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UNIT 3 (3) Have you ever felt __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __?

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1 UNIT 3 (3) Have you ever felt __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __?

2 Translate into English La gente ha estado hablando del turismo espacial desde que se aterrizó en la luna por primera vez. ¿Se convertirá este sueño en realidad?. 2. Te lo creas o no estamos en la cuenta atrás para el primer vuelo turista al espacio. El cohete está a punto de despegar pronto y algunos famosos están entre los que se apunten para volar. 3. Pero no será barato. Cada pasajero pagará 200 mil dólares por un vuelo de tres horas. Volarán a 3 veces la velocidad del sonido, experimentarán 3 ó 4 minutos de ingravidez y tendrán unas buenas vistas de la tierra entre otros eventos importantes. Vamos, si quieres puedes ir reservando billetes. 4. ¿Y qué pasa con la gente que no tiene miles de dólares? Y ¿Qué más incluye en el precio del viaje? El precio bajará, pero no sé si nos lo podremos permitir, quizás nuestros nietos pasen sus vacaciones en un hotel dando la vuelta a Venus. 1.People have been talking about space tourism since moon landing for the fist time. Will this dream ever become a reality? 2. Believe or not we are counting down for the first tourist flight into space. The rocket is about to lift off soon and some famous people are among those who are going to put their names down for the flight 3. But it won ´t be cheap. Each passenger will pay 200.000 $ for a 3-hour flight. They´ll fly at 3 times the speed of sound, they´ll experience 3 or 4 minutes of weightlessness and they´ll have spectacular views of the earth among other highlights. Hurry up if you want to book a ticket. 4. ¿And what about those who haven ´t got millions of dollars? And What else is it included in the fare?. The price will come down but we don ´t know if we´ll be able to afford it, our grandchildren might spend thier holidays in a hotel orbiting Venus

3 Vocabulary about the text “Desde entonces” E _____ S _____ The noun for to fly= F _____ I´m going to reserve or B ____ a ticket Between more than 2 = A _____ “Mientras tanto” M __________ The opposite of take off = L _____ Ingravidez= W__________ Eh! Wait a minute or H ____ O __ Fly in space = O ____ Money you leave as a D ______ “¿Se convertirá este sueño en realidad”_______________ ___________________? “está a punto de llegar...” It´s d __ to arrive “No será barato” _________________ A synonym with journey = T _____ Important events or H _______ “Lo creas o no” B ______ I____ or N ____ A synonym with take- off= L _____ In a flight a seat is occupied by a P ____ The cost will( bajará) Will C ____ D _____ “No poder pagar algo”I can ´t A ___ “La cuenta atrás ha comenzado” The _____________________ A synonym with sign up = Put one´s N ___ D __ “Es un vuelo de 3 horas” It´s a ___________________ ______________ Irán a 3 veces la velocidad de la luz ________________ Money you have to pay for your journey= F __ Ever since will this dream ever come true? land The countdown has started Believe or not flight Names down Lift off due Weightlessness bookamong Hang on It won ´t be cheap passenger A 3-hour flight orbit trip Come down Thye´ll fly 3 times the speed of sound meanwhile deposit highlights afford fare

4 Bike:pedal, handlebar, spoke Tube/subway/underground Bus Bus stop Lorry/truck Train: locomotive, wagon, caboose Rail tracks, rails, spike Tunnel Road signs Carriage: reins, whip Motorbike Tow truck Covertible Taxi SUV Jeep Station wagon Van Pickup truck Junction/intersection Traffic/stop light Street, road, highway

5 Ship Sail boat: mast, sail, rudder, keel Anchor Rowing boat: oar Cargo ship Tow boat Cruiser Ocean liner Captain Porthole speed/motor boat Propeller Plane: fuselage, jet engine, wing flaps, tail fin Pilot Flight attendant Luggage: siutcase, duffel bag Control tower, runway Air traffic controller Helicopter, glider, balloon, blimp

6 Transport exercises Ride Get in Fares run Fly Timetable Take Missed Bus / train Bus / train / plane Bus / train Bus / taxi /train Car / taxi Long/short

7 Transport exercises (2) Run Fares By Missed Platform Stop Arrival Due Platform Bus stop full Arrival Punctual Queue Journey due

8 Pilot Fly Get on Get off airport Get in Get out of Cyclist Cycle/ride Get on Get off

9 VERBAL TENSES THE PRESENT THE PAST THE FUTURE SIMPLE: I go/ he goesSIMPLE: I went SIMPLE: I will go / I would go Continuous: I´m going Perfect: I have gone Perfect Continuous: I have been going Continuous: I was goingContinuous: I will be going/ I´d be going Perfect: I had gonePerfect: I will have gone / I´d have gone Perfect Continuous: I had been going Perfect Continuous: I will have been going / I´d have been going Conditional

10 The future – the form Simple Continuous Perfect Perfect Continuous I will / won´t do I will be doing I will have done I will have been doing

11 To express Future Simple we use: Present Simple Present Continuous Be going to Will/shall Modal verbs Others...

12 PRESENT SIMPLE For Timetables: buses, TV programmes, shops, concerts, etc. Ex. ¿A qué hora abren las tiendas mañana? What time do the shops open tomorrow? U2 concert _________ (start) at 9 next Saturday U2 concert starts at 9 next Saturday

