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The Challenger Series For the More Advanced Learner.

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3 The Challenger Series For the More Advanced Learner

4 Book NumberGrade LevelType 11 - 2Fiction 22 - 3Non-fiction 33 - 4.5Fiction 44.5 - 5.5Non-fiction 55.5 - 6.5Fiction 6 - 86.5 - 9Non-fiction

5 The Beginning Laubach Student Needs to start at the beginning Has low self-esteem Needs a great deal of direction from tutor Missed a lot of school Uncomfortable in a group

6 The Beginning Challenger Student Identifies name and sound of each letter Functions at a grade 2 reading level Works independently Needs review and reinforcement Is responsible for own learning

7  The Challenger Series uses phonics principles In these words, the c makes a k sound. This is called a hard c. camp coach curb carry coast curl In these words, the c makes an s sound. This is called a soft c. cell city dance cellar cigar chance In these words, the g is like the g in gas. This is called a hard g. guess begin bag guest began flag In these words, the g makes a j sound. This is called a soft g. germ range gin strange Note the sound for dge in these words. badge bridge dodge fudge

8  The Challenger Series uses high interest stories Words for Study bigwigswool early floated shaved wax queen hangover Wigs Have you ever heard a very important person called a big wig? This term dates back to at least 4000 B.C. At that time, both men and women in Egypt shaved their heads and wore wigs. The bigger the wig was, the more important the person was. One of the reasons that wigs were worn in Egypt was so people could keep their heads clean and free from lice. The wigs were made of many things such as wool, animal hair, and even gold. People used bee’s wax to make the wigs stick to their heads. It was not just the people in Egypt who liked to wear wigs. In 1624, when the king of France began to lose his hair at a very early age, he got everybody to wear wigs. Under Queen Anne of England, who ruled from 1702 to 1714, wigs grew to their biggest shapes. They covered people’s backs and floated down over their chests.

9  The Challenger Series has interesting writing and comprehension exercises About the Reading. Answer these questions. 1. In which state did the gold rush happen? ____________________________________________ 2. On what man’s land was the gold first found? _________________________________________ 3. In what year did the real gold rush begin? ____________________________________________ 4. What were the men called who came to California to strike it rich? _________________________ 5. Why would men pay a dollar just to stare at a pair of women’s boots? ______________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ What do you think? 6. If you had been living in 1849, would you have rushed to California to find gold? Explain your answer. ______________________________________________________________________________

10  The Challenger Series has structured drill exercises that help students gain basic skills Words that Sound the Same. Put the right word on each line. read and red 1. Dick sat in his _________ armchair and ________ his book until his wife came home from the meeting. sea and see 2. The people ran for the seats on the top deck, so they could ________ the ________ better. weak and week 3. Jill was still so ________ that she took another ________ off from work to rest. bare and bear 4. When the hunters returned to camp, they knew that a ________ had been there because the food chest was _________. way and weigh 5. “By the ________,” said Eddie, “did you remember to ________ yourself today? brake and break 6. “It will ________ Nick’s heart when he hears that one ________ on his brand new bike doesn’t work at all,” said his sister.

11  The Challenger Series helps your student develop new vocabulary Match the words that mean the same thing. handy_______________ 1. all wet shout_______________ 2. yell dead_______________ 3. useful hurt_______________ 4. not living soaked_______________ 5. cut Match the words that are opposite in meaning. day_______________ 1. neat messy_______________ 2. harmful take_______________ 3. stop harmless_______________ 4. night start_______________ 5. give

12  The Challenger Series teaches your student new expressions Write the letter of the best answer on the line. ____________________ 1. Which of these sayings would a cop or robber be likely to use? (a) “Hands down.”(c) “Hands up.” (b) “Hands off.”(d) “Join hands.” ____________________ 2. Which of these sayings would a selfish person be likely to use? (a) “Hands off.”(c) “Join hands.” (b) “In hand.”(d) “Out of hand.” ____________________ 3. Which of these sayings describes a busy person? (a) “force one’s hand”(c) “not lift a hand” (b) “have one’s hands full” (d) “turn one’s hand to” ____________________ 4. If something “gets out of hand”, it’s _______________. (a) no longer in control(c) on the floor (b) no longer owned by you(d) taken over by machines

13  The Challenger Series teaches your student reasoning skills Which Word Fits Best? Choose the right word from the four choices and put it on the line. 1. Bark is to dog as _______________ is to bird. (a) branch (b) chirp (c) nest (d) wing 2. Belt is to waist as scarf is to _______________. (a) cloth (b) coat (c) neck (d) wrap 3. Dill pickle is to sour as ________________ is to sweet. (a) coffeecake (b) grapefruit (c) spaghetti (d) plain yogurt 4. Reveal is to hide as respect is to _______________. (a) hidden (b) look down upon (c) look up to (d) love 5. Wade is to water as hike is to _______________. (a) boots (b) land (c) march (d) trudge

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