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Presents: Top 10 trends for 2014 delay. Top 10 trends for 2014 1. Waste not want not 2. You can trust us 3. Simpler pleasures 4. Look out for the small.

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1 Presents: Top 10 trends for 2014 delay

2 Top 10 trends for 2014 1. Waste not want not 2. You can trust us 3. Simpler pleasures 4. Look out for the small guy 5. Health is more holistic 6. “New” superfoods 7. Rise of the hybrid 8. The protein horizon 9. New stealth strategies 10. Alternative alternatives delay

3 Trend 1: Waste not want not delay

4 Waste not want not The development of secondary markets for the reuse of food and by-product recycling with energy recovery will become the norm. Transit and packaging innovation will come to the fore to keep food fresher for longer, along with smaller pack availability. Waste “footprints” could become the next environmental measure for both big and small companies. Patent and scientific article publications tracked with “food waste” and “food loss” has increased significantly in the last years. delay 30.8% 31.1% CAGR 2008 to 2012 Food waste related patents and abstracts tracked

5 Packaging is the key player in waste reduction UK: McLelland Seriously Strong Grated Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese UK: Fresh Milk & Real Fruit Strawberry & Blackberry Canada: Santa Cruz Organic Raspberry Lemonade. Single servesFreezableRecycling more “Single serve packs for no waste.” “Frumoo can even be frozen beforehand, reducing waste and keeping the lunchbox cold.” “Santa Cruz Organic recycle more than 95% of their waste – an award winning achievement.” delay

6 Trend 2: You can trust us delay

7 You can trust us Ingredient origin claims will move to the front-of-pack and be more prominent. The use of tracking codes or QR codes on packaging to view where ingredients are sourced from will be more readily applied. Hormone free, GMO free and similar claims will be sought out by consumers. Niches for super premium ingredients or products may evolve to meet the demands of more skeptical and discerning consumers. Source: The GuardianSource: BBC News delay

8 How transparancy is displayed to gain trust Hongkong: Babynat Organic Apple & Blueberry Puree for Babies Canada: Schneiders Country Naturals Maple Syrup Countryside Pork Sausage France: Letal Du Boucher 10 Haches Au Boeuf: 10 Beef Burgers TraceabilityNo antibioticsOrigin of the beef Full traceability of ingredients. Pork raised without antibiotics. Beef origin: France delay

9 Trend 3: Simpler pleasures delay

10 Simpler pleasures Consumers are reassessing their needs and going back to basics. They are finding more pleasure in simpler food. There has been a shift towards home cooking, with food bringing family and friends together. There is growth on the budget and premium sides, but the center ground being squeezed. Value packaging and “good value” claims on the products themselves and in-store value promotions are prospering. delay

11 Examples of simple pleasures Netherlands: AH Basic Milk chocolateFrance: Prepat Pate Toute Prete Moelleux Au Chocolat: Chocolate Cake Paste UK: Tesco Finest Restaurant Collection Coq Au Vin Rebranding private labelReady to bakeFinest ingredients Rebranding of the private label brand with more attractive packaging. Ready prepared paste for a sweet chocolate cake. Tesco has recently relaunched its Finest line. delay

12 Trend 4: Look out for the small guy delay

13 Look out for the small guy Big companies will be increasingly looking to smaller companies for product innovation ideas. Craft-inspired or handmade snacks, biscuits and beverages will be the “small guy” categories with the most potential to impact future trends. New ingredients, concepts and preparation methods for more health benefits will emerge. Flavor authenticity, innovation or in some cases flavor novelty will be a strong driver for new product development. Although total US beer consumption is decreasing, craft beer is gaining popularity. The 52% increase in craft beer sales from 2007 to 2011 indicates that mainstream beer is also losing share to crafted beers. CAGR = 12% Source: Brewers Association delay

14 Small companies, big ideas UK: Vegesentials Beetroot, Kiwi & Carrot Smoothie UK: Blooms Favourite Recipe Hot and Smokey Pop Corn Netherlands: Justnuts Pineapple & Cashew Bar Authentically pan-popped maize. Proudly made in Britain by hand in the old-fashioned way. Happy honest treat. Nice and healthy. Organic. AuthenticOrganic & healthy An important marketing strategy for the success of small companies is a fun or inspiring personal story of how they came up with their product idea. It establishes the brand as small and honest and creates an emotional connection to the consumer. delay New healthy concept: ½ veg & ½ fruit

15 Trend 5: Health is more holistic delay

16 More body, mind and spiritual connections will be made with particular ingredients. Health-giving, natural extracts full of rejuvenating medicinal properties will be applied in food and beverages, where possible. Vitamins & minerals promotion will continue to be a strong claims focus. Traditional medicine alternatives will be further explored, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Health is more holistic Product launches tracked with vitamin/ mineral fortification was up 52% from 2012-H1 to 2013-H1. +52% delay 2012 – H1 = Index 100

17 Fortified – naturally healthy – traditional medicine Belgium: Delhaize Superfruit Grape, Acerola, Raspberry Strawberry Juice UK: Braham & Murray Good Sweet Cinnamon Hemp Seed Germany: Aalenaa Hari Crunch Organic Crunchy Muesli Open Up Vitamin fortificationNaturally healthyTraditional medicine High in vitamin C Naturally rich in omega 3 and protein All the ingredients for Hari Crunch Cereal derived from controlled biological cultivation, after an Ayurvedic formulation (Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest medicines). delay

