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World Literature Cultural Literacy In the Global Community.

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1 World Literature Cultural Literacy In the Global Community

2 Course Emphasis Introduction to the Humanities Study and Organization Skills Notebook Requirements Daily Class Participation Attendance(Learning Log) Cooperative Learning Reading Comprehension and Literary Analysis Writing Skills Research Skills and Multi-media Presentations

3 Course Texts Course anthology Thomson, Eileen (ed.). World Masterpieces. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, 1998. Supplemental text Smith, Houston. The World’s Religions, Our Great Wisdom Traditions. San Francisco: Harper Collins Publishers, 1991.

4 Key Concepts Cultural Literacy in the Global Community The Humanities Cultural Milieu Sacred and National Literature Epic Hero’s Journey

5 Sumerian Literature Cradle of civilization The Epic of Gilgamesh “The Story of the Flood” Archetype Hero’s quest

6 Egyptian Literature Book of the Dead Pastoral Poetry

7 Hebrew Literature Textual criticism and translations of the Bible Excerpts from Genesis “The Story of the Flood” Biblical hero Vs epic hero “The Story of David and Goliath” Psalms

8 Persian Literature Dualism--Good vs Evil excerpts from The Shanama selections from The Rubaiyat

9 Arabic Literature Fact Vs stereotype Five Pillars of Islam faith, prayer, charity, fasting, pilgrimage selections from The Koran selections from A Thousand and One Nights

10 Indian Literature Hindu concepts Brahaman dharma--duty karma selections from The Rig Veda the Upanishads Mahabharata Panchatantra

11 Siddharta by Hernan Hesse Western description of Hinduism and Buddhism Illustrations of Buddhist concepts Four Noble Truths Eight Fold Path Self-discipline, meditation, moral conduct Search for identity

12 Chinese Literature Philosophy Vs Religion Moral nature of social relationships Respect and obedience Righteousness and humane treatment

13 Chinese Literature Selections from the teaching of Confucius The Analects

14 Chinese Literature Philosophy of Lao Tzu Withdrawal from the materialism of society Simple life in harmony with nature Selections from the Tao Te Ching

15 Japanese Literature Religious traditions of Buddhism and Shintoism Selections from Essays in Idleness by Yoshida Kenko Poetry Selections from The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon The No Theater

16 S.D.A.I.E. Reading and Study Guides Interactive Communication Strategies Advanced Organizers Graphic Organizers 9-Square Story Charts Quote Graphics Socratic Seminars Group Presentations Thematic/Dramatic Interpretations Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English

17 Individualized Research Project Research paper Work schedule Working thesis Bibliography cards Content note cards Outline Rough Draft Works Cited Final Draft Concrete Project Oral Presentation Speech Proficiency

18 Ways to contact Ms Gebet: From 10:02 A.M. to 11:03 A.M. or before and after school(925) 461-6600 x5804 E-mail

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