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1 -Classification: Internal 2011-05-31 DROPS forum 1. June 2011 New topic from the Safe Rig project STATOIL, FORUS.

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1 1 -Classification: Internal 2011-05-31 DROPS forum 1. June 2011 New topic from the Safe Rig project STATOIL, FORUS

2 2 -Classification: Internal 2011-05-31 Safe Rig Project DROPS forum 01.06.2011

3 3 -Classification: Internal 2011-05-31 Safe Rig Project In 2009 I held a DROPS presentation regarding FO, and the problem with SDS elevators. Statoil had two serious incidents involving the B&V SDS elevator −One in 2007 and one in 2009 −NSOAF Safety Bulletin no 2010/1, also addressing use of elevators in general

4 4 -Classification: Internal 2011-05-31 Background for the new topic in Safe Rig Investigation report Stena Don, 10.05.2010 Order from PSA Deepsea Atlantic, 05.05.2010 Order from PSA Heidrun, 26.05.2010 Since this, unfortunately, there has been more incidents, luckily with no injuries, but resulting in orders from the PSA spring 2010. The PSA stating that Statoil did not learn from incidents, lack of competence and that equipment used was not fit for purpose. Incidents repeating themselves throughout the past years, despite established measures

5 5 -Classification: Internal 2011-05-31 Safer Lifting & pipe handling in the drilling and well areas New topic

6 6 -Classification: Internal 2011-05-31 Safe Rig Project What has STATOIL done to meet these orders and challenges? −Started the new topic; Safer lifting and pipe-handling in the drilling and well areas −4 sub projects; Technical barriers, Organisational barriers, Operational barriers and Competence and training Mapping of close to 3000 pieces of equipment, with proposals to close gaps Improvement of Organisational barriers in Statoil and the contractors, including new work process in Statoil Proposals for Improvement of operational standards/ industry standards −Mainly OLF (The Norwegian oil industry Association) guideline 081 and NORSOK R- 003, but also EN 13155 will be updated to include elevators Mapping of competence and training −Proposals/recommendation for a new standard on competence and basic training, and how to comply with current standards Recommendations on recurrent training, which no operator has for the time being for D&W personnel Surveys has been performed to ensure implementation of relevant parts of NORSOK R-003 in the drilling areas.

7 7 -Classification: Internal 2011-05-31 Equipment survey (mapping) & Technical Barriers Evaluate organisational Barriers Evaluate compliance with and quality of existing standards procedures Evaluation of existing Training requirement What has been done, what has been achieved Lack of traceability, declaration of conformity, Statement of compliance, certificates etc. Poor quality or missing user manuals Lack of control by Enterprise of competence according to Norsok R003 annex H Lack of inherent safety in design (running tools) Lack of C&L competence Lack of planning from a C&L point of view Inadequate user manuals Strengthen compliance Strengthen roles & responsibility Strengthen experience transfer Lack of knowledge and understanding of Norsok R003 Norsok R003 needs to be adjusted to D&W operations Updating of OLF guidelines remote operated pipe handling Establish best practice based on Norsok R003 and OLF 081. Mapping of competence Inadequate basic training Inadequate work process in APOS (Statoil governing system) Inadequate operational training Proposal for new training, competence and recurrent training Proposal for new drill floor competence certificate Compensating actions - Checklist to secure safe technical and operational level Uncertainty regarding interpretation of legislations and standards Admit that D&W has a HSE challenge they need to solve

8 8 -Classification: Internal 2011-05-31 Design phase Operation, maintenance and control Completion / certification Recognized standards, Principles of safety integration: Eliminate or reduce risks as far as possible Take the necessary protective measures in relation to risks that cannot be eliminated. Inform users of the residual risks due to any shortcoming of the protective measures adopted, indicate whether any particular training is required and specify any need to provide personal protective equipment. Verify that the machinery is designed and constructed according planned use. Conformity with relevant legislations Safe in use, can be operated, maintained without putting persons at risk under foreseen condition, but also taking into account any reasonably foreseeable misuse Competence User manual Maintenance program Working procedures Leadership Acci dent Learn from incidents Difference between life-cycles Hazard Optimized frame conditions Time HSE Level Safety Alerts

9 9 -Classification: Internal 2011-05-31 Statoil Safe Rig Presenters name: Vetli Tveiten E-mail address: tel: +47 94 15 15 19 Thank you

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