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Restaurant Associates Monsoon Kitchen Products Suggestions for Usage Monsoon Kitchen Indian Food Products.

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1 Restaurant Associates Monsoon Kitchen Products Suggestions for Usage Monsoon Kitchen Indian Food Products

2 Indian Food remains one of the hottest ethnic cuisines in the United States. Monsoon Kitchens offers an easy way to introduce Indian cuisine to your customers 2

3 Growing Demand Between 1981 and 1996 nearly half a million Indians immigrated to the United States. Today more than 2 Million total. Consumer awareness of Indian cuisine jumped 74% Other immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh have added to this growing trend Americans are more interested in eating ethnic foods

4 What our customers say Profit Harvard University says the Monsoon Kitchens station has the highest profit margin Increased customer counts & sales a business cafeteria reports a substantial increase in sales and customer participation with implementation of Monsoon Kitchens Indian station. Becomes a corporate model. Allows Chefs to focus on what they do best easy presentation of food with maximum client satisfaction Labor saving authentic Indian flavors without the time consuming cooking process

5 Monsoon Kitchens offers Authentic Appetizers, Entrees, Sauces and Chutneys Ethnic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free All Natural, No Preservatives Zero Trans Fats Easy to Prepare Consistent

6 Certifications USDA Certified AIB Audited, Superior Rating the Past 5 Years Sodexo Approved Certified Minority Owned Business Distributed by Sodexo preferred vendors

7 Support Usage Instructions Menus, Recipes & Serving Suggestions Marketing Materials Nutritional Information

8 Suggested Service Layout MK can offer advice and suggestions for creating an authentic Indian food experience Standard size 4 to 6 well steam table Areas for breads and condiments

9 Hot Service 2 daily appetizers 1 chicken entrée 1 vegetarian entrée 1 vegetarian side Naan bread Rice

10 Cold Service 1 chutney Whipped Yogurt (with a little water) Yogurt Raita – made fresh each morning, recipe to follow. Chopped Salad – made fresh each morning, recipe to follow.

11 Display Ideas Copper pots Indian Elephants Rice cooker signage

12 Basmati Rice Prepare basmati rice by washing it thoroughly in china cap. After drying, place 1 container of rice into cooker. Add 1 cup oil and stir well. Add 2T salt. Add 1 container of water. Place pan in rice cooker. First rice cooker is turned on at 9:30 am. Second rice cooker is turned on at 10:30. Once cooked, rice should be light and fluffy when stirred. During the last 2 hours of service, ½ batches of rice are made Rice cannot be reused.

13 Vegetable Pakoras (Vegan) crispy vegetable fritter Use as: – Hors d’oeuvre with tamarind chutney – Sandwich or Wrap like Felafel – Croutons in a salad – Simmer in Tikka Masala Sauce and make a vegetarian Kafta dish Pakoras can be thawed for few hours (6-8 hours) in the cooler before using. Thawed Pakoras can be fried at 325 degrees till heated completely. Do Not Fry too dark, best to fry and then finish in oven. Frying keeps them crisp on outside and soft inside. Pakoras can be baked from thaw or frozen state. Baking prevents over browning and keeps them soft. Pack 2 x 4lb (about 150)

14 Samosas: Vegetable (Vegan) and Chicken India’s favorite potato and pea snack Serve as : – Hors d’oeuvre with Tamarind Chutney – Chaat (with vegetable samosa, Indian Street Food with alu chole ) – Large in Café line as vegan entree DO NOT THAW THE PRODUCT. IT IS BEST PREPARED BY DEEP FRYING IN OIL AT MEDIUM HEAT (300*F) FOR 5-7 MINUTES OR UNTIL THE SAMOSAS ARE GOLDEN BROWN. OR THE PRODUCT CAN BE HEATED IN AN OVEN AT 305*F UNTIL THE CENTER IS HOT (FOR BEST RESULTS, THE PRODUCT CAN BE SPRAYED WITH A THIN COATING OF OIL BEFORE HEATING). Contains gluten Small 2 x 5lb (about 200) large 2x 5lb (about 80)

15 Sauces the Authenticity of Regional Indian Cuisine Cooking Instructions: 1 part Sauce to 1.5 parts meat or vegetable Seafood is 1 part sauce to 2 parts meat 1.Thaw sauce day before 2.Cut boneless, skinless chicken into bite size pieces 3.Saute chicken in hot oil until slightly browned 4.Add Monsoon Kitchens Sauce 5.Simmer until chicken is cooked or has reached 165 degrees F and sauce thickens (in a hurry add cooked chicken strips to sauce and heat) Curry Coconut Curry Tikka Masala Vindaloo Korma FOR BEST RESULTS, SLACK OUT THE PRODUCT THE DAY BEFORE USE. REMOVE THE PRODUCT FROM ITS CONTAINER AND PLACE IN A SAUCEPAN FOR HEATING.

