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2 Basics See I-9 Manual on IFSS web: Employer must verify identity and employment eligibility of all new hires, including part-time, students, LTEs, anyone receiving a salary payment, even if just one day

3 Who must be verified? Anyone hired after 6 November 1986 Anyone re-hired after a break in service »Includes re-hired annuitants Not considered break in service  Leave of absence  Successive LTE positions  TA, PA and C basis employees returning in the following semester

4 Exceptions to I-9 Requirements Independent contractors  UW-System document definition: Anyone on a fellowship or scholarship Zero dollar appointments Employees working outside the U.S. Returning from a LOA, layoff, strike or wrongful discharge

5 Anti-Discrimination Provisions  Treat everyone consistently  Give everyone the option to complete the I-9 on or before the start date, but after offer of employment  Don’t request specific documents from employee  Accept documents that meet the requirements and reasonably appear genuine and belong to the employee

6 Timing On or before first day of employment, but after offer  Employee completes Section 1  If employment is less than 3 days, employer completes Section 2 By third day of employment  Employee presents original documents  Employer completes Section 2 Must meet time frame even if employee not in Madison  Designate other to do paper I-9 Retain I-9 one year after termination or three years after hire date, whichever is LATER

7 Documents All must be unexpired Social Security card and number  Must be card, not SSA printout  Can’t use card that says “Not valid for employment”  Card with “Valid only with USCIS employment authorization” – need other work authorization document  Can’t start with “9” – not SSN  Not required except for E-Verify Visa vs. status

8 Advantages of Electronic I-9 Once an employee is in the system, no new I-9 to change from one department to another, and/or for dual appointments No need to copy documents except for E-Verify – email to IFSS Automated 90 day email alerts of expiring work documents Automated purging of I-9 forms for terminated employees per DHS retention rules Error-detection & guidance, almost error proof

9 Virtually Eliminates Errors Only permits entry of documents that relate to the citizenship status in Section 1. Detects and alerts about:  Missing required information such as birth date, document number, issuing authority, expiration date, employer address etc.  If SSN in Sections 1 and 2 do not match.  Expired documents

10 HireRight System All users have individual login IFSS “Super Users” for changes, additions, deletions of users All users can complete/view any UW I-9 Divisions have extra permissions to run reports, delete, override delete IFSS can change permissions as necessary

11 E-Verify Must do electronic I-9 plus electronic verification in EV IFSS will continue to do all EV  Ignore slide and system references to EV – not enabled for UW  Dept. must do electronic I-9, email IFSS and attach documents used Both new hires and current employees assigned to contract List A or B docs must have photo

12 Section1- Employee Info Employee completes on or before first day of work One of the four boxes must be checked  3 and 4 require additional information from employee »3 - must give Alien number »4 - must give admission/departure/I-94 number Employer checks that all blanks are complete  Must give SSN if on E-Verify contract; not required otherwise Any additions/changes must be done by the employee

13 I-9 Solution for Enterprise Select the I-9 Forms menu option to initiate I-9 actions and activities. Manage I-9 Forms HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

14 Manage I-9 Forms Click NEW to Initiate an I-9 Task

15 I-9 Menu Options Defined Invite Employee: Used to initiate the completion of the Electronic I-9 form E-verify Check: Used to instantly verify employment eligibility with the DHS Kiosk Mode: Used when the Employee will complete the Electronic I-9 onsite Upload I-9 Form: Used to upload a pdf file containing I-9 form(s) and supporting documentation HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

16 Invite Employee: Employee Info 1.Select Invite Employee (known as Electronic I-9) 2.Employer enters employee’s First and Last Name, email address *Be sure to use University of Wisconsin default letter 3.Select Location from drop-down 4.Click Submit Enables the completion of Section 1 after offer of employment is accepted which may be prior to the first day of employment Optional HireRight Proprietary & Confidential 1 2 3 4

17 Confirmation This message appears to confirm the email was sent

18 Manage I-9 Forms Click NEW to Initiate an I-9 Task

19 Kiosk Mode supports Two Access Options 1.Send an email to the Employee for access -or- 2.Provide Kiosk Link **Can be saved on desktop for instant access each time a new employee needs to create an online user ID to access and complete the electronic I-9 form 1 2

20 Employee Notification Employee uses the web link, user ID, and password provided in email HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

21 Employee Login

22 Employee Instructions

23 Helpful Features for Employee Instructions from both DHS USCIS and HireRight List of Acceptable Documentation  List A documents  Lists B & C documents Live Chat access to HireRight Customer Support 24/5 HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

24 Electronic I-9 Employee completes Section 1 of the I-9 online HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

25 Completion of Section 1 Citizenship status will pre- designate what documents are acceptable from the Employee when the Employer is completing Section 2 of the I-9 form online NOTE: The Alien #, SSN, and other details required from the employee are driven off the citizenship status selected. HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

26 Electronic Signature and Confirmation HireRight Proprietary & Confidential Employee checks off three boxes agreeing to statements and Electronically signs to complete Section 1 of the I-9 form online.

