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Chapter 1 Uncovering the Past Chapter 2 The Stone Ages and Early Cultures Chapter 3 Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent Chapter 4 Ancient Egypt Chapter.

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2 Chapter 1 Uncovering the Past Chapter 2 The Stone Ages and Early Cultures Chapter 3 Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent Chapter 4 Ancient Egypt Chapter 5 Ancient Kush Chapter 6 Ancient India Chapter 7 Ancient China Chapter 8 The Hebrews and Judaism Chapter 9 Ancient Greece Chapter 10 The Greek World Chapter 11 The Roman Republic Chapter 12 The Roman Empire Chapter 13 Rome and Christianity Chapter 14 The Fall of Rome Chapter 15 The Early Americas

3 History Close-up Chapter 2 Hunter-Gatherers An Early Farming Society Chapter 3 The City-State of Ur Chapter 4 Building the Pyramids The Temple of Karnak Chapter 5 Rulers of Kush Chapter 6 Life in Mohenjo Daro Chapter 8 Destruction of the Second Temple Chapter 9 Democracy in Action Chapter 10 The Parthenon Chapter 11 The Roman Forum Rome Battles Carthage

4 History Close-up Chapter 12 A Chariot Race The Colosseum Chapter 14 The Glory of Constantinople Chapter 15 Palenque

5 Images Chapter 1 Studying the Past Understanding the World Clues from the Past Geography Chapter 2 Linking to Today: Stone Tools Cave Paintings Iceman A Mammoth House Chapter 3 Development of Writing Sumerian Achievements Gilgamesh Statue Chapter 4 Menes Egyptian Society Queen Hatshepsut Egyptian Writing Treasures of King Tut’s Tomb

6 Images Chapter 5 Kush and Egypt Assyrians Kush’s Trade Network Queen Shanakhdakheto Chapter 6 Harappan Art The Great Departure Temple Architecture Chapter 7 Chinese Writing The Warring States Period Guardians of Shi Huangdi’s Tomb Chapter 8 Moses and the Golden Calf The Dead Sea Scrolls The Tower of Babel

7 Images Chapter 9 Early Trading Cultures Olympian Gods Aesop Chapter 10 Persia under Darius Phalanx Greek Sculpture Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates Chapter 11 Cincinnatus Aeneas Lucius Cornelius Sulla Chapter 12 Julius Caesar Pompeii: A City Preserved The Roman Arch

8 Images Chapter 13 Pantheon Resistance to Rome The Last Supper Chapter 14 Roman Ruins Time Line: Key Events in Roman History Justinian and Theodora Chapter 15 Maya Rulers A Maya King and His Court Maya Astronomy and Calendars

9 Maps Chapter 1 Studying Maps: California Teotihuacán, c. AD 500 Chapter 2 Early Hominid Sites Early Human Migration Early Domestication Catal Hüyük Assessment Map Chapter 3 The Fertile Crescent River Valley Civilizations Sargon’s Empire, c BC Babylonian and Assyrian Empires Phoenicia Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent Assessment Map Chapter 4 Ancient Egypt Egyptian Trade

10 Maps Chapter 5 Ancient Kush Chapter 6 India: Physical Harappan Civilization Aryan Invasions Early Spread of Buddhism Mauryan Empire, c BC Gupta Empire, c. 400 Assessment Map Chapter 7 China: Physical Shang Dynasty, c BC Zhou Dynasty, c BC Qin Dynasty, c BC Han Dynasty, c. 206 BC-AD 220 The Silk Road Chapter 8 Possible Routes of Abraham and Moses Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, c. 920 BC The Dead Sea Scrolls Jewish Migration after AD 70 Assessment Map

