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Addition Method Applications Section 4.2 (day 2).

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1 Addition Method Applications Section 4.2 (day 2)

2 Example 1: One-half of the boys and one-third of the girls of Freemont High attended the homecoming game, whereas one-third of the boys and one-half of the girls attended the homecoming dance. If there were 570 students at the game and 580 at the dance, then how many students are there at Freemont High? 12-18

3 Example 2: The value of 35 coins consisting of nickels and dimes is $3.30. How many are there of each type? 100 -5

4 Example 3: Regular yogurt, which is 3% fat, is blended with nonfat yogurt to make a lowfat yogurt blend, which is 1% fat. How many pounds of each is needed to obtain 60 pounds of lowfat yogurt? 100 -3 %fatlbsamt fat reg.03x.03x nonfat0y0y blend.0160.6

5 Example 4: For the system find the values of a and b so the solution set to the system is (5, 12). substitute (5, 12) into each equation and solve for a or b:

6 Homework: Page 245 # 54 – 60 evens 68, 70, 74

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