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LOGO 商务英语 UNIT 13 Telephone Calls.

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1 LOGO 商务英语 UNIT 13 Telephone Calls

2 Take a Message 4 Useful Expressions 51 Reading 2 Listen & Talk 11 Case Study 3 Contents Supplementary Reading 6

3 Listen & Talk Dialogue Listening Role Play

4 Dialogue 1  Jenny: Hi, Mr. Lao assigns me to help you understand the thrust of our business, Lily.  Lily: Cool! Please bring me up to speed so I can help as soon as possible.  Jenny: One thing at a time. Don't want to get the cart before horse.  Lily: Stop pulling my leg. I just want to get down to business.  Jenny: You should check out our product catalogue and the sales files, they should  clue you in on where our business is.  Lily: All right.  Jenny: By the way, could you make calls from this list? I assume they are potential buyers. Please get the scoop of those companies, such as company structures, who is responsible for the equipment purchasing and so on and so forth. Be sure to get the name and phone number of PICs (Person in Charge). Get it?  Lily Li: Yeah, no problem.  Lily: Good Morning, this is Lily calling from Shanghai Office Facilities Ltd co, is that ABC Company?  Operator: Yes, how can I help you?  Lily: As I know, your company is the authorized dealer of duplicators, we want to set up a business relationship with you, who should I talk to?  Operator: You need to talk to Mr. Black, he is our Business Development Manager.  Lily: Can I get his number?  Operator: His direct line is 3452678, or I could put you to him right away.

5 Dialogue 2  Charles: Webster Industries, how may I help you?  Sare: Yes. This is Sara. Who am I speaking to?  Charles: This is Charles speaking. How are you, Sara?  Sara: I’m fine, and you?  Charles: Just fine, thank you.  Sare: I’m just calling to see if we can arrange a meeting. There are several matters I’d like to talk over with you about your new product.  Charles: Okay, when would it be convenient for you?  Sara: Could we make it this Thursday?  Charles: Thursday? Let me see. Sorry, but I can’t meet you on Thursday because I’ll be in London for a sales meeting. Would it be possible for us to meet next Monday? I will be free all day then.  Sara: Yes, that’s good for me. What time?  Charles: How about 10 o’ clock in my office?  Sara: Fine, I’m looking forward to seeing you then.

6 Listening  A: Mr. Ling Feng’s office. Good afternoon. Zhang Ming speaking.  B: Hello. ___________________________ ______.  A: May I ask who is calling, please?  B: My name is Tom Rollin of Pacific International.  A: Thank you, Mr. Pollin. One moment, please.  B: No, no. ___________________.  A: I’m sorry, Mr. Rollin. Just a moment, please. (Over the intercom) Mr. Ling, a Mr. Rollin of Pacific International is on the line.  C: Can you find out what he wants?  A: Yes, Mr. Ling. (To Mr. Rollin) I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Mr. Ling is rather busy now and would like to know_______________________________.  B: Yes, we want to ___________________________________________ and we understand that your company can supply us with such items.  A: I see. Thank you very much, Mr. Rollin. Would you wait a moment, please? (To Mr. Ling) Mr. Ling, Mr. Rollin is interested in importing Chinese textile products into the U.S.  C: I see. Put him on.  A: Yes, Mr. Ling. (To Mr. Rollin) Mr. Rollin, I’m very sorry to have kept you waiting. ________________________. I’d like to speak to Mr. Ling Feng, please This is Rollin, not Pollin what you wish to speak to him about import Chinese textile products into the United States I’ll connect you with Mr. Ling

7 Listening  A: ABC Company, May I help you?  B: This is Karl Huang of Amscray Ltd. I’d like to speak to Mr. John Smith, please?  A: _______________.You are Mr. Wang of Amscray Ltd. Is that correct?  B: No, Huang, and I’d like to speak to Mr. John Smith, please.  A: Could you, please?  B: Yes, it’s H-U-A-N-G, Now, ___________________________________.  A: I’m sorry, but he is in a meeting right now.  B: ____________________?  A: Please do, Mr. Huang.  B: Please get him to call me as soon as possible at and that’s Huang, not Wang.  A: Let me confirm your name and phone number, you’re Mr. Huang at 0731- 4567860, is that correct?  B: Yes, and it’s urgent.  A: _________________________________. Let me confirm this spell your last name could you put me through to John Smith May I leave a message 0731-4567860 I’ll make sure he gets the message soon

8 Role Play  1. Imagine you make a phone call to your friend, Tony, the manager of a business company. He is not in and his secretary answers the phone. Act out the conversation with your partner.  2. Imagine you receive a phone call one day from a foreigner who wants to speak to your colleague, Susan. But Susan is not in and you take the message for her. Act out the conversation with your partner.

