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Food Product Development Shamrock Soup Mechnikoff Yogurt Gelatin Carrot Cake.

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1 Food Product Development Shamrock Soup Mechnikoff Yogurt Gelatin Carrot Cake

2 Outline Objectives Products available Product #1: Shamrock Soup Product #2: Yogurt Gelatin  Product Development  Nutrition Information  Sensory Evaluation Product #3: Carrot Cake  Product Development  Nutrition Information  Sensory Evaluation

3 Objectives Develop one product for an elderly (60+) population that has at least 400 kcal per serving. Develop two products that are appealing to a young adult population. Each product must have 300 mg or more of calcium per serving. Use one or more of the provided dairy products in each formulation. One product must use one dairy product as the main ingredient (>50% of the composition).

4 Other Available Products: Calcium-fortified orange juice Passion-orange nectar Guava nectar Passion-Orange-Guava nectar Guava-orange nectar Mango-orange nectar Which products did we use? Available Dairy Products: Skim milk Plain low fat yogurt Low-fat large curd cottage cheese Fat-free sour cream

5 Product Development #1: Shamrock Soup Targeted for an older population Final formulation (for 5 servings):  Butter (35 g)  Celery (55 g)  Carrot (73 g)  Yellow Onion(70 g)  Nonfat Skim Milk (1190 g)  Chicken Bouillon (10 g)  Split Peas (190 g)  Canned Spinach (116 g)  Ground Nutmeg (2.2 g)  Medium Grain rice (uncooked) (180 g) Did not quite meet kcal requirement Sensory evaluation: mostly negative

6 Product Development #2: Why yogurt gelatin? A refreshing gelatin dessert with sweetened yogurt gelatin and a decorative layer of orange juice gelatin that adds color and a hint of fruity taste

7 Development of yogurt gelatin TrialResultsSolution 1Both yogurt and juice gelatin were too grainy Did not gel completely Heat liquid to fully dissolve gelatin 2Gelatin was not sweet enough Gelatin too firm and tough Appearance: not a desirable bright color Increase sugar Decrease gelatin Use Pass-O-Guava nectar rather than Mango-Orange nectar 3Fermented smell and taste Yogurt still too tangy Fermentation may be due to guava juice, which ferments quickly – use orange juice for gelatin next time. Also: check pull date Increase sugar in yogurt gelatin.

8 Yogurt Gelatin: Final Formulation Final Formulation: Nonfat Yogurt – 2 cups (472 g) Gelatin – 3 packs (25 g) Ca fortified orange juice – 3 cups (318 g) Sugar – 100 g Vanilla extract – 1 tsp

9 Yogurt Gelatin: Nutrition Facts Serving size – 226 g Calories – 210 Sodium – 65 mg (3%) Total carbohydrate 44 g (15%) Sugars – 41 g Protein – 9 g Ca – 30% Vitamin C – 90 %

10 Yogurt Gelatin: Sensory Evaluation by a Young Adult Population (n=6) Characteristics Average  St. Dev. Descriptor Appearance 5.86  0.69 Very Good Texture 5.29  0.76 Good Flavor 3.43  1.51 Fair Mouthfeel 4.57  1.13 Good Degree of sweetness 4.00  1.15 Medium Overall taste 4.14  1.35 Medium

11 Product Development #3: Carrot Cake Reduce fat in a popular dessert while retaining moisture by replacing vegetable oil with fat free sour cream! Top with a delectable, creamy frosting with the delicious taste of cream cheese and the goodness of yogurt!

12 Development of Carrot Cake TrialResultsSolution 1Too moist – turned out gummyReplace baby food carrots with raw grated carrots 2Still too moist Does not meet 300 mg Ca requirement Frosting: too thin Add Hydrobind Carrot Fiber SP Frosting: blend in a food processor Frosting: Use one part cream cheese in addition to sour cream 3Frosting: too thinFrosting: Replace sour cream with yogurt

13 Carrot Cake: Final Formulation MIX TOGETHER: All-purpose flour122 gGround Cinnamon2 g Baking soda7 gGround Nutmeg0.5 g Salt4 gGround Cloves0.5 g Hydrobind Carrot Fiber35 g IN A SEPARATE BOWL, CREAM UNTIL SMOOTH: Granulated sugar230 gVanilla extract6 g Eggs114 gFat-free Sour Cream366 g COMBINE TWO MIXTURES; MIX IN SHREDDED CARROTS Shredded carrots190 g Divide the batter evenly into two 8” round baking pans that have been greased with PAM spray. Bake in a preheated 325  F oven for 32 minutes. Cool. Making frosting: BLEND IN A FOOD PROCESSOR: Low-fat Plain Yogurt200 g Cream Cheese200 g Powdered Sugar100 g Chill frosting for at least 2 hours. Frost one cake, stack second cake on top, frost, serve.

14 Carrot Cake: Nutrition Facts

15 Carrot Cake: Sensory Evaluation by a Young Adult Population (n=6) Characteristic Average  St. Dev. Descriptor Appearance: Frosting 4.29  0.76 Like Appearance: Cake 4.71  0.49 Really like Frosting: Sweet/Sour 3.86  0.69 Sweet Frosting: Like or Dislike 4.00  0.58 Like Frosting: Texture 3.86  0.69 Like Cake: Texture 4.14  0.38 Like Cake: Mouthfeel 4.14  0.38 Like Cake: Sweetness 4.29  0.49 Like Cake: Moisture 4.14  0.69 Like Cake: Overall 4.00  0.58 Like

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