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Ms. Kelly Rizzo, Principal Mrs. Lynda Wigood, Vice Principal.

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1 Ms. Kelly Rizzo, Principal Mrs. Lynda Wigood, Vice Principal


3 REGULAR DAILY TIMETABLE Entry Bell: 8:35 a.m. Period 1: 8:35 - 9:35 a.m. Period 2: 9:35 - 10:15 a.m. FIRST NUTRITION BREAK: 10:15 - 10:55 a.m. Period 3:10:55 - 11:45 a.m. Period 4:11:45-12:35 p.m. SECOND NUTRITION BREAK:12:35- 1:15 p.m. Period 5: 1:15 - 1:55 p.m. Period 6: 1:55- 2:55 p.m. Dismissal 2:55 p.m.

4 OUR KINDERGARTEN TEAM Mrs. ChaimovitzKCMrs. Rego, ECE Mrs. DoreKDMs. Conrad, ECE Mrs. Mackey KM Mrs. Mann-DaSilvaKMG Mrs. Corbin, ECE Mrs. Bowen

5 Guy Brown’s Primary Teaching Team Mrs. Ketchen Mrs. Knapman12CK Mrs. Olds12O Mrs. Crawford23C Mrs. Anderson3W Mme CosentinoF1C Mme LawsonF1L Mme MooreF1M Mme Van NieF2L Mme StickneyF2S Mme TannerF23T Mme ReynoldsF3R Mme DenommeeF34D Mme Philippe-DanielF34PD

6 Guy Brown’s Junior Teaching Team Ms. Yallop45Y Mlle ProtasF45P Mlle HamelinF56H Mr. Knapp56K Mrs. Heaver6H

7 Guy Brown’s Intermediate Teaching Team Mlle BlimkieF7B Mr. Dowson7D Ms. Cooper78C Mrs. Onodi8C

8 Mr. SkinnerMusic Mr. NealeP/J Physical Education Mr. HinchliffePhys. Ed Mr. RushArt and I.T. Mrs. MontgomeryLibrary Mrs. ByeLRT Mrs. KyteLRT Mme GriffithsCore French Mrs. BowenCoverage

9 Mrs. CullenOffice Administrator Mrs. LewisOffice Administrator Assistant Ms. RizzoPrincipal Mrs. Wigood Vice Principal

10 Mrs. RobertsonEducational Assistant Mrs. C. WrightEducational Assistant Mrs. WilcoxSight CARETAKING TEAM Mrs. Powell Mr. Cruz Mrs. Linkert Mr. Rombeiro

11 ANNOUNCEMENTS It’s Friday November 28, 2014 Day 1

12 The Peer Mediators on duty today are: Samantha and Chloe at first break, and Kayleigh, Abigail, Reannen and Rylinn at second break.

13 Part two of the babysitter training course takes place on the stage this morning following our assembly. Students, please be sure you have a pencil and your lunch when you report to the stage. Staff, a reminder the stage is unavailable until 11:45 a.m. today. Today is cursive writing club at first break in the library.

14 Have you been counting your toonies? It’s time for a Fro-Yo fundraiser. Me to We and More is holding a frozen yogurt sale day to raise money and help ensure each student at Cathy Wever School receives a new book. Frozen Yogurt is $2 and will be sold at 1st and 2nd Nutrition breaks Friday December 5th. Thank you to the many families who have already donated to our Angel Tree, and food drive!

15 Our Lost & Found is piling up with clothing items! Please be sure to take a look through the lost and found and pick up your things! Any items left at the end of the month will be donated! Remember to put your name on anything you wear so we can return it to you!

16 Mrs. Onodi’s girls dance group please meet in room 204 during first break. The mixed dance group, boys only, please meet in the amphitheatre during second break.

17 Concert Band Trumpets are reminded of their Sectional during 1st Nutrition Break today. Any students in Grades 4 - 8 that play Trumpet are invited to come to the Music Room during 2nd Nutrition Break to practice or get extra help.

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