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Dream hotel/ Hotel from Hell TN2 U3 writing practice.

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1 Dream hotel/ Hotel from Hell TN2 U3 writing practice



4 Tammy –Hotel From Hell A A hotel call Darkness is not a real hotel. You can’t see that, but you can go there in your dream. But before you go into, you had better prepare some things, like a flashlight. Darkness is very weird. You almost can’t see any light. Maybe you’ll lose your way in this big hotel. There are one thousand rooms and ten floors. It includes one hundred single rooms with twin beds, ninety double rooms with queen- size beds, and many luxurious suite. There are also many services offered in this hotel.

5 Tammy –Hotel From Hell B If you need extra towels or hangers, you will see an elf bring up them for you. I you want somebody to make up your room or turn down your bed, there will be a monster doing that for you. They are all scary because they are from the hell. How do they get to Darkness? Shuttle! There is a hell shuttle. It is so weird, isn’t it? What does Darkness look like? That is a big building with a fire road, dark red light, and a strange lobby.

6 Tammy –Hotel From Hell C There is a skull mountain next to the front desk in the lobby, and you will see a bellman who is a ghost. They take out the red carpet and put up the nail road. So it is very difficult to arrive your room. If you are a scardy-cat, you had better not go there. Are you a daredevil? If you are, you will like there. It is always exciting. You will see mummies, vampires, death. You will have a lot of fun in Darkness.

7 Sharon- A perfect hotel A Have you ever lived in Sharon Hotel before? You had better visit there once in your life! That’s a dream hotel for everybody. First, when you come into the lobby, you can see a golden statue if Sharon Piggy, who was the owner of the hotel. Behind the statue, there is a front desk with hundreds of bellmen. So you won’t wait for a long time when you check in anymore.

8 Sharon- A perfect hotel A After you check in, go into your room and take an enjoyable bath! Use the marble bath tub in your own room, and watch TV in the bathroom during your bath. You can also call for room services. We have steak, chicken bowl, curry rice, omelet, yogurt salad and juice. And the price is low. Next morning, I suggest you to climb Sharon Mountain near the hotel. There are many kinds of trees, flowers and bugs. It’s interesting. Sharon Hotel is a perfect hotel. The price is nice and it has high quality. Come and relax.

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