Markup Language (XML) –Universal format for structured documents and data on the Internet –Embedded query and storage engine –Extensive Query Language (XQL) –Content generation from HML documents –Interprets XQL queries –Generates in memory access structures –Management of External Non-Relational Content –Proxy tables – full access to all information in the operating systems directory

19 Dynamic Performance Tuning Permits the use of hybrid transaction processing/query environments to perform the following functions –Adjust to cache of Index pages and data –Significant reduction in I/O costs –User priorities are provided –CPU level resources can be controlled –Resources for a query or batch are limited –DBA’s can reconfigure the system without rebooting

20 Security Row-level Storage Security –Solves the problem of information filtering –By incorporating an application called Application Context Facility (ACF) –DBA can set attribute values for application facilitated by the creation of triggers that run each time a user logs in Secure Socket Layer Support –Sybase supports Secure Socket Layer –Allowing for the use of encryption between database clients – Protects data from unauthorized access –Sybase utilizes digital certificates to authenticate servers and username/passwords

21 Mission Critical Computing Compressed Backups –Reduction of archival cost SQL debugging –Assist in application development Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) –Support for easier system management Component Integration –Remote query optimization –Heterogeneous data access –Heterogeneous transaction support

22 Samuel, Bhanu RDBMS Selection

23 SYBASE PRODUCTS Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise: It is a powerful data management platform for mission - critical transactions, it is known for its flexibility, open standards and effective use of computing power. iAnywhere Solutions: It is a comprehensive package that provides data management and enterprise synchronization to enable the rapid deployment of distributed e-business solutions. Adaptive Server IQ : It is a high performance relational database to meet the needs of business intelligence.

24 MERITS OF SYBASE When it comes to your business - Sybase understands one size does not fit all. Sybase competitive advantage are based on the company’s 3 strategic initiatives: e-Business m-Business Vertical markets.

25 SYBASE - ORACLE Basic Sybase infrastructure includes- 2 processes, data server and back up server. Oracle includes: 5 processes - process monitor, db writer, checkpoint and log writer. Backup Capabilities: Sybase can perform a dump database operation when the database is online or offline. In oracle previous to Oracle 8, the only way to back up the database was through a cold backup. Recovery Attributes: In Sybase the load database command loads the designated database. In Oracle recovery is achieved by restoring the data files.

26 SYBASE - ORACLE Security Procedures: The initial id shipped with Sybase is System Administrator (SA). User logins are added at the server level, and then granted access to each database. Oracle is shipped with several built in accounts system. Data Types: In Sybase the supported data types include integer, decimal, float, money, char, varchar, and text types. Oracle data types include number, char,varchar2, date, long raw, clob, and blob. Storage: In Sybase tables are stored in segments, In Oracle tables are stored in table spaces.

27 SYBASE - ORACLE Performance and Scalability: Sybase continues to break TPC benchmark records. Oracle has always been known for its speed and performance. Oracle 8 supports 15,000 active user connections. Pricing - In Sybase price per seat is average. Support is achieved by opening cases with the support team. In oracle price per seat is relatively higher.

28 SYBASE vs. ORACLE Better tech support. Cheaper to administer. Requires fewer system resources. Better documentation Owns 90% of the financial industry which speaks of its reliability and stability Use of transaction logs - has roll back and recovery transaction log features. Sybase can backup on the fly without taking table spaces.

29 SYBASE - CERTIFICATIONS Sybase Certified Associate Sybase Certified professional Adaptive Server Administration.

30 Austin, Sandra Cost Analysis

31 Sybase ASE: Performance CompanySybaseOracleDifference Product ASE 12.0Oracle 8i HardwareHP9000/2500 HP9000/2500 TPC-C102,023 92,8329,191 # of CPUs32 32 $/TPC-C$63.21$87.71$24.50 Total Cost:$6,448,894$8,142,782$1,693,888

32 Less Demand on System Resources: Memory Requirements CompanySybaseOracleDifference Product ASE 12Oracle 8i (347% ) Memory Per User 72 KB250 KB 178 KB System Memory Requirements 250 Users 18 MB 62 MB 44 MB 500 Users36 MB132 MB 96 MB 1,000 Users72 MB264 MB 192 MB 5,000 Users 360 MB 1.25 GB 890 MB

33 Sybase has a much more efficient database engine On a typical 300 GB database with 500 users, ASE can save customer $1.4 million (hardware and software) We use about half as much disk space for same amount of data Our SMP records prove the efficiency of ASE. Oracle relies on lots of hardware for high performance Using Oracle would cost the customer more even if the software was free Cost and Efficiency

34 Disk Requirements Independent study comparing disk usage: –# of rows:2 billion –Row width:42 bytes CompanySybaseOracleDifference ProductASE 11.5Oracle 8>107% Disk Used511.3 GB1,052 GB540 GB Cost (at $1/MB)$511,000$1,052,000$541,000

35 Total Cost of Ownerships Oracle SybaseAdvantage Raw throughput 57,05352,117 Oracle 9% $TPM-C$147.40 $81.17 Sybase 82% Processors 96 16 Sybase 600% Total cost$8.4 Mil$4.2 mil Sybase 100% Oracle had to spend two times as much to get only 9% more performance Oracle ran on six times as many processors (96 vs. 16) to get only 9% more performance If you want to spend more on hardware & maintenance buy Oracle. Sybase is the performance and scalability leader

36 Conclusion A True Relational Database Follows the SQL2 standards Rank 3nd in RDBMS Easier to use and learn than Oracle Similar features and structures as Microsoft SQL 2000 Lower price in comparing to other DBMS


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