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FUEL FOR SPORT: Men’s Basketball. Overview Day-to-day eating for energy Muscle and weight gain What to eat before training or games Hydration and sports.

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1 FUEL FOR SPORT: Men’s Basketball

2 Overview Day-to-day eating for energy Muscle and weight gain What to eat before training or games Hydration and sports drinks Recovery Eating on the road

3 Energy Needs Energy (calories) derived from three sources: –Carbohydrates (4 kcal/g) Short –term energy used during high intensity physical activity –Protein (4 kcal/g) Used for recovery, building/rebuilding muscles Not usually an energy source during activity –Fat (9 kcal/g) Long-term energy used during lower intensity activity

4 Weight Gain Need to take in more calories than burning Need to take in sufficient protein to ensure muscle gain – but there is a maximum (1.5 g/kg/day)! Must be combined with intensive wt training program Can only gain a max of ½ lb of muscle mass/wk Max. lean muscle gain: ~25 lbs/year Use of protein for muscle building is not controlled by the amount of protein you eat  it is controlled by demand (i.e. training)

5 Eating for Energy To sustain energy & muscle mass, need to eat regularly throughout the day –Eat every ~2.5-4 hours (no more than 4 hours without eating) –Eating 5-6 times per day (i.e. planned snacks between breakfast, lunch, dinner) –Need to also plan for recovery snack –Ideal snacks: combine protein & carbs for lasting energy & fullness

6 Sample Snacks Yogurt & fruit Cottage cheese & fruit PB & apple/banana/celery Cheese & crackers Nuts/soy nuts & dried fruit (trail mix) Hummus & pita Cheese strings & veggie sticks English muffin & cheese Tuna & crackers Cereal & milk Hard-boiled egg & toast/crackers Fruit & yogurt smoothie

7 Question #1 Michael has a 7 am practice. He woke at 6:15 am, but feels sick to his stomach and doesn’t feel like eating. What should he do?

8 Options A) Nothing. It’s better to practice on an empty stomach than to feel sick. He can grab a sandwich or an energy bar after practice B) Raisin Bran cereal with milk; water C) ½ whole wheat bagel and water D) A hard-boiled egg, a slice of cheese, and water

9 Answer (10 points) C) ½ whole wheat bagel and water EXPLANATION Carbs (grains, cereal, potatoes, crackers, fruit, etc.) are your best bet before practice/game But too much fibre (Raisin Bran) can cause stomach upset No eating for 12 hours = starvation for your body, increases body fat, poor performance

10 Question #2 Anthony has a game at 5 pm. He had lunch at noon, but is hungry now at the end of the school day (3:15). What should he eat?

11 Options A) Nothing B) 500 ml bottle of Gatorade C) Protein shake made with 1 scoop protein powder and water D) 6” chicken sub on whole wheat E) All-Bran bar

12 Answer (10 points) D) 6” chicken sub on whole wheat EXPLANATION Definitely want carbs for fuel If more than an hour before activity, want to add some protein to help keep you feeling full, keep blood sugar from crashing Too much sugar (sports drink) = crash

13 Question #3 Shawn is about to start practice in 5 minutes, but he is starting to get hungry. Should he eat at all? And if so, what should he eat?

14 Options A) Nothing B) 500 ml bottle of Gatorade C) Protein shake made with 1 scoop protein powder and water D) 6” chicken sub on whole wheat E) All-Bran bar

15 Answer (10 points) B) 500 ml bottle of Gatorade EXPLANATION If eating right before practice, want something made from easy to digest carbohydrates Avoid too much fat, fibre, sugar; even protein not ideal

16 Eating Before Exercise Should eat within max 3 hr before start Mostly carbs –Longer time beforehand (1/2-3 hours) should be starchy/ “slow burn” carbs E.g. whole wheat bread, bagels, pasta, rice, oatmeal, cereal, potato –Shorter time (<1/2 hour) should be easier to digest, “higher glycemic” carbs E.g. banana, arrowroot cookies, pretzels, fig newtons, granola bars, graham crackers

17 Eating Before Exercise Should also include some protein for fullness if more than 1/2 hour before –E.g. cereal with milk, toast with pb, banana with yogurt, bagel with cheese, rice with chicken, bread with tuna As activity nears, decrease fat, fibre, sugar –E.g. avoid burgers, fries, pizza, bacon, chips, bran cereals and muffins, beans, candy, sports drinks, cookies, chocolate bars, etc.

18 Sample Pre-Exercise Meals Time Before Carb Source (min 60 g carbs) Protein Source 3-4 hours 1-2 cups pasta (60-120 g) 1-2 cups rice (60-120 g) 1 bagel (60 g) + 1 banana (20 g) 2 slices bread (40 g) + 1 cup cereal (30-40 g) ¼-½ cup meat sauce 3-4 oz. chicken 1-3 eggs 1 cup milk + 2 Tbsp. peanut butter 1 hour 1-2 slices bread (20-40 g) 1 banana (20 g) 4-6 saltine crackers 1 cereal bar (30 g) 2-5 Arrowroot cookies 1-2 Tbsp. peanut butter 175 g yogurt 1 oz. (30 g) cheese Cheese string Small handfull of soy nuts

19 Eating: Night Before a Game To ensure the carbohydrates in your muscles (“glycogen”) is topped up, plan a meal high carbohydrate meal that also includes lean protein and lots of fluids E.g. –Stir-fry with rice, chicken, veggies –Pasta with meat sauce, veggies –Potato or sweet potato with meat and veggies –Pizza with 1 meat and 2 veggies –Bagel with eggs or tuna and veggie sticks –French toast with fruit –Sub with chicken/turkey/ham/roast beef

20 Question #4 Jamal is participating in a basketball training camp. Practices are long, and the weather is hot. What would be his best drink choice?

