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1 WLPGA Summit RIO DE JANEIRO 7 th –9 th October 2009 WEST AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT. YES WE CAN! Presented By: BESSEM ENONCHONG Modern Energy for Everyone.

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1 1 WLPGA Summit RIO DE JANEIRO 7 th –9 th October 2009 WEST AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT. YES WE CAN! Presented By: BESSEM ENONCHONG Modern Energy for Everyone

2 2 Where ever you are we are …… Modern Energy for Everyone

3 3 Map of West Africa Modern Energy for Everyone

4 4 Huge potential in Nigeria. The other countries especially Senegal continue to have high affinity and exposure to LPG with just 30% of total population as current consumers. Sensitization and Support with lead to EXPLOSION WEST AFRICA`S POTENTIAL

5 5 Africa's LPG production increased by 2.4% from year 2000-2008 that is, from 14.5 to 18 million tons. Total demand rose to 11 million tons in 2008 mainly in household and commercial sector. LPG will be got through reduced flaring, Nigeria alone flares about 24.1 Billion cubic metres (BCM) Availability of Refineries.( 41 in Total in Africa and 9 in the selected West African countries.) Accessibility to oil. Government Stringent actions against deforestation and pollution. Fantastic Tourist Sites Relaxed Culture and Social Life Increase in Literacy rate. Use of other Energy Forms and need for alternative Energy Modern Energy for Everyone

6 6 From Flaring to Big Business Flaring is waste of money From Flaring to a greener and more healthier world. WEST AFRICA`S POTENTIAL( CON`T) Nigeria alone flares about 24.1 BCM. Which is about 40% of total gas produced. Modern Energy for Everyone

7 7 Factors Affecting West African Development Government Clash on Legislation. Local Norms versus International Norms. Mix up in legislation. Different Ministries and Department in charge of LPG Poor atmosphere for Investors( High Taxes, Foreign exchange Fluctuations, High Interest on Loans.) Socio – Economic Absence of Education on LPG(advantages and usage as compared to other sources Low income of the Populace. Poor Infrastructure. Insufficient and Inadequate Storage facilities for LPG. Technology in LPG Equipment is low. Outdated versus modern equipment. Inadequate Finance for LPG existing companies and New Entrants. Insufficient Cylinders in circulation and no maintenance of existing ones Modern Energy for Everyone

8 8 Play a leading part in the development of the energy sector in West and Sub Sahara Africa. We are committed to give our local presence in Africa a high priority and to expand the business by establishing Local partnerships. Kosan Crisplant and Its Partners aim to expand the GLOCALGAZ Concept throughout Africa, thereby expanding our experience platform to gain greater knowledge and know-how for ourselves and for our local partners Modern Energy for Everyone KOSAN CRISPLANT`S MISSION IN AFRICA

9 9 Social: Improve the general state of health as the preparation of food and cooking of water takes place under hygienic conditions. The smoke from the fireplace may be injurious to the health. (Reduces the life span of women by 10 years). Liberates time for women and children to study and create education opportunities. Economic: Poverty reduction by creating work places Flaring in Africa can cover the actual demand of LPG in all Sub-Saharan countries ( excl South Africa) Plays an important role in the fight against felling of wood. Environment: Reduced pollution, LPG emits far less CO2. Each time a 12kg cylinder is used, it saves the atmosphere 138kg of C02 Smoke from indoor cooking fires kills 1.6 million people every year (mainly small children) Smoke in the home kills more people than malaria and almost as many as unsafe water and sanitation Smoke in the home is the fourth greatest cause of death and disease in the world’s poorest countries A lot of women suffer from eye diseases due to the smoke from firewood Modern Energy for Everyone LPG IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

10 10 - More than 50 years in the LPG business Mobile pre-fabricated plants. Easy Start up, Simple Operation Electronic Filling- Speedy TO : Modern & Electronic CONTAINER FILLING PLANT Modern Energy for Everyone ACTIONS FROM : Manual and Outdated

11 11 Supply and Installation of LPG Storage Terminals Modern Energy for Everyone

12 12 TRAINING KIT Training Material for Filling Plant Operators Safety Manuals Training of Personnel( Plant operators, Engineers) Expertise Empowerment. Move of staff to new markets to train the new team. FREE CONSULTANCY New entrants in the LPG market Best practices for good results Best equipment versus environment/budget Exposure to GLOCALGAZ Concept. Sourcing of Finance - Danida B2B program: (The B2B Programme is open to all sectors of business and industry, as long as it is fair to assume that the proposed business co-operation will have a genuine development impact.) - Danish Export Credit Agency(EKF) SERVICES Modern Energy for Everyone ACTIONS

13 13 AFTER SALES SERVICES Operational Efficiency Rapid Response to Clients needs SOCIAL/CORPORATE Engage in CSR. Supported the Drive Against Malaria, with the distribution of free Mosquito Nets GOVERNMENT In Cameroon, Kosan Crisplant is part of the Committee for the Renewal of Norms. This is in the Normalization Department of the Ministry of Industry and Mines. Modern Energy for Everyone Actions

14 14 THE GLOCALGAZ CONCEPT The GLOCALGAZ CONCEPT is a complete pack system of Containerised Filling Plant and LPG distribution suitable for new markets and existing markets who need a refurbishing of the existing system. It is a cost effective and easily adapted solution (PLUG & PLAY) with fantastic expansion possibilities. Could be public or privately owned. Modern Energy for Everyone

15 15 Modern Energy for Everyone WEST AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT- YES WE CAN!!!!

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