13 PRESENT CONTINUOUS For Personal Future Plans ( as if written in a diary) Ex. What are you doing next weekend? I´m playing football on Saturday afternoon and going to the cinema with Andrea in the evening

14 PRACTICE: Present simple or Present continuous 1. Are you busy this week Sam?. Not very much but I ________________ (revise) for an exam on Friday. 2.What time __________________ (begin) your English class?. It ___________ (start) at 7 3.Your plane _____________ (leave) at 6, so I ______________ (pick) you up at 5. 4.Your plane _______________ (land) in Dublin at 7. The manager ____________ (meet) you at the airport. 5.Then, you _____________ (stay) at Ritch Hotel because the conference __________ (be) in the morning. 6.I _____________ (not/like) conferences. ______________ (come/Carol) with me?. 7.The English lesson on Thursday ____________ (not/finish) at 1:25, it ______________ (finish ) at 1:30 8. On Saturday evening I ____________ (not/go) out with Karen I ___________ (go) to Sting´s concert Am revising Do you begin Starts Leaves will pick Lands is meeting are staying Is Don ´t like Is Carol coming with me? Doesn ´t finish Finishes Am not going Am going

15 Will / won´t For Instant decisions Ex. Teacher: I need a person to get a piece of chalk. Martin: Don´t worry teacher, I´ll go For Predictions (based on what you think) Ex. I think in the year 2050 everybody will have cars fueled by hydrogen For offers and promises Ex. Shall I help you? Ex. I promise I will do it

16 Will or Going to 1.Oh no! look at the time!. I ___________(be) terribly late. 2.If you want to go the shop you can borrow my brother´s bike I´m sure he _________ (not/mind) 3.Why are you turning on the TV?. Because I ________________ (watch) the news. 4.Oh, I´ve just realised. I haven ´t got any money. Don´t worry I _____________ (lend) you 10$ 5.I´ve got a splitting headache. Wait here, I ________________ (get) an aspirin for you. 6.I´ve decided to repaint this room. Really. What colour ______________(you/paint) it?. 7.Did you post that letter for me?. Oh!, I completely forgot. I _____________ (do) it now. 8.Have you decided what to do about that job?. Yes I ____________ (not/apply) for it. It´s rubbish! 9.Ann, I need someone to take me to the airport. That´s no problem. I ___________ (take) you 10.John, do you want me to take you to the airport?. No, Ann __________ (take) me. Am going to be Won ´t mind Am going to watch Will lend Will get Are you going to paint it Will do Am not going to apply Will take Is going to take

17 Modal Verbs: may, might, can... May / might (puede, podría) Ex. Puede que te lleve mañana I may take you tomorrow

18 Present simple, present continuous, be going to or will for the future 1.Do you have any plans for the summer?. Yes, I____________ (go) to the beach. 2.When __________ (the next train/leave)?. It ______________ (leave) at 7. 3.Is it really her birthday?. Then, I ____________ (buy) some flowers. 4.What ___________ (you/do) this weekend?. Do you want to come to the match?. OK, Which teams ______(play)? 5.Don´t carry all those heavy bags. Some of us ______________ (help) you. 6.I´m sorry I can´t see you tomorrow. I _________________ (visit) some relatives. 7.In the year 2300 everybody ___________________ (live) in other galaxies. 8.I need you to take me to the train station. Ok, I ___________ (take) you in a minute. What time ______________ (leave) the train?. At 7. So we ______________ (leave) at about 5 o´clock Am going Does it leave Leaves Will buy Are you doing / are you going to do Are playing Will help Am visiting Will live Will take Does it leave Are leaving

19 More practice Are you doing Will come Shall we meet Begins Will meet Am seeing Shall I ask Will see Are going Does the film begin Are you meeting Will be

20 Future Continuous or Perfect 2. B, d 3. A, c 4. b, d 5. c, d 6. c

21 The future- mixed 2. Complete the sentences with the verb in brackets in the correct future form. 1. I can ´t believe that in June we _______married for 20 years. (be) 2. We ____ back before six unless we catch the earlier train. (not be) 3. Oh no! Look at the traffic jam! We _________late! (be) 4. What do you think we ________ this time next year? (do) 5. He´ll tell you what the plans are as soon as he ____ them. (know) 6. By the end of this course you ________1000 new words. (learn) 7. I can´t meet you at 9:00. I _______my physics exam. It ________ at 8:30. (do/start) 8. __________________ anywhere interesting this weekend?. (go) 9. If we don´t hurry up, by the time we get there the concert _______! (start) 10. Don´t forget we _____ dinner at your sister´s this evening. (have) 11. I _________ all my homework after dinner – I promise!. (do) 12. Do you think the flight _____________on time?. It took off a bit late. (arrive) 13. You´re sure to recognize me at the station. I _________________ a pink tie. (wear) 14. Don´t worry about the dog. I _______it while you are away. (look after) 15. When __________ your car?. It looks really dirty. (wash) 16. Don´t phone me between 5 and 7. I ______ the cup final. (watch) We´ll have been Won ´t be Are going to be Will be doing

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