21 Options A) Water B) Gatorade C) Diluted orange juice D) Coke E) Red Bull

22 Answer (10 points) B) Gatorade EXPLANATION Sports drinks with 4-7% carbs (i.e. 4-7 g carbs/100 ml) are best for activity more than an hour, when hot out, or multiple practices or games in one day Key components: sugar, salt (electrolytes)

23 Question #5 Kevin has 2 games today. He has just finished his first game at 11:30 am. His next game is at 2:00. What should he eat in between games?

24 Options A) Chocolate milk B) Gatorade C) Water D) Banana E) Chocolate chip cookies

25 Answer A) Chocolate milk EXPLANATION For recovery, best bet is mostly carbs (20-60 g), along with a little protein (7-15 g) within 15- 30 min of finishing activity Keep fat to a minimum Then have regular meal within 2 hours (if time); or snack on higher carb snacks until next game

26 Summary: Fuel Sources TIMECARBSPROTEINFAT Pre: Night before HighModerateModerate Pre: 3-4 hrs before HighModerateLow Pre: 1 hr before (if needed) ModerateLow/noneLow/none During Moderate (if longer than 1 hr) NoneNone Post: 15-30 min Moderate/highLow/moderateLow/none Post: 2 hrs HighModerateLow

27 Healthy Eating General guidelines: –Choose whole fruit and veggies over juice more often –Aim for min. 2-3 fruits (fist-sized) and 3-4 veggies (1/2 cup chopped or 1 cup leafy) per day –Need 3-4 servings of high calcium foods per day (=1 cup milk/soy milk, 175 g yogurt, 50 g = “2 thumbs” cheese, 1 cup fortified OJ) –Choose healthy fats (e.g. salmon, olive oil, nuts, seeds) over unhealthy fats (e.g. foods with trans fats, butter, cream, fatty cuts of red meat) more often –Limit added sugars (e.g. pop, fruit punch, sugary cereals, candy, sweets, ice cream, etc.)

28 Hydration Used to give specific guidelines Now: recommend you hydrate well before practice or game: –Try 2 cups (500 ml) 2 hours before, and 1 cup (250 ml) 1 hour before But instead of exact numbers, try weighing yourself before and after –Goal: lose less than 2% of body weight (= 3 lbs on 150 lb person)

29 Tournaments: Sample Food Bag Protein Foods: Sandwich or wrap with chicken, turkey, ham, etc. Drinkable yogurt (Yop) Sports bar with 7-10 g protein, 20-40 g carbs Trail mix with cereal, nuts/seeds/soy nuts, dried fruit Chocolate milk Protein shake Carbohydrate Foods Banana or other fruit (any kind, as long as convenient) Granola bar (e.g. Nature Valley) Bagel or pita Pretzels or saltine crackers Sports drink (e.g. Gatorade) Try to include at least 2-3 items from each column:

30 Eating on the Road Wendy’s - Choose Hamburger or cheeseburger Plain baked potato (can add butter/marg) Meal-sized salads or side salads Chili Water, juice, milk Wendy’s – Limit Big Bacon Classic, etc. Baked potato with “the works” (sour cream, cheese, etc.) French fries (or share) Pop

31 Eating on the Road Tim Horton’s – Choose Sandwiches on w/w Chili + bun W/w bagel with cheese, tomato Yogurt + fruit Water, juice, milk Tim Horton’s – Limit Plain bagels, esp. if white bread Cream cheese Breakfast sandwiches Donuts, pastries Excessive caffeine

32 Eating on the Road Subway – Choose Subs on w/w bread Lean meats (turkey, chicken, ham, roast beef, “Subs Under 6 g fat”) Lots of veggies Mustard or honey mustard sauce Water, juice, or chocolate milk Subway – Limit Subs on white bread Fatty meats (salami, balogna, “Cold Cut Trio”, meatball, pizza) Chips, cookies Pop, iced tea, lemonade

33 Eating on the Road Pizza – Choose Whole wheat crust 1 type of cheese 1 (or 0) meats (pref. chicken) Lots of veggies (at least 2) Water, 100% juice, milk, etc. Pizza – Limit White crust (if possible) Extra cheese or stuffed crusts Fatty meats (bacon, sausage, etc.) Dipping sauces Pop, etc.

34 Eating on the Road Restaurant – Choose Grilled chicken- based meals Sirloin steak Pasta with meat sauce Baked potatoes SaladsFajitasStir-fries Restaurant – Avoid Chicken wings Caesar salad Garlic bread with cheese Nachos Chicken fingers or cheese sticks Creamy pastas Ribs

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