9 Translate the following sentences into English.  1) 连修理工也弄不明白这洗衣 机出什么毛病。( figure out )  2) 临时股东大会不得对通知中 未列明的事项作出决议。 ( interim )  3) 过去的日子如轻烟却被微风 吹散了,如薄雾,被初阳蒸融 了。( bygone )  4) 我因公务而忙得没有和家人、 老友话家常的闲功夫,更别说 去经营感情、组织家庭。 ( not to mention )  5) 经理就错误向顾客作了彬彬 有礼的道歉,从而平息了顾客 的怒气。( irate )  1) Even the repairman couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong with the washer.  2) An interim shareholders’ general meeting may not adopt resolutions on matters not stated in the notice.  3) Those bygone days have been dispersed as smoke by a light wind, or evaporated as mist by the morning sun.  4) Work keeps me so busy that I have no time for my family and friends, not to mention getting hitched and starting my own family.  5) The manager pacified the irate customer with a smooth apology for the error.

10 Case Study  For: Robin Liu  Date: June 10  Phone No.: 310-793-2102  Time: 1:15 p.m.  From: Mrs. Newcomer of N&C Company  Message: 机器模型将在下午 3:00 抵达,请在傍晚前收到回 电确认。希望在下周安排时间 和你商谈价格和折扣。  致 : 罗宾 · 刘  日期 :6 月 10 日  电话号码 :310-793-2102  时间 : 下午 1:15  来自 : N&C 公司某女士  Message: The model machine will be arrived at 3:00 p.m., and please call back to confirm after receiving before the dusk. Hope to arrange time in next week and talk to you about the price and discount.

11 telephonetelephone Take a Message

12 Message 1 Who is calling? About … Call back Address Problem: Without receiving any acknowledgement of my order Ship the order at the special price? Susan Grant Our order MQ20 (which I sent 3weeks ago by post on behalf of my company) Richman Studios Sent a check(425 plus VAT 488.75) with my order Confirm having received my order Can you ship the goods at the special price you advertised (till the end of this month) If there ’ s any delay or any other problems, phone me at 0303,518,136 Expect delivery fifth this month 14 High street Woodbridge IPSWICH IP12 4SG

13 Message 2 Peter Redford Easten Enterprise Boston Unable to make the appointment on Friday afternoon Hotel accommodation ( convention, full) Monday morning 23 Any good ideas to solve the problem 617,032,0876

14 Message 3 Alice Brown Stay Los Angles for another 2days The direct flight is full, cannot come back till Wednesday (17th) if this is the case 14th Take over the meeting with Orion International (Tuesday) All the information he required is in the file on my desk Pick up Oliviaflaubert from Talbot hotel first in the morning Any problem, leave a message for me at my hotel 213,666,4529 Fax 213,875,4114

15 The Usual Kinds of International Calls  1. l International Direct Dialing  International Prefix Number ( 国际冠码 )+Country Code( 国家  号码 )+Area Code ( 区号码 )+Phone Number( 电话号码 )  1.2 Calls Put through by Operator  1.2. l Station Call ( 叫号电话 )  l. 2. 2 Personal Call ( 叫人电话 )  1.2. 3 Connect Call ( 对方付款电话 )  l. 2. 4 Credit Card Call (信用卡电话)

16 Useful Expressions  1 Announcing Identity  1. l Person Calling  Hello, this is Mr.Wang speaking.  My name is Thomas Smith.  Hello, this is Jack.  1.2 Person Called  Hello, this Jack here, Who is speaking?  Who is speaking(calling), please?  Is this Mr. Wang?  Who are you calling?

