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Enlightenment Ideas Spread

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1 Enlightenment Ideas Spread
Objective: SWBAT identify the roles that censorship and salons played in the spread of new ideas

2 Do Now /12/12 Grab test off the table – you’ll have the first 5 minutes to look over your answers Pick up guided notes

3 New Ideas Challenge Society
Prior to Enlightenment people accepted the ideas of divine right, strict class system, & belief in heavenly reward for earthly suffering Educated people read Diderot’s encyclopedia More people saw that reform was necessary A just society should ensure social justice and happiness Not everyone agreed with these new ideas

4 Writers Face Censorship
church and government authorities felt they had a sacred duty to defend the old order (GOD) Waged a war = censorship restricted access to ideas and information banned and burned books  imprisoned writers Voltaire (Bastille)

5 Persian Letters To avoid censorship writers disguised work as fiction
Montesquieu two fictional characters Usbek and Rica mocked French society

6 Writers Face Censorship
Voltaire Candide 1759: travels across Europe, the Americas and the Middle East looking for the “best of all possible worlds” Used this tale to expose the corruption and hypocrisy of European Society

7 Ideas Spread in Salons Salons informal social gatherings
writers, artists, philosophes, & others exchanged ideas 1600s noble women in Paris – poetry readings 1700s middle class women allowed middle class citizens to meet with nobility on an equal level to discuss & spread Enlightenment ideas

8 Salons Madame Geoffrin  Rue St. Honore
Brought together best and brightest Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played for her guests

9 Composers Classical music
Ballets & operas  opera houses formed across Europe Growing middle class could now afford to pay for concerts

10 Composers Johann Sebastian Bach – religious works Organ and choirs
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Child prodigy – developed new styles Died at 35 in poverty

11 Bach Symphony 40 Requiem Marriage of Figero

12 Enlightened Despots Frederick the Great  Prussia 1740-1786
“first servant of the state” Work for the common good

13 Enlightened Despots Catherine the Great  Russia Equality and liberty
Abolished torture and established religious tolerance

14 Enlightened Despots Joseph II  Austria Religious equality
Ended censorship  free press Abolished serfdom All ended after his death

15 Exit Ticket How did censorship and the emergence of salons play a role in spreading the ideas of the Enlightenment?

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