18 Trend 6: “New” superfoods delay

19 Regulatory pressure is leading to an increased focus on fruits and vegetables, due to the global obesity epidemic. Previously forgotten vegetables and alternative grains will be applied in a wide range of products to convey more old fashioned health and nutrition. Marketing fruit & vegetables’ natural health attributes as far as vitamins and minerals are concerned will become more pronounced. “New” superfoods A blast from the past: the new superfoods: parsnips, artichokes, kale, salsify, freekeh and chia are being tracked in more and more products. delay

20 Interesting formats for new superfoods France: Trachealth Simple Super Seeds Chia Superfoods Drink Blend Malaysia: Tuckers Natural Multifibre Rosemary and Rock Salt Crackers United Kingdom: Inspiral Raw Wasabi Wheatgrass Kale Chips Rosemary & rock salt crackers are partly made from cracked green wheat freekeh. A delicious raw food snack made of kale and wasabi and raw superfoods like wheatgrass. ChiaFreekehKale as a snack Blend of chia, spirulina, chlorella, fruits, ginger, curcumin, wheat grass, omega 3s, fiber, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. delay

21 Trend 7: Rise of the hybrid delay

22 Rise of the hybrid Well-known brands will venture into previously unconsidered categories. Cross-branding will become more prevalent to capitalize on brands’ popularity and as a means to further reinforce brands in the consumer mindset. New flavors, textures and delivery methods will continue to excite from an innovation perspective. Limited edition innovation should increase as companies test the market to see if new concepts are worth pursuing. delay

23 Hybrid product examples Japan: Fritolay cola flavored corn snacks United Kingdom: StarbucksGermany: Dr. Oetker Pizzaburger Speciale Pepsi cola flavored Fritolay corn snacks. Pepsi cola flavored Fritolay corn snacks. A delicious doughnut/muffin fusion. Crunchy bread rolls with a juicy pizza topping inside. New flavorCombination of 2 traditional concepts delay

24 Trend 8: The protein horizon delay

25 The protein horizon The addition of protein sends subliminal weight management messaging due to its satiety attributes. This marketing platform will continue to offer added value. More male specific marketing will emerge for mainstream protein products. Vegetable protein ingredient development will continue to flourish, in order to become available to a wider range of consumers. Globally, a sharp rise in product launches tracked with protein claims has been reported. delay 2010 = Index 100

26 For men, weight management and snacking US: Powerful Yogurt Plain Germany: Body attack protein pancake with stevia. US: Rickland Orchards Greek on the go Greek yogurt coated mixed berry acai granola bites. Suitable for individuals with high protein requirements (e.g. diet-conscious and athletes). Mixed berry acai flavored granola bites with Greek yogurt coating. Yogurt for menWeight managementGreek yogurt as a healthy snack The first yogurt for men. Excellent source of protein. delay

27 Trend 9: New stealth strategies delay

28 New stealth strategies The fat, sugar and salt content of products will continue to decrease, but most manufacturers will choose to not actively market this. The US demonization of trans fats will lead to the disappearance of partially hydrogenated fats altogether. Industry pledges will continue to evolve. Some companies will set their own targets in order to gain the perception of being socially responsible. delay 2009 = Index 100 Manufacturers are flying under the radar with stealth reduction. For example, US companies are reducing the sodium content of savory snacks like crackers. It is happening, albeit quietly.

29 Stealth reduction: sodium and sugar Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce Sodium reduction Kraft Original BBQ sauce has reduced its sodium content by 40% since 2005. This reformulation was achieved through the use of ingredients: natural hickory smoke flavor, dried garlic and dried onions. delay Now: Heinz Tomato Ketchup: 23.5g sugar 2005: Heinz Tomato Ketchup: 25.7g sugar The Heinz classic Ketchup was tracked with 8.5% less sugar in the most recent product launch tracked. Stealth: -8.5% Sugar reduction

30 Trend 10: Alternative alternatives delay

31 Alternative alternatives Consumers are expecting more choice to the dairy alternative mainstay soy. New product categories such as kogurt (coconut milk yogurt) have emerged. This will continue as a result of on-going “free from” new product development. Nut and grain milks satisfy other health trends such as “The protein horizon” and “New superfoods.” As gluten free options continue to expand, so too are the possibilities for wheat replacement. Improvements are being made in texture and taste. The number of tracked almond drink product launches has more than doubled from 2010 to 2012. delay 2010 = Index 100

32 Alternative products accross different categories US: Enjoy Life Cherry Cobbler Decadent Soft Baked bars US: Suja Vanilla Cloud: Coconut Almond Drink US: Amy’s Dairy Free Rice Crust Cheeze Pizza Free of multiple allergensSoy milk alternativeGluten free pizza Free of 8 most common allergens. Dairy free. Nut free. Soy free. Wheat free. Tree nut free. Egg free. Fish free. Shellfish free. Gluten free. Dairy, soy and gluten free. Dairy free and gluten free pizza made with organic rice flour. delay


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