16 Chutneys Tamarind Tomato Cilantro (like Indian Pesto) Service: Thaw and serve cold Packed 2 x 5 lb containers Marinades Tandoori Malai Tikka Instructions : Thaw Marinate meat in refrigerator for 6 to 24 hours (seafood only needs 2 hour marination) Packed 2 x 5 lb containers

17 Tandoori & Tikka Malai Marinade (Vegetarian with dairy) offers the similar flavor of the traditional clay ovens Tandoori Shrimp or Chicken Quesadillas or Fajitas Indian chicken sandwich. chicken or shrimp Salads. Tandoori chicken and mango pizza Grilled tikka malai Potatoes Tandoori Hamburgers Tikka Malai meat loaf Grilled Tandoori Salmon

18 Vindaloo Sauce (Vegan & Gluten Free) Represents Spicy Sour and Sweet Flavors of Goa – an Indian Coastal City Combine ¾ cup Monsoon Kitchens (MK) Vindaloo Sauce with ½ cup coconut milk for a mild flavored curry for seafood and chicken. Mix with mayonnaise or cream cheese for a dip or sandwich spread. Marinate chicken wings in MK Vindaloo Sauce and bake for a new twist on old favorite Simmer mini meatballs in MK Vindaloo Sauce to get a spicy, sweet and sour meat balls appetizer dish. Marinate a leg of lamb in MK Vindaloo Sauce for 24 hours and either grill or bake to get a delectable lamb dish. Cook Ground beef/turkey/chicken in MK Vindaloo Sauce until dry and serve as a filling for Tacos, Burritos or Taco Salad. Mix one cup of MK Vindaloo Sauce to one quart of chicken broth to make rice dishes such as Risotto or rice pilaf. Cook meat or vegetables in MK Vindaloo Sauce and use it to make spicy lasagnas. Add a few spoons of MK Vindaloo Sauce to soups for added zing. Simmer cooked beans in MK Vindaloo Sauce to get a wholesome and a tasty vegetarian dish. Marinade pork chops in MK Vindaloo Sauce to make a zesty entrée. Packed 2 x 5 lb containers, thaw in refrigerator 1 day ahead

19 Tikka Masala Sauce (Vegetarian with Dairy) creamy curry sauce with yogurt Stir MK Tikka Masala Sauce into creamy soups, seafood chowders or jambalaya for added zing. Season sour cream or plain yogurt to taste for a zesty dip. Add to Alfredo sauce or marinara sauce for an Indian inspired pasta dish. Sauté tofu strips and vegetable and add to MK Tikka Masala Sauce for a satisfying vegetarian entrée. Mix one cup of MK Tikka Masala Sauce with two cups of shredded cheddar cheese and cook in a double boiler to create a tangy, spicy dipping sauce for chips. Sauté shrimp and various colored peppers and add to MK Tikka Masala Sauce for a colorful seafood entrée to serve with rice. Mix with cheese and spread as a base sauce for pizzas. Add a few spoons of MK Tikka Masala Sauce to Cream of Mushroom soups to create flavorful gravy for meats. Packed 2 x 5 lb containers, thaw in refrigerator 1 day ahead

20 Curry Sauce (Vegan and Gluten Free) the most popular Indian sauce Combine ¾ cup Monsoon Kitchens (MK) Curry Sauce with ½ cup coconut milk for a mild flavored curry for seafood and chicken. Mix with mayonnaise or cream cheese for a dip or sandwich spread. Add to cold past salads for added flavor. Mix 2 Tbsp of MK Curry Sauce to one cup of Mayonnaise for making chicken or tuna salad. Mix one cup of MK Curry Sauce to one quart of chicken broth to make rice dishes such as Risotto or rice pilaf. Add one cup of MK Curry Sauce to one quart of any soup to get curried flavored soups. Stir- fry vegetables in MK Curry Sauce to get a tasty vegetarian dish to serve with rice. Toss grilled potatoes in MK Curry Sauce mixed with a touch of sour cream as a delicious accompaniment with grilled meats. Add nut powder and cream to MK Curry Sauce to make a rich Korma Sauce to bake Chicken breast in it. Mix with cheese, chopped pineapple and use as a base for tangy curried flavored pizzas. Packed 2 x 5 lb containers, thaw in refrigerator 1 day ahead

21 Vegetarian and Chicken Entrees and Side Dishes all gluten free Alu Chole -curried chick peas (vegan) Makhni Dal -creamy black lentils (vegan) Khatte Meethe Baigan -sour sweet eggplant (vegan) Masala Gobhi -cauliflower and potatoes (vegan) Palak Paneer –spinach with cheese (vegetarian with dairy) Mattar Paneer -peas,potatoes, cheese (vegetarian with dairy) Tarka Dal -creamy yellow lentils (vegan) Pao Bhaji -indian street curry served with rolls (vegan) ChickenEntrees: Vindaloo, Tikka Masala, Korma, Cilantro Curry, and Curry Thaw the night before. Transfer to hotel pans and cover. Heat 50-60 minutes in a preheated 350 degree Oven, stirring occassionally. May add water to adjust sauce consistency.