27 If a Preparer/Translator is Used: HireRight provides the option to capture vital information on a preparer or translator, in the event it is applicable Ex. Employee does not read/write English HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

28 Employee Confirmation Completion of Section 1 sends an email to Section 2 completer (Original Requestor or Hiring Manager, if any) List of Acceptable Documents can be viewed here

29 Section 2 – Document/Employer Info Within 3 days of start date, employee presents original document(s)  1 from List A or  1 each from List B and List C Employer inspects documents  Appear genuine  Relate to person presenting them  Appear on USCIS list of documents  Are unexpired  Confirm employee’s statements in Section 1 Must terminate employment if cannot present original document(s) or receipt within 3 days

30 Employer Notification Employer is notified via email Section 1 is complete Employer/Hiring Manager can use the link to login and view the Employee’s I-9 and Complete Section 2 HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

31 Employer Access to I-9 Form 1.Select Manage I-9 from left hand menu of your account 2.Select Pending Employer tab to access and complete Section 2 (Designated Hiring Manager will access the I-9 through the link in the email)

32 Employer Access to I-9 Form - continued Click Applicant Name to Select Right-click or use More Options drop-down menu to Verify I-9 Docs

33 Viewing the Completed Section 1 Review for accuracy against documentation provided by Employee (ex. Name matches ID) Citizenship status selected will drive acceptable documentation Only documents matching citizenship can be accepted. HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

34 Completion of Section 2 Click Employer Review & Verification to complete Section 2 Select List A or List B & C HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

35 Employer Completion Complete required fields Check off 3 statements Confirm Employee Start Date is CORRECT Review your contact information for accuracy Electronically Sign

36 Confirmation You will receive a confirmation message after successfully completing Section 2 You may see a warning if you completed prior to Employee’s Start Date – this is to advise that E-verify will not begin until actual Start Date

37 Receipts No receipt if working less than 3 days Receipt for lost, stolen or damaged document from state or Federal agency Underlying work authorization must be valid Enter receipt information in appropriate list, expiration date 90 days from receipt date Employee has 90 days to present new original document; otherwise must terminate Complete Section 3 with final document info

38 Section 3 – Updating and Reverification Updating – rehire after break in service  Original I-9 under 3 years old and already in HireRight system  No need to update for sporadic services but no termination  Date of rehire, signature, date  If not in electronic system, do new I-9 in system and then can use Section 3

39 Re-verify I-9 Form Completing Section 3 is also known as reverification 1.Search for Employee in I-9 dashboard* 2.Select Re-verify I-9 Form * Default account view and search setting is one month

40 Completion of Section 3 Completing Section 3 is also known as reverification Process for documenting the updated I-9 information Does not initiate an electronic verification (E-verify) HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

41 Section 3 Reverification Must reverify if work authorization has expiration date US citizens and PRs never need to be reverified New green cards have expiration date but PR doesn’t expire Expired card not valid for initial verification Must reverify prior to expiration date of original work authorization Employee must bring new document Must terminate if no new work authorization

42 First reverification of current employee Review existing I-9(s) for accuracy & completeness, correct if necessary Copy I-9(s), X out DOB and all but last 4 digits of SSN on copy Scan and upload edited copy of I-9(s) in one PDF – Do NOT scan and upload documents Employee presents new work authorization document Complete Section 3 Reverification Retain original paper I-9(s) for required retention period Once in system, there are multiple Section 3s for future reverifications

43 Upload and E-verify Check HireRight integrates the capability to both Upload I-9 documents and select for an E-verify check to occur in one step. 1.Select Upload I-9 docs 2.Check off E-verify check 3.Upload PDF file of scanned doc(s) 4.Complete required fields 5.Click Upload 2 3 5 Required fields are noted with a red asterisk

44 Scanning and Uploading I-9 Never upload supporting documents System doesn’t detect errors except expired documents and conflict between citizenship status in Section 1 and document(s) in Section 2. Also must manually enter into system:  Name  Employment start date  Date of birth  SSN  Citizenship status  Alien number (if applicable)  Admission number (if applicable)  Document title (all, if more than one)  Document expiration date (all, if more than one)

45 Completion of Section 3 Completing Section 3 is also known as reverification Process for documenting the updated I-9 information Does not initiate an electronic verification (E-verify) HireRight Proprietary & Confidential

46 Sources of Assistance I-9 Requirements and Documents and basic system functionality  Deborah Ahlstedt »  Jennifer Taylor » System Functionality – HireRight  Resources on left screen »Job Aids, FAQs, online tutorial  Contact HireRight Customer Support with Questions  Toll Free: 866-521-6995  Hours: Sunday 5:00 pm Pacific - Friday 9:00 pm Pacific


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