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June 20081 Dairy Labs June 2008 2 3aday.Org.

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1 June 20081 Dairy Labs

2 June 2008 2 3aday.Org

3 June 2008 3 Dairy Lab Ideas Taste test – milk, yogurt, cheese, cheese pair Yogurt substitution (Lemon Yogurt Bars) Fat Free Cheese – Quesadilla, Pizza French Toast, Crepes w/ yogurt Mac and Cheese Cream based soups Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

4 June 2008 4

5 Top 10 Ways to Dairy 1.Make it milk with meals 2.Jump start your morning with cereal, milk, fruit 3.Add cheese and veggies to sandwiches 4.Make oatmeal, soup, rice with milk 5.Assemble a pizza

6 Top 10 Ways to Dairy 6.Dip into yogurt 7.Stock grab-and-go snacks 8.Load up recipes with veggies 9.Create a yogurt and fruit parfait 10.Savor some chocolate milk.

7 June 2008 7 Tortilla Rollups Flour tortillas Colby-jack stick cheese Salsa, if desired Place one stick of Colby-jack cheese near edge of flour tortilla. Roll tortilla around cheese. Fasten with a toothpick. Microwave till cheese is soft. Dip in salsa. Note: Could substitute mozzarella string cheese for Colby-jack.

8 June 2008 8 Orbiting Orange Satellite Colby-jack cheese snack sticks Large seedless grapes Strawberries Orange Unwrap cheese sticks and place on cutting board. Cut cheese stick into 6 equal pieces. Put king size wooden pick through a grape, then cheese cube, and then a strawberry. Place kabobs on plate to serve. Or stick in the skin of an orange for an orbiting orange satellite!

9 Have It YOUR Way Smoothie (serves 1) 1 cup unsweetened, frozen berries or frozen fruit of choice 1/2 cup 100% orange or pineapple juice OR strawberry milk 3/4 cup fruit-flavored, low- or non-fat yogurt Blend all ingredients well in blender. Enjoy!

10 Yogurt & Fruit Parfait Layer yogurt, low-fat granola and fruit in whatever proportions you’d like. Add some nuts and you’ve included a 4th food group. A sprig of mint is optional!

11 June 2008 11 Summary Messages 2005 Dietary Guidelines recommend three servings of low-fat dairy daily. Dairy provides much more than calcium – a nutrient package that keeps bones strong and prevents osteoporosis. Additional benefits of dairy include a reduced risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and lower BMIs in children.

12 June 2008 12 A growing body of evidence supports’ dairy’s role in adult weight management – supported by sound science. Milk is a safe, nutritious and economical source of the nutrients that our bodies need, esp. calcium that is typically lacking in our diets. There are no alternatives to dairy products – they contain a unique package of nutrients and Americans love dairy products.

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