22 Alu Chole (vegan and gluten free) traditional dish with potatoes(alu) and garbanzo beans(chole) in a spicy onion tomato sauce Make chaat dish on top of smashed samosa, drizzle with yogurt and tamarind chutney Puree it slightly and serve as a dip with grilled flat bread. Puree it coarsely and use as a base for making vegetarian pizzas. Use as sauce for making vegetarian lasagnas. Use Alu Chole to make crostini and garnish with chopped cilantro. Mix chopped olives and sundried tomatoes and create an Indian inspired Panini filling. vegetarian wrap. Indian Sloppy Joes with hamburger buns,chopped onions and cilantro shrimp and garbanzo curry. Packed 4x 5 lb

23 Palak Paneer (vegetarian with dairy) Creamy spinach and Indian cheese-paneer Serve MK Palak Paneer with grilled meats Ladle MK Palak Paneer on a plate and serve grilled fish on top of it. Alternate sliced potatoes with MK Palak Paneer and top with grated white cheddar cheese to create and Indian inspired au gratin dish. Use it as a sauce for Pizza to make a Palak Paneer Pizza. Use it as a warm dip for bread sticks or grilled flat bread. Packed 4 x 5 lb

24 Khatte Meethe Baigan (Vegan and Gluten Free) Sour(khatte) Sweet(meethe) Eggplant(baigan) Puree MK Khatte Meethe Baigan and serve as gravy with grilled meats, chicken or sea food. Use it as pasta sauce or for making vegetarian lasagna. Top grilled eggplant slices with MK Khatte Meethe Baigan to create a tasty and attractive vegetarian dish. Sauté a piece of white fish and simmer in MK Khatte Meethe Baigan for a delicious fish and vegetable curry. Cook MK Khatte Meethe Baigan till sauce thickens and use it to make crostini with it. Packed 4 x 5 lb. containers

25 Cold Recipes Chopped Salad mix the following together: 5# ¾” diced tomatoes 5# ¾” diced cucumbers 2# sliced radishes 2# sliced red onions (rough cut) 1 bunch rough chopped cilantro Place mixed vegetables in plastic containers and hold for service in station. At service time, season each pan with 1/4c lime juice, 1T salt, 1T black pepper. Once dressed, this recipe cannot be reused the next day. Yogurt Raita Shred 2 medium cucumbers with grating blade in food processor Blend together 8 cups Yogurt, 2 T Monsoon Kitchens Raita Masala, and grated cucumbers This needs to be made fresh daily

26 Production Keys to Success Never reheat marinated chicken and serve as an entrée – chop and add to a chicken entrée Change all pans for hot food a minimum of every 2 hours. Never hold samosas or pakoras more than 1 hour Pulling product daily from the freezer and allow proper time to defrost in the refrigerator will prevent run outs on the serving line. The first heat up in the morning should consist of 2 entrée, 1 vegetarian entrée, and 1 side. Once hot, repeat the process for back up. Drain tomatoes and cucumbers before making chopped salad Always coat the basmati rice with oil before adding the water. Never reuse yogurt raita Never reheat basmati rice Polish copper pans regularly Check for proper signage before the start of any meal Clean warmer 1x per week with hot soap and water. Always wash the food processor by hand by the operator. It should never be brought to the pot room.

27 Receiving and Heating Suggestions Upon receiving entrees store in freezer. Entrees can be thawed the night before in the cooler. Remove entrees from the plastic trays into steel trays and heat in the oven at 350 degrees F until temperature of chicken reaches 165 degrees F and vegetarian entrees are completely heated. Experiment with the heating times and adjust for the variation in ovens in different kitchens. Best served with plain,white or brown Basmati Rice. Store in freezer until day before use Check boxes upon receipt for careful handling If boxes have been dropped bottoms of containers can crack If cracked when thawing, boxes will leak product

28 Monsoon Kitchens Contacts Swati Elavia, PhD, RD owner/founder 781-799-9723 622 Somerville Avenue Somerville, MA 02143 617-629-0157 fax 617-629-0160

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