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 Do Now:  List as many things as you can about Athens and Sparta. How are they similar? How are they different?

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1  Do Now:  List as many things as you can about Athens and Sparta. How are they similar? How are they different?

2  Do Now  Greek God Presentation  Sparta Review  Athens Review  Greek War Lesson  Compare-Contrast Graphic Organizer

3  You will have 10 minutes to finish your poster.  You also need to practice presenting  In 10 minutes you will be presenting this to the rest of the class!

4  Students will compare and contrast Athens and Sparta from the perspective of other Persian and Peloponnesian Wars

5  Allies: members of an alliance or countries which work with each other and protect each other  Delian League: about 150 members of Greece and its allies who met together and promised to protect each other from Persia.  Truce: an agreement by warring parties to stop fighting while they discuss how to be peaceful

6 Athens Sparta

7  Greece was not alone in the ancient world. Egypt was flourishing. Other civilizations were developing around the Mediterranean. One of the largest and most powerful was the Persian Empire.  The Greek world was tiny. The Persian Empire was huge. Remember all those towns the ancient Greeks built in early times?  Some were still flourishing. The Greek towns located along the Turkish coast had fallen under Persian rule. The Greek colonists were unhappy about it. h?v=cPUo7b- QVjo

8  the Greek city-states had too many people. The Greeks moved along the Mediterranean Sea. One place they built city-states was along the eastern side of the Aegean Sea. The Greeks living along the Aegean Sea did not like Persian rule.  War broke out over this. The first invasion took place in 490 BC. Darius I was the Persian King at this time. Darius I decided to conquer all of Greece.  At first the Persians conquered everyone they met. Darius I sent advisers to Greece. Sparta and Athens refused his control and killed the Persian advisers. /CR0210200/ancient_gree ce/persian_war.htm

9  When Xerxes saw how the battle was going, he ran away and left his army behind. The rest of the Sparta army marched north and defeated the Persian army coming in from that direction.  The Greeks won the battle but there was always the threat that the Persians might come back. In preparation, the Greeks created the Delian League -

10  The purpose of the Delian League was to put money into a shared treasury, to have on hand in case of war. It took money to make weapons and ships and to train men. The Greeks wanted to be ready to fund a war instantly.

11  What the Persians forgot, or perhaps they just did not know, was that the Greeks were incredible warriors. Athens had a highly capable navy, with ships that were tiny and easy to maneuver. The Spartan army was terrifying.

12  Xerxes, the Persian King, was furious at the result of the first two battles with the now hated Greeks.  For the third major battle, the Battle of Salamis, he sent an incredible number of Persian ships to wage war on Greece.  He didn't want just to win. He wanted Greece to be totally destroyed.

13  Xerxes was so confident of success that he had his slaves carry a golden throne from Persia, and set it up on a hillside overlooking the Greek harbor, so he could be comfortable while he watched the Greeks die.  But the Greeks did not die. Their small ships could maneuver better. The Greeks were able to toss burning wood aboard the Persian ships and get safely away. The Persians had to abandon their burning ships. Those Persian sailors who made it to land were greeted by the Spartan army. The Spartans killed them all!!!

14  One day, Athens and Sparta quarreled about something. It was an insignificant quarrel. It was not over the treasury. It was not over anything really.  This quarrel started a war between Athens and Sparta that lasted over 25 years - the Peloponnesian War.  In the third year of the war, more than half the people in the city of Athens died – not from fighting - from illness.  People from the surrounding countryside had fled inside the city gates, fleeing Spartan attacks.

15  One of those who died was the young leader Pericles.  The city was not prepared for that many people to live in Athens. There was not enough food. They did not have a way to safely remove waste.  Things got a lot worse after that. Athens suffered from poor leadership, a lack of food, and continued illness. They were starving. The Spartans had the town surrounded. Both sides agreed to a truce  The Athenians could not get to their crops. Finally, in April, in the year 404 BCE, Athens surrendered.

16  Despite the bitterness, the Spartans were generous.  The Spartans did not raid the town as Corinth and Thebes wanted them to do.  Instead, they made Athens a satellite state under a Spartan oligarchy. It was the end of democracy.  Ten years later, Sparta gave Athens her independence. Since her defeat, Athens had regained much of her old strength. But never again was ancient Athens the golden city she once was.

17  You need to create a graphic organizer that shows the similarities and differences in Sparta and Athens  You need to list 10 similarities for each and 10 differences for a total of 30 facts.

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