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Our Daily Servings: A Students’ Guide to the Food Guide Pyramid.

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2 Our Daily Servings: A Students’ Guide to the Food Guide Pyramid

3 Presentation By: Stephanie Mannino Family and Consumer Sciences Department Texas High School

4 Developed by the USDA, also known as The United States Department of Agriculture

5 Six Different Food Groups Breads Fruits Vegetables Dairy Meats Fats


7 Breads- The Base of the Pyramid The largest recommended source of nutrients throughout the day To get the daily fiber needed, choose several whole grain products throughout the day. Other examples from this group?


9 Fruits - Natures’ Candy Two to four servings are recommended daily. Choose whole fruits instead of juices whenever possible-they are higher in fiber. Most fruit flavored drinks are full of sugars and other added ingredients, rather than being nutritious. Examples of fruit servings?


11 Pork - “The Other White Meat” Any red meat, fish, poultry or dry beans are included in this group. One serving of meat will generally fit in the palm of your hand. Always trim as much fat as possible. Choose to bake, broil or grill rather than frying. Can you give other examples from this group?

12 Dixie Chicks Rebecca Romain-Stamos Spike Lee

13 Dairy - “Got Milk?” Choose skim milk or lowfat yogurt often because they contain less fat. 11/2 to 2 oz of cheese or 8 oz of yogurt are both considered a serving from this group. Calcium from dairy helps to build strong bones and avoid osteoporosis.


15 Vegetables Choose from a variety in order to get different needed vitamins and minerals. Go easy on butters and other spreads cooked with vegetables-They still count as fat. Where can you get a V-8?


17 Fats- All that and a bag of chips! Fats are often generously added to other foods during preparation. Try using substitutes for butter, salad dressing or salt. Sugar free or diet drinks can be substituted for high calorie drinks. Are there any other ways to avoid a high fat diet?

18 Bibliography

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