17 Useful Expressions  2 Asking If Someone is in  2.1 Person Calling  May(Can) I speak with (to) Mr. Wang?  I’d like to speak to someone in charge.  Could you put me through to Mr. Wang, please?  2.2 Person Called  I’m sorry Mr. Wang is out. Would you speak to  someone else?  He is attending a meeting now.  Mr. Wang has left already.  Sorry, He’s just gone out. Would you like to ring  back later?  Hold the line, I’ll see if he is in. 

18 Useful Expressions  3 Asking When the Person Wanted Will be back  3. l Person Calling  When will he be back?  Could (Will )you tell me what time he’ll be back?  What if I call this afternoon?  3.2 Person Called  You can ring again this afternoon.  Sorry, he’s not availabl till tomorrow.  I’ll ask him to call you up later.

19 Useful Expressions  4 Asking the Operator for Help  4. l Person Calling  Will /Would/CouId you connect me with the Foreign  language Department?  I’d like to make a call to Mr. Wang of the Foreign  language Department.  May I have extension 21808?  Pease put me through to the Foreign Language  Department?  4.2 Person Called  Jus a minute, I’ll get the number for you.  I’m sorry the number’s engaged. Will you hold?  A moment, please. I’ll connect you.  One moment, I’ll switch you over.  Your call is ready. Go ahead.

20 Useful Expressions  5 Leaving a Message  5. l Person Calling  Can I leave a message?  Pease tell him to phone 64782134, Lee.  Would you ask him to call back?  Would you ask him to give me a call when he’s back?  5.2 Person Called  Would you like to leave a message?  Could I take a message for you?  Is there any message I can give him?  Should I tell him you’ll call back or do you want him to call you?

21 Supplementary Reading  Telephoning Effectively  On the phone, the image of a company relies heavily on the speaker’s speaking skills. The customer’s impression of the company is determined completely by the speaker’s voice and choice of words. Telephoning skills are not a natural talent, but a learned one. Here are some tips to help a secretary communicate better through the telephone.  Speak clearly and more slowly than usual. Be particularly clear when saying one’s name and the name of one’s organization, and repeat them, particularly at the end of the call.  Speak with more energy. Telephones tend to make one’s voice sound less lively as it really is, so try to show increased interest in and enthusiasm for what the secretary is saying.  When necessary ‘smile with one’s voice’. A smile on one’s face is reflected in one’s voice, and will help the secretary avoid speaking in the same tone all the time.  Be and sound polite, professional, understanding, helpful, and friendly. Much of the secret is simply good manners and attention. Be a good listener.

22 Supplementary Reading  Explain things in an understandable way. Don’t use special terms or assume that a customer knows the business or industry. The secretary should speak without accent to make the communication easier.  Make it easy to be contacted. Customers shouldn’t have to talk to half a dozen people before they can find one who can help. They shouldn’t be given another number or told to call back later. Usually, they should be transferred through to the right person, or if that’s impossible, the right person should call them back.  Respond promptly to phone calls. Prompt response will give a customer the impression that one’s company is very efficient. And if the secretary promises to call back, he or she should do this as soon as possible.  Know how to use all the buttons on the phone, and in particular how to transfer a call without losing it. Simple things like these make all the difference when dealing with people over the phone.

23 Supplementary Reading  Notes:  take the chance to do sth. 试图做成某事  tend to do sth. 倾向;趋向;趋于: I tend to go to bed earlier during the winter. 我在冬天常睡得较早。  tend to/ towards sth. 朝某方向: He tends towards extreme views. 他的观 点趋于偏激。  make a/ no/ some, etc difference (to sb/sth)  (对某人 [ 某事物 ] )有、没有、有些... 作用或影响: A hot bath makes all difference in the morning. 上午洗个热水澡能让人精神振奋。  (对某人 [ 某事物 ] )重要、不重要等;要紧、不要紧等: ‘Does that make any difference?’ ‘Yes, it makes all the difference.’ ‘ 那要紧吗? ’ ‘ 是的,非常重要。 ’

24 LOGO 商务英语 Thank you!

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