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Start Playing Jeopardy Final Jeopardy Persian Empires Ottoman Empires Muslim Empires 100 200 400 300 400 500 Muslim Achievements Vocabulary.

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2 Start Playing Jeopardy

3 Final Jeopardy Persian Empires Ottoman Empires Muslim Empires Muslim Achievements Vocabulary

4 Persian Empire 100 Answer Before the discovery of water in rocks, early Persians lived as…

5 Persian Empire 100 Nomads

6 Answer Persian Empire 200 This great leader founded the Persian Empire

7 Answer Persian Empire 200 Cyrus the Great

8 Persian Empire 300 Darius made metal _____ that could be traded throughout the Empire. Answer

9 Answer Persian Empire 300 Coins

10 Persian Empire 400 This Macedonian (Greek) man conquered the Persian Empire after 3 years of battle. Answer

11 Answer Persian Empire 400 Alexander the Great

12 Persian Empire 500 Darius I built what two things to help increase trade in the Empire. Answer

13 Answer Persian Empire 500 -Royal Road -Darius’ Canal (connected Red and Med. Seas)

14 This man founded Islam (he was known as the final prophet of Islam) Muslim Empires 100 Answer

15 Answer Muslim Empires 100 Muhammad

16 Muslim Empires 200 This was the main reason for the Sunni-Shi’a split Answer

17 Answer Muslim Empires 200 The two sides disagreed over who should be Caliph

18 Muslim Empires 300 Sunnis believe _______ should be the Caliph, while Shiites (Shi’a) believe _______ should be Caliph. Answer

19 Answer Muslim Empires 300 Sunni – Any good Muslim Shi’a – Relative of Muhammad

20 Muslim Empires 400 After being conquered by the Muslim Empires, you must do this to keep your non- Muslim religion Answer

21 Answer Muslim Empires 400 Pay a tax (money)

22 Muslim Empires 500 What are two reasons that Islam spread so quickly? Answer

23 Answer Muslim Empires 500 -Trade -Conquering -Spreading the message of Allah

24 Ottoman Empires 100 Answer What were Suleyman’s two nicknames…

25 Answer Ottoman Empires 100 The Magnificient The Lawgiver

26 Ottoman Empire 200 Two reasons Suleyman’s laws were so special Answer

27 Answer Ottoman Empire 200 They were fair to all religions and good for trade.

28 Ottoman Empire 300 This weapon helped the Ottomans finally conquer Constantinople Answer

29 Answer Ottoman Empire 300 Bronze Cannon

30 Ottoman Empire 400 List the three names of Istanbul in chronological order. Answer

31 Answer