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Unit: Nutrients Nutrient: Calcium. Calcium: Make No Bones About It.

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1 Unit: Nutrients Nutrient: Calcium

2 Calcium: Make No Bones About It

3 Calcium: How much do we need?  Children 6-10 years………………..800-1,200 mg  Teens and young adults………….1,200- 1,500 mg  Adults…………………………………….1,000 mg

4 Food for thought question with food prize What food group is the major source of calcium?

5 Dairy group is the food group which provides the major source of calcium

6 Food Sources  1 ½ oz. swiss cheese  10 oz. milk shake  1 c. low fat yogurt  1 c. 2% milk  3 oz. can salmon  ½ c. broccoli, cooked  Put the foods in order as to how much calcium you think is in each

7 Food Sources  1 ½ oz. swiss cheese  10 oz. milk shake  1 c. low fat yogurt  1 c. 2% milk  3 oz. can salmon  ½ c. broccoli, cooked  408 mg.  319 mg.  314 mg.  297 mg.  203 mg.  36 mg.

8 How much Calcium is in your bones?  See the demonstration bags prepared by the teacher. Each bag will display the amount of calcium in the skeleton of a specific age group.

9 Calcium in each age group  Flour represents calcium  Newborn- 1/4c. Flour  10 year old- 3 ½ c. flour  15 year old- 7 c. flour  Adult- 11 c. flour  Woman with osteoporosis (30% - 40% bone loss)- 6 ½ c. flour

10 Food for thought question with food prize What vitamin helps the body absorb calcium?

11 Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium

12 Activity: Rank these foods On the next slide will be a list of foods, return to your lab groups and rank the foods low to high in calcium.

13 Foods to Rank  Macaroni and cheese  Salmon  Baked beans  Spinach  Frozen yogurt  orange

14 Answers to ranking of food  Baked beans- 30mg.  Orange- 50 mg.  Macaroni and cheese- 100 mg.  Frozen yogurt- 110 mg.  Spinach- 130 mg.  Salmon- 283 mg.

15 75% of the calcium in your diet comes from the dairy group

16 The average teen female only gets 68% of the recommended calcium.

17 Which food group comes in second in providing the most calcium?

18 Meat group- 9%

19 Food for thought question with food prize What is special about the number 206?

20 The number 206 is the number of bones in your body.

21 Bone Growth- birth- 20 years Bones form and get longer

22 Bones 20-35 years The calcium fills in the bones to help protect them

23 No matter what you age- You never out grow the need for calcium.

24 Food for thought question with food prize What bone crippling disease does a lack of calcium contribute to?

25 Calcium has the potential to prevent…  Osteoporosis  Hypertension  Colon cancer  Kidney stones

26 Calcium contributes to a variety of life sustaining processes  Bone mineralization  Blood clotting  Muscle contraction  Even heart beating  Nerve cell transmissions  Preserves bone mass in people over 60

27 Osteoporosis  Affects 25 million adults  Most likely in women and older adults  Healthy diet may reduce risk up to 50%  By age 18 we have 95% of our bone mass  By age 45-50 we begin to loose bone mass

28 Osteoporosis This is considered a silent disease due to the fact that often no one knows that they have it until they have a bone fracture.

29 Early warning Signs for Osteoporosis  Receding gums  Decrease grip strength  Weak and brittle fingernails  Cramps, muscle aches, and bone pain  Height loss  Overall low fitness

30 Hypertension High blood pressure

31 Hypertension affects 1 in 4 adults

32 Symptoms of Hypertension  Severe headache  Fatigue or confusion  Vision problems  Chest pain  Difficulty breathing  Irregular heartbeat  Blood in the urine  Pounding in your chest, neck, or ears

33 Eating cereal with milk in the morning and a slice of cheese on a sandwich at lunch may reduce the chance of hypertension?

34 True Hypertension is high blood pressure

35 Checklist: Are you at risk for bone disease? On your own paper keep track of how many times you answer yes to the questions read by the teacher. (teacher read from your notes the list)

36 Delicious Ways to Get More Calcium  Add cheese to the hamburger  Top a baked potato or taco with cheese  Add cheese to your salad  Use milk instead of water in some of your recipes  Make calcium rich foods your snack  Enjoy a hot cocoa or latte

37 Group Activity The teacher will assign you a task of suggesting ways to boost calcium to your diet in different situations. Your group will have three minutes to brainstorm your answers. You will then share your answers.

38 Calorie Boost Situations Assignments  Breakfast  On the run  Eating out  At school before a sporting practice  Lunch / dinner  Calcium rich birthday party

39 Bones Acrostic Poem  B – Build bones and teeth with plenty of calcium.  O – Osteoporosis is a disease where bones become weak  N – Needed daily, for nerve function, muscle contraction and blood clotting.  E – Enjoy weight-bearing activities such as walking, jogging  or dancing to strengthen bones  S – Strong bones and teeth need calcium, even when you are an adult

40 Extra Credit  List five foods that are fad foods and find out the amount of calcium in mg. for each  List your food intake for a one day period of time and determine your calcium intake for the day in mg.  You will have until the end of the week to provide this information for extra credit

41 Mystery Food  Fermented  Easier to digest than milk  Contributes to colon health  Boost your immunity level  Adds bacteria to your diet  Is an excellent source of protein

42 The answer is Yogurt Today we will try some.

43 Camembert  Soft and creamy cheese  Cows milk  France  Ripens for 3 weeks  Soldiers in WWI were issued this cheese  First appeared in 1791  White rind

44 Formaggio  Originated in 1925  First produced in Italy

45 Great Midwest Habanero Jack  Smooth texture  Easy to melt  Cow milk

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