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Greece submitted. Origin of Ancient Greek Food -bread -olive oil -figs -local cheeses.

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1 Greece submitted

2 Origin of Ancient Greek Food -bread -olive oil -figs -local cheeses

3 Cheese -Local domestic farm animals Ex. 1. Feta- used most commonly 2. Kefalotyri- salty tasting 3. Graviera- served as an appetizer 4. Kasseri- yellowish looking 5. Manouri- sweet tasting

4 Protein -Pork -Lamb -Beef -Veal -Goat -Chicken -Rabbit

5 Spices -Cardamom -Cloves -Coriander -Cumin -Curry -Ginger

6 Herbs -Arugula -Basil -Bay Leaf -Dill -Fennel -Mint -Oregano Herbs

7 Typical Breakfast -thick Greek yogurt and honey -coffee or tea -voutimata- biscuits -cheese

8 Greek Lunch -Avgolemono soup -Salad -Greek quesadilla -Baklava

9 Dinner- most important meal of the day -Usually beings at around 11 P.M. -People in in Tavernas or festive restaurants that stay open late in the night into themorning -packed with people -music playing -drinks and food

10 Typical Greek Dinner -Tsatsiki- Greek dip made with yogurt, garlic, and cucumbers -Tyropitakia- small cheese pies -Giouvarlakia- meatballs with rice in white lemon sauce -Protein- pork chops, lamb, or veal

11 Greek Desserts -Eastern influenced -Heavily using syrups and sugar instead of cream and butter -many desserts in Greece use filo pastry dough

12 Macedonia and Crete Macedonia is landlocked and and defined by a central valley formed by the Vardar river. Macedonia is mainly rugged and located between the Sar mountains and Osogovo Crete is the largest of the Greek islands Crete is very mountainous and know for its mountain range stretching west to east Macedonia represents the cuisine of the Balkans and its warm weather makes ideal conditions for growing a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits making its cuisine quite diverse Cretan cuisine is very aromatic, tasteful, and very healthy the most important and most famous Ingredient in Cretan cuisine is its virgin olive oil

13 Crete

14 Most important Cretan Ingredient Olive oil In addition local wines, vegetables,meats, feta, and gruere are very important

15 olive oil is used in... -salads -fried dishes -boiled greens -soups -pastries

16 Vegetables -beans -zucchinis -aubergines -okras

17 Products from the olive tree -green olives -black olives -fuel substance -wood -mattresses

18 Cretan appetizers -Sfvakia -boiled snails -rabbit casserole -grass pies

19 Cretan herbs -Basil -Mint -Rosemary -Sage -Oregano -Thyme

20 Cretan Spices -cloves -cumin -sesame seeds -cinnamon

21 Popular Cretan Grain BARLEY

22 Dishes with barley -Rusks- made with feta -Greek barley salad -Beef barley soup -TWICE BAKED BARLEY BREAD

23 Protein commonly used in Crete -shrimp -lamb -pork

24 Typical Cretan Breakfast -cup of coffee -cookie or biscuit

25 Typical Cretan Lunch -salad with fresh and raw vegetables

26 Typical Cretan Dinner -A popular dip, soup, or salad starts the meal off -Main course of Gyros or Souvlakis which are pita bread filled with meat and other vegetables and sauce -Followed with a popular Cretan dessert

27 Popular Cretan Dishes Garides- boiled with tomatoes and feta Horiatiki- salad made from tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and feta Paximadi- type of bread made with wheat or barley Pita Giros- grilled pork, lots of onions, yogurt, salt & pepper all wrapped inside pita bread Bifteki- large meatballs, could relate to the hamburger Calamari- squid served fried or grilled Halva- dessert made with sesame seeds

28 Macedonia

29 most important macedonian ingrediant red capsicum and bean are very important ingrediants fresh fruits are also very popular esspecially in the summer time

30 red capsicum is used in... Ajvar, which is a red capsicum relish with eggplant and other ingrediants Polneti Piperki, which is a stuffed capsicum capsicum hummus Tavche Gravche, which are baked beans with red capsicum, it is also the national dish of macedonia

31 Popular Macedonian appetizers Burek, which is a type of bread pogacha, another type of bread ajvar, which is a relish eaten commonly with bread

32 Popular Macedonian Herbs The herb of Macedonia of Alexander the Great parsley mint oregano

33 Popular Macedonian spices cinnamon cumin cloves thyme paprika curry powder black pepper

34 Popular Macedonian grain Burek pogacha long grain rice

35 fats commonly used in Macedonia cooking oils vegetable oil olive oil lard

36 Popular Macedonian Proteins Pork lamb veal mutton ground beef beans Most meat is cooked in oil

37 Popular Macedonian Vegetables cabbage red, yellow and green bell peppers tomato

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