11 Maps Chapter 9 Greece: Physical Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations Greek City-States and Colonies, c. 600 BC Chapter 10 The Persian Empire The Persian Wars The Peloponnesian War, c BC Alexander the Great’s Empire, c. 323 BC Chapter 11 Italy: Physical Italy, 500 BC The Roman Republic, BC The Roman Republic, 270 BC-AD 117 Languages of Italy Chapter 12 Expansion of Rome, 100 BC-AD 117 Roman Trade Routes, AD 200

12 Maps Chapter 13 Jesus of Nazareth Paul’s Journeys The Spread of Christianity, Chapter 14 The Eastern and Western Empires Invasions of the Roman Empire The Byzantine Empire, 1025 Chapter 15 The Americas: Physical Migration to the Americas Early Civilizations in the Americas Maya Civilization Assessment Map

13 Quick Facts Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Visual Summary Chapter 2 Early Hominids Chapter 2 Visual Summary Chapter 3 Hammurabi’s Code Chapter 3 Visual Summary Chapter 4 Periods of Egyptian History Chapter 4 Visual Summary Chapter 5 Chapter 5 Visual Summary Chapter 6 The Varnas Major Beliefs of Hinduism The Eightfold Path Chapter 6 Visual Summary Chapter 7 Zhou Society Main Ideas of Confucianism Emperor Shi Huangdi Chapter 7 Visual Summary Chapter 8 Chapter 8 Visual Summary

14 Quick Facts Chapter 9 Government in Athens Democracy Then and Now Chapter 9 Visual Summary Chapter 10 Life in Sparta Life in Athens Chapter 10 Visual Summary Chapter 11 Legendary Founding of Rome Government of the Roman Republic Chapter 11 Visual Summary Chapter 12 Chapter 12 Visual Summary Chapter 13 Chapter 13 Visual Summary Chapter 14 Why Rome Fell The Western Roman and Byzantine Empires Chapter 14 Visual Summary Chapter 15 Chapter 15 Visual Summary

15 Section Notes Chapter 1 Studying History Studying Geography Chapter 2 The First People Early Human Migration Beginnings of Agriculture Chapter 3 Geography of the Fertile Crescent The Rise of Sumer Sumerian Achievements Later Peoples of the Fertile Crescent Chapter 4 Geography and Early Egypt The Old Kingdom The Middle and New Kingdoms Egyptian Achievements

16 Section Notes Chapter 5 Kush and Egypt Later Kush Chapter 6 Geography and Early India Origins of Hinduism Origins of Buddhism Indian Empires Indian Achievements Chapter 7 Geography and Early China The Zhou Dynasty and New Ideas The Qin Dynasty The Han Dynasty Han Contacts with Other Cultures Chapter 8 The Early Hebrews Jewish Beliefs and Texts Judaism over the Centuries

17 Section Notes Chapter 9 Geography and the Early Greeks Government in Athens Greek Mythology and Literature Chapter 10 Greece and Persia Sparta and Athens Alexander the Great Greek Achievements Chapter 11 Geography and the Rise of Rome Government and Society The Late Republic Chapter 12 From Republic to Empire A Vast Empire Rome’s Legacy

18 Section Notes Chapter 13 Religion in the Roman Empire Origins of Christianity The Early Christian World Chapter 14 Fall of the Western Roman Empire The Byzantine Empire Chapter 15 Geography and Early Cultures The Maya Maya Life and Society

19 Chapter 1 Archaeology, History, and Geography Chapter 2 The Stone Age Chapter 3 Mesopotamian Achievements Chapter 4 Ancient Egypt and Kush Chapter 5 Ancient Egypt and Kush Chapter 6 Buddhism as a World Religion Chapter 7 Ancient China and Modern China Chapter 8 Judaism throughout the World Chapter 9 Democracy and the World Today Chapter 10 Greek Philosophers and Modern Thought Chapter 11 Roman Government and American Government Chapter 12 Ancient Rome and the World Today Chapter 13 Ancient Rome and the World Today Chapter 14 Ancient Rome and the World Today Chapter 15 Mesoamerican Achievements in Science and Math Video

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