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Unit 7 How do you make a banana milk shake? watermelon mangoes.

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2 Unit 7 How do you make a banana milk shake?

3 watermelon mangoes

4 shakeWhat kind of the strawberry shake mango shake apple shake

5 banana milk shake What do we need to make a banana milk shake?

6 yogurt blender milk ingredients

7 How to make a banana milk shake? peelcut up put … into … turn on drink pour …into...

8 peel cut up put pour turn on drink

9 __ Turn on the blender. __ Cut up the bananas. __ Drink the milk shake. __ Pour the milk into the blender. __ Put the bananas and ice cream into the blender. __ Peel three bananas. 1 2 3 4 5 6 1b Listen and put the instructions in the correct order.

10 First,peel the bananas. Next,cut up the bananas. Next,put the bananas and yogurt into the blender. Next,pour the milk into the blender. Then,turn on the blender. Finally,drink the smoothie. first, next, then, finally

11 How do you make an apple/…milk shake?

12 teaspoonsknifeknives forks glassescup

13 Maria and Katie are making fruit salad

14 watermelons apples honey oranges 2a Write the names of the ingredients under how much or how many in the chart below. Ingredients How much?How many? yogurtbananas

15 Listen and write the name of the ingredient in the chart below. Amount Ingredient one cup two one two teaspoons one teaspoon three 2b yogurt apples honey cinnamon bananas watermelon and orange

16 Let’s make our own fruit salad

17 To make a fruit salad, what do you need?

18 A: Let’s make fruit salad. B: Ok, good idea. How much yogurt do we need? A: One cup. B: And how many apples do we need? A: Let me think… We need two apples. B: Ok, and how much… The ingredients needed for fruit salad

19 1.Cut up three bananas,three apples and a watermelon. 2. Put the fruit in a bowl. 3. Put in two teaspoons of honey and a cup of yogurt. 4. Mix it all up. How do you make a fruit salad?

20 finally then next first A: How do you make fruit salad? B: ________ cut up three bananas,three apples and a watermelon. _________put the fruit in a bowl. ________ put in two teaspoons of honey and a cup of yogurt. _______ mix it all up. First Next Then Finally 3a

21 A: How do you make a vegetable salad? B: First… Next… Then… Finally…

22 Write a passage about how to make a kind of vegetable salad Homework

23 Chant with the actions Peel,peel,peel the banana. Cut,cut,cut up the banana. Pour,pour,pour the milk. Turn,turn,turn on the blender. Period 2

24 What salad do you like to make ? How do you make it?

25 Make popcorn popcorn popper salt A: First, put the corn into the popcorn popper. Next, turn on the popper. B: Next, pour the popcorn into the bowl. A: Then put the salt on the popcorn. B:Finally, eat the popcorn.

26 Can you make noodles with beef and tomatoes? First, Next, Then, Finally, cut up the tomatoes and beef boil the noodles add the ingredients to the noodles. add salt to the noodles

27 Recipe game

28 Write: How to make your favorite noodles after school. Homework:

29 1 What kind of noodles would you like to make? 2. How do you make them? First, Next, Next, Then, Finally. Period 3

30 How to make the deep-fried twisted dough sticks First, twist the flour to be a dough stick. Next, press the dough stick with a chopstick. Then, fry the dough stick. Finally, eat the deep-fried twisted dough stick.

31 Make a sandwich Make a shopping list for making sandwiches.

32 relish lettuce bread slicesbutter relish turkey pancake green onion

33 In my sandwich, I like ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ A: Do you like lettuce in sandwiches? B: Yes,I do. B: No, I don’t. A: Do you like tomatoes? butter

34 Pair work A: In my sandwich,I like … Do you like lettuce in sandwich? B: Yes,I do. A: Do you like tomatoes? B: No,I don ’ t. A: In your …,what ingredients do you need? B: … A: How much/How many … B: …

35 FirstNext Then Finally butter A slice of bread tomatoes onion Turkey slices relish lettuce 2b Listen again and write the ingredients in the order you hear them. another slice of bread

36 Reading Super Chicken Sandwich First, put the butter on a slice of bread. Then cut up an onion and a tomato. Add these to the sandwich. Next, put some lettuce and the chicken slices on the sandwich.Put the relish on the chicken. Finally, put another slice of bread on the top. Question : How many main processes ( 步骤 ) do we make a super chicken sandwich?

37 Ingredients bread butter onions tomatoes lettuce chicken relish Read it carefully, and fill in the tables. Table 1 2 slices 1 teaspoon 1 1 3 slices 2 teaspoons

38 Table 2 VegetablesMeatOthers onion tomato lettuce chicken slicesbutter relish bread

39 Fill in the following recipe with the words from the box. turkey finally relish tomato then put Here’s a recipe for a great turkey sandwich First butter on two slices of bread. cut up one. Put the tomato on the bread. Next, add two slice of. Put two teaspoons of on the turkey. put Then tomato turkeyFinally relish

40 Pair work Ingredients. 1 teaspoon of butter. 2 teaspoons of honey. 1 cup of ice cream. 2 bananas (sliced). 3 slices of turkey. 1 onion (sliced) First put one teaspoon butter and two teaspoons of honey on the sandwich. Then cut two bananas and one onion into slices. Add these to the sandwich. Next, put three slices of turkey on the sandwich. Put a cup of ice cream on the turkey. Finally, put another slice of bread on the top.

41 writing Write a recipe for your favorite sandwich or another favorite food.Read it to your partner

42 First, …Second,…Next,…Then,…Finally, pancakes How to make a pancake? Period 4

43 Put an egg and some sugar in a bowl, Stir them. Next pour in some milk. Put cake ingredients and flour in the bowl. Mix it all up

44 Pour flour jam in the pan. bake the pancake

45 cut up put pour mix up Turn on Write a recipe for …. Homework

46 zongzi glutinous rice ingredients bamboo leaves Chinese datesbeans

47 How do you make a zongzi? put …into the pot and boil fold … into a cone bind tightly

48 Beijing Duck What is the correct way to eat Beijing Duck? slices of duck sauce relish green onion pancake

49 Put ingredients into pancake Roll the pancake First, check you have all the ingredients. You need green onion._________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________

50 teaspoon fork knife chopsticks bowl


52 boil grill bake fry

53 stew stir-fry steam mix

54 Which ways of cooking can make people have healthy food? Why? boilinggrillingbakingfrying steamingstewingstir-fryingmixing

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