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2 A GENDA Language Arts Math Science/Social Studies Homework Grading Policy Classroom Procedures Discipline Plan/ CHAMPs

3 L ANGUAGE A RTS The following is list of some activities and resources we use to teach the reading and writing process: Shared Reading Guided Reading Groups Literacy Workstations We Both Read books Phonemic Awareness Activities Writing Workshop Reader’s Workshop Word Walls

4 L ANGUAGE A RTS Sight Words : This year all students will be expected to master 100 high frequency words! Some activities we do in class to help students learn sight words include: See it, Say it, Spell it Around the World Musical Plates Memory/Concentration Songs/Rhymes

5 L ANGUAGE A RTS Handwriting is the practice of the proper formation of letters. Writer’s Workshop is the opportunity to express original ideas through drawing and writing. They will be encouraged to do their own writing from the start and will progress through various stages from scribbles to random letters to eventually words and sentences. Reader’s Workshop

6 M ATH This year your child will learn the following math skills: Personal Finances Sorting / Classifying Graphing Number Concepts Shapes and Solid Figures Measuring Counting to 100 Addition/Subtraction

7 S CIENCE /S OCIAL S TUDIES Below are a few topics that we will explore: Weather Changes Magnets Plant life cycle Butterfly life cycle Texas History Historical Figures Character Traits

8 H OMEWORK A weekly homework schedule will be sent home in your child’s homework folder every Monday. These homework activities are sent home to help extend the learning process of our curriculum to you at home. Homework Accountability:

9 G RADING P OLICY This year kindergarten is using a letter system to show mastery levels in curriculum, work habits, and citizenship. Satisfactory= S Needs improvement= N Unsatisfactory= U

10 G RADING P OLICY Specific requirements will be outlined in the student report of progress at the end of each grading period. Here are a few areas to be assessed: All content areas Homework Behavior Work habits School readiness

11 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Classroom procedures have been put in place to help manage the challenges of having a large class size. Teachers greatly appreciate your cooperation in these matters.

12 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Lunch We eat lunch from 12:30-1:00 pm Students may bring a healthy lunch from home or purchase a tray from the cafeteria. The best method of obtaining a tray lunch is to prepay with a check made out to KISD Food Service with your child’s name in the memo area or you can prepay online at Please resist the urge to visit frequently as this may disrupt your child’s day and delay his/her ability to become an independent eater.

13 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Snack Our schedule allows for a daily ten minute small snack break. Our snack begins at 10:00 am. Please send this daily in the “spacemaker” box listed on the school supply list. No juice of any kind. Dry snacks are best. Fruit cups and yogurt cups can be very messy.

14 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Snack Suggestions Sliced apples, grapes, peeled oranges, goldfish, granola bar or even a banana. Not recommended: candy, donuts, items that need a spoon. Please do not send juice of any kind.

15 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Money If you send money to school with your child for any reason, please put it in a clearly labeled zip lock baggie.

16 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Transportation Please make sure your child’s teacher is always updated with how your child is going home. Your child received a tag attached to their backpack that states how they go home. Please do not remove it! Any changes made in your child’s daily departure from school needs to be sent to the school in writing by 2:00pm. No emails or voicemails will be acceptable. If we do not have a note informing us of a transportation change, your child will go home by their regular mode of transportation listed on the information card.

17 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Library Each kindergarten student will visit the library every week to check out a library book.

18 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Parent/Teacher Communication Kindergarten students will bring their daily folder that includes an attached behavior sheet home every day. When a color change has been marked in the folder, please use this as an opportunity to discuss with your child to accept responsibility for their actions and improve upon them by making “Good Choices”. Failure to return this folder with the behavior sheet on a consistent basis will be reflected on your child’s work habits grade.

19 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Supplies Please help your child come to school prepared to learn every day! This includes eating a healthy breakfast and having all their supplies. Please be sure to send your child to school with their back pack, blue folder with behavior sheet and any lunch money if necessary. It is also a good idea to include a change of clothes for your little one in case of an accident. Students are expected to wear their ID tags everyday!

20 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Conferences We will attempt to hold all parent conferences on our first two early dismissal days (see calendar for details). Your child’s teacher will contact you with conference times.

21 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Specials Your child will have a daily special class of art, music, or P.E. that they will attend on a weekly rotation. Kindergarten has their specials class from 10:15-11:05 am every day. Please dress your child in tennis shoes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

22 C LASSROOM P ROCEDURES Birthdays If your child wishes, he/she may bring treats for the class on their birthday or the day closest to that date during the school year. Store bought cupcakes, brownies, and cookies work out the best, and please do not include drinks. Please understand that this is only a treat and not a party. Due to district policy, invitations are not allowed to be passed out at school.

23 D ISCIPLINE P LAN Our school wide behavior management plan follows the CHAMPs approach to promote a positive and productive learning environment for all students. All students are expected to: Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible Behavior is tracked using a color coded behavior chart: star, green, yellow, blue, red. Again, take the opportunity each day to discuss good choices.

24 Thank you for coming! This is going to be a great year!

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