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1 Division of Human Resources Performance Evaluation Online Application.

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1 1 Division of Human Resources Performance Evaluation Online Application

2 2 Add Update Agency group: this group can add, inquire and update performance evaluations for their agency. Inquire Agency group: this group has inquire only access to their agency performance evaluations. The State Controller’s Office (SCO) will be your security contact to add and delete users to these groups. Current members of the PE group or agency directors will need to email SCO with requests to add or delete users at the following address: ACCESS TO THE DHR PERFORMANCE EVALUATION APPLICATION

3 3 By logging onto SCO’s Online Applications, you will find the DHR Performance Evaluation link on the Application Selection Menu. This is where you will go to add, inquire and update performance evaluations into the system for justification of personnel actions such as merit increases, bonuses and completion of probation. (Note: Supervisors will continue to use the Employee Appraiser software to create performance evaluations.) LOCATION OF DHR PERFORMANCE EVALUATION APPLICATION

4 4 ADD UPDATE AGENCY GROUP Select your agency from the drop down box, click Inquire to see a list of all your active employees and those who have terminated within the past 365 days with their current evaluations. You may also inquire by selecting your agency code and entering the employee’s SSN and click Inquire. Inquire Performance Evaluation

5 5 INQUIRE PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS You can click on an employee’s name to display a complete list of all their performance evaluations in the system. You can click on comment to view the documentation.

6 6 UPDATE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Choose the evaluation to update by clicking on the employee’s name. This window can be moved by placing your cursor in the box, left clicking your mouse and holding and dragging. All fields can be edited except for beginning and ending dates. If you are changing the rating level, please insure the supervisor discusses and shares with the employee a copy of the revised evaluation.

7 7 UPDATE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION If dates are incorrect, you must delete and add a new evaluation. Before you delete the evaluation with the incorrect dates, you can print a copy to know the rating level for that evaluation.

8 8 ADD PERFORMANCE EVALUATION To add an evaluation you must enter the employee’s social security number in the box provided. Click Add to add an evaluation.

9 9 ADD PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Once you have clicked Add you will be able to enter the information needed to complete the evaluation. Enter the evaluation dates in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy. The PCN, Class Code and Class Title will be populated with the employee’s current information. To change these fields you can click on the plus (+) button to the right of the box.

10 10 ADD PERFORMANCE EVALUATION After you have clicked on the plus (+) button, a new box will be displayed allowing you to enter in the correct information. After clicking the Submit button, changes appear to happen immediately. However, the evaluation is not in the IPOPS system until the following day. (Classified merits and short- term merits cannot be submitted until there is a current satisfactory evaluation in the IPOPS system.)

11 11 INQUIRE AGENCY GROUP Inquiry Agency Group members have access to view performance evaluations for their agency but do not have access to add, edit or delete. Click on the agency drop down box to select your agency number, then click Inquire to display a list of your agency employees. You also have the option of entering in the SSN to display a specific employee.

12 12 INQUIRE AGENCY GROUP Click on the employee’s name to display all the performance evaluations in the system for that employee.

13 13 INQUIRE AGENCY GROUP Individual evaluations can be opened by clicking on the employee’s name.

14 14 DHR PERFORMANCE EVALUATION ONLINE APPLICATION The IPOPS edits for a current satisfactory performance evaluation in the system for classified merit increases and short-term merit increases will continue to be in effect with this application. If you have any questions or comments, please contact DHR at 334-3900 or email

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