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Ingrida Varnagirytė and Gintarė Miliauskaitė

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1 Ingrida Varnagirytė and Gintarė Miliauskaitė

2 What is Actimel ? Actimel is a delicious probiotic drinking yogurt which contains the unique culture L.casei Imunitass®, which can help support your body's defences by topping up the levels of good bacteria. Your body's immune system may be weakened by a hectic lifestyle, lack of sleep or a poor diet. This is where Actimel can help to support your body's defence.

3 What is L.casei Imunitass® ?
What is the difference between Actimel containing L.casei Imunitass® and other yogurts? The L.casei Imunitass® culture in Actimel is a unique probiotic strain. L.casei Imunitass® is the trademarked name for the L.casei culture that is exclusive to Danone. The probiotic culture L.casei Imunitass® is more resistant to stomach acids than many other cultures and is therefore able to reach the intestine in higher concentrations. This is how Actimel helps support our body's defences. L.casei Imunitass® was selected by Danone's international research centre for its probiotic characteristics and its beneficial effect on health.

4 What are Probiotics ? Probiotics are good bacteria that are naturally present in our gut and they are also found in some drinking yogurts like Actimel. The World Health Organisation defines probiotics as: "live bacteria that when eaten in sufficient quantities, have a beneficial effect on our health (WHO 2002). Probiotic drinking yoghurts and yogurts contain these live bacteria which help our health in different ways, depending on the strain of the bacteria and the amount of it in the product that we eat or drink".

5 How it Works Actimel? Our immune system is one of our body's defences, it helps us to cope with illness and disease. 1 2 3 1.A stressful life, lack of sleep and eating a poor diet can challenge our immune system so we may be more vulnerable. 2.Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important but you can also give your body a helping hand by drinking Actimel and topping up your good bacteria. 3. Actimel is scientifically proven to help support your body’s defences making life harder for bad bacteria.

6 When should I take Actimel?
The effect of Actimel will be the same whenever it is taken during the day. However, it is suggested to integrate Actimel into your morning breakfast, in order to establish a daily routine.

7 Danone Actimel wanted to demonstrate its positive probiotic effects on the body’s defences during periods of intense intellectual stress. A study was therefore carried out on school children aged 16 and 18 during 2 separate exam periods. The results showed that the daily consumption of Actimel significantly increased the presence of some type of immune cells which are vital in maintaining and supporting your body’s defences and immune system.

8 There was done an analysis in the ninth form of Liudvinavas Kazys Boruta secondary school. We wanted to know if the students drink Actimel and how often they do it. The students were given a questionnaire. Eighteen students participated in the analysis.

9 What is your favourite drink ?
From the picture we see that 39% respondents choose to drink tea and only 11% of the respondents choose Activia. As we can see in the diagram 28% students drink Actimel and it is the most favourite drink among young people.

10 Do you know what is Actimel?
This diagram reveals us that 83% questioned respondents know Actimel. It shows that Actimel is a popular drink among the young.

11 What do you think about Actimel?
The diagram shows us that 45% respondents agree that Actimel strengthens the organism. 22% questioned respondents say that drinking Actimel is heathly .

12 Do you read what is written on the tare of a drink?
From this picture we see that 61% questioned respondents sometimes read what is written on the tare. And only 17% respondents always read about components existing in the drink.

13 What do you think what is the main component in Actimel?
The diagram shows that 55 % respondents think that the main component is calcium.

14 What flavour Actimel do you like best?
From the picture we see that 56 % respondents choose the strawberry flavour as the most favourite. Classical flavour and forest berry flavour got the same number 11%.

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