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What ingredients do we need? yogurt blender milkbanana.

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5 What ingredients do we need? yogurt blender milkbanana

6 Peel the bananas. Cut up the bananas. Put the bananas and yogurt into the blender. How to make a banana smoothie?

7 Pour the milk into the blender. Turn on the blender. Drink the milk shake.

8 ___Turn on the blender. ___Cut up the bananas. ___Drink the milk shake. ___Pour the milk into the blender. ___ Put the bananas and yogurt into the blender. ___Peel the bananas. 3 4 6 2 5 1 Listen and put them into the right order

9 first, next, then, finally First,peel the bananas. Next,cut up the bananas. Next,put the bananas and yogurt into the blender. Next,pour the milk into the blender. Then,turn on the blender. Finally,drink the milk shake.

10 yogurt Ingredients milk honey --- How much milk do we need? --- We need some milk /a little milk/ much milk / a glass of milk / a teaspoon of milk

11 --- How many bananas do we need? --- We need a banana / two bananas/ some bananas/ many bananas. blender banana, strawberry, orange watermelon apple



14 Let’s make fruit salad

15 Ingredients How much How many

16 Ingredients How much How many yogurt bananas honey watermelons apples, oranges

17 Write the name of the ingredient next to the correct amount. Amount one cup two one two teaspoons three Ingredient yogurt apples watermelon and orange honey bananas

18 A: Let’s make fruit salad. B: Ok, good idea. How much cinnamon do we need? A: One teaspoon. B: And how many apples do we need? A: Let me think… We need two apples. B: OK, how much…


20 你知道 Sandwich (三明治)这个单词的来历吗? 三明治是一种方便食品,即在两片面包中加上一些肉和蔬菜。它的发明者 就是 Sandwich 先生。据说 Sandwich 先生非常爱打牌。他常常因为打牌而顾 不上吃饭。有一次他和他的朋友打了很长时间的牌。他们饿了,但是又不愿 意停下来。于是 Sandwich 先生就叫人拿来一些面包 (bread) 、肉 (flesh) 和 蔬菜 (vegetable) 。他把肉和菜夹在两片面包中间。这样他即可以边吃边继 续打牌,又不会因为手上有油而弄脏牌。他的朋友们很快学会了他的这种吃 法。以 Sandwich 先生名字命名的三明治( sandwich )也就慢慢流传了开来, 现在三明治已成为风靡世界的快餐食品 (snack) 。三明治之王是用美国切片 面包做的 “ 沙拉三明治 ” 。如果是用圆面包做的,在西海岸叫做 “ 潜水艇 ” 或 “ 鱼 雷 ” ,而在东海岸叫做 “ 旋翼直升机 ” 或 “ 英雄 ” 。

21 1b Pairwork Look at activity 1a. Take turns asking your partner what he or she likes in sandwiches. A: Do you like lettuce in sandwiches? B: Yes, I do. A: do you like tomatoes? B: No, I don’t.

22 butter 2a Look at activity 1a. Listen and circle the words that you hear.

23 2b Listen again and write the ingredients in the order you hear them. FirstNextThenFinally butter turkey tomatoes onion slice of bread relish lettuce

24 3a Read the recipe. Write the ingredients under “Vegetables”, “Meat”, and “Others” in the chart below. Super Chicken Sandwich First, put the butter on a slice of bread. Then cut up an onion and a tomato. Add these to the sandwich. Next, put some lettuce and the chicken slices on the sandwich. Put the relish on the chicken. Finally, put another slice of bread on the top. Ingredients: 2 slice of bread 1 teaspoon of butter 1 onion (cut up) 1 tomato (cut up) lettuce 3 slice of chicken 2 teaspoons of relish

25 VegetablesMeatOthers tomato onion lettuce chicken slices bread butter relish

26 3b Fill in the following recipe with words from the box. Turkey finally butter tomato then put Here’s a recipe for a great turkey sandwich! First mustard on two slices of bread. cut up one. Put the tomato on the bread. Next, add two slices of. put two teaspoons of on the turkey. put Thentomato turkey Finally butter

27 以下菜名可供老师们在探究活动中参考,根据学 生的基础,可选用一部分,来扩大学生的词汇量。 Chinese Food smoked fish ( 熏鱼 ) crisp chicken ( 香酥鸡 ) Beijing roast duck ( 北京烤鸭 ) sweet and sour fish ( 糖醋鱼 ) steamed fish ( 清蒸鱼 ) instant boiled mutton ( 涮羊肉 ) pork steamed with rice flour ( 米粉肉 ) home-style bean-curd ( 家常豆腐 ) Chinese cabbage with dried shrimps ( 海米白菜 ) braised bamboo shots and mushrooms ( 烧两冬 ) stir-fried green beans ( 干煸四季豆 ) bean-curd soup ( 豆腐汤 ) meatball soup ( 汆丸子 )

28 Western Food pork / lamp chop ( 猪 / 羊排骨 ) beef steak ( 牛排 ) roast beef ( 烤牛肉 ) fried fish ( 煎鱼 ) pickled cucumber ( 酸黄瓜 ) sardine ( 沙丁鱼 ) ham salad ( 火腿色拉 ) vegetable salad ( 蔬菜色拉 ) pudding ( 布丁 ) sandwiches ( 三明治 ) hamburger ( 汉堡 ) apple pie ( 苹果派 ) cream cake ( 奶油蛋糕 ) fruit jelly ( 果冻 )

29 Encourage the students to write the instructions. Here is an example: Instant boiled mutton First, cut the mutton into pieces. Then put them into boiling water. Take them out within half a minute. The cooked (ready) pieces of mutton are dipped into condiments to eat with cabbage and noodles made from bean starch.

30 3c Pairwork Write a recipe for your favorite sandwich or another favorite food. Read your recipe to a partner. A Christmas cake Ingredients: 500g flour, 200g sugar, 200g butter, 200g mixed fruit, 500 克面粉, 200 克砂糖, 200 克奶油, 200 克什锦水果, 2 cups of milk, 3 eggs, 200g orange juice, 2 teaspoons of baking soda 两茶匙苏打粉

31 Instruction: 烹饪方法 Beat the eggs, mix flour, butter and sugars. Put fruit, 将鸡蛋打散,与面粉、奶油和砂糖混合在一起搅匀,倒入 milk, orange juice and baking soda into them and mix 什锦水果、牛奶、橙汁和苏打粉,将它们揉成一个面团。 well into a dough. Put the dough in the oven and 将面团放入烤炉烘制一个小时, bake for one hour. Then the cake is done! 圣诞蛋糕就做好了。

32 Self check: Fill in the blanks with the words given. 1. I need some help. Can you the tomatoes, please? 2. Next you need to everything into a blender. 3. Then hot water into the blender. 4. Add some cinnamon and the ingredients. 5. the blender for about two minutes. cut up put pour mix up Turn on

33 2 What is the correct way to eat Beijing duck? Look at the pictures for ideas and then write instructions. Instructions: First, check you have all the ingredients. You need green onion, scallion, relish, sauce, roast duck and pancakes. Next, put some relish and sauce on one pancake. Then put one slice of duck on the relish and sauce. Finally add some scallion on the top, and roll pancakes. Now you can enjoy it. scallion 葱,韭菜 roast duck 烤鸭




37 Instructions for making a banana milk shake First, peel three bananas and cut them up. Next, put the bananas and yogurt into the blender. Then, pour the milk into the blender. Then, turn on the blender. Finally, drink the milk shake.

38 Task One: How to make fruit salad?

39 yogurthoney salad cream

40 Instructions for making fruit salad First, cup up the bananas, three apples and a watermelon. Next, put the fruit in a bowl. Then, put in two teaspoons of salad cream and a cup of yogurt. Finally, mix it all up.

41 Task Two: How to make popcorn?

42 Popcorn popper popcorn salt Enjoy the popcorn! sugar

43 Instructions for making popcorn First, put the popcorn into the popcorn popper. Next turn on the popper. Then pour the popcorn in a bowl. Then put in some salt / sugar (if you have a sweet tooth!) Finally, you can enjoy the popcorn!

44 Task Three: How to make a pizza?

45 tomato saucecheese crust

46 Instructions for making a pizza First, put some potato source on the crust. Next, put some cheese on the potato source. Then cut up the peppers and mushrooms and put them on the pizza. Finally put the pizza in the oven.

47 Task Four: How to make a sandwich?

48 lettuce relish chicken slices onion mayonnaisebread slices





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