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The Snack Food Industry

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1 The Snack Food Industry
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2 What Exactly is Snack Food?
Definition: a small quantity of food; light meal or refreshment taken between regular meals. To be defined as a snack, the food generally has 300 calories or less per serving, anything more is considered a meal. Examples: pretzels, tortilla chips, cookies, cheese snacks, crackers etc.

3 The Snack Food Association
International trade association of the snack food industry. Represents snack manufacturers and suppliers Represents over 400 companies worldwide

4 Snack Food Association (cont.)
Founded in 1937 Mission Statement: “To provide value for SFA members by offering services and relationship building forums that strengthen the performance of member companies and support industry growth.” The voice of the snack food industry before government Provides technical support to its members Researches and compiles annual snack industry sales and consumer data.

5 National Snack Food Month
Takes place in Febuary Sponsered by SFA Invented to increase consumption of snack food products Begins with Super Bowl Sunday so that it is easier promoted

6 Top Snack Food Companies
The Hershey Company J & J Snack Foods Corp. Kellogg Company Kraft Foods Inc. Newman's Own, Inc. The Peanut Roaster, Inc. PepsiCo, Inc. (Owns Frito-Lay) The Procter & Gamble Company

7 Unhealthy Snack Foods and Why
Icecream=high in fat, additives, and preservatives Fried chips=depending on the oil, can have high amounts of saturated and trans-fats Popcorn (depends)=depending on the amount of salt and butter, popcorn can either be an unhealthy or acceptable snack. Store-bought party mixes= the often have an excess amount of sodium (salt), and flavored ones have excess calories.

8 Healthy Snack Alternatives
Fruits/Vegetables Low-Fat Yogurt Pretzels with low amounts of salt Popcorn with low amounts of butter or salt Whole-wheat crackers

9 Global Market Share

10 Conclusion The Snack Food Industry is growing at a substantial rate and provides many people with much needed jobs. Although the industry is often shown in a bad light for its production and manufacturing of unhealthy snack foods like chips and cheese snacks, it is also taking great strides in attempting to make the snacks healthier by placing guidelines for the fast food companies. Companies like frito-lay are starting to embrace the baked chip and low-calorie, low-fat, and low-sodium snacks are being provided by other such companies

11 Sources %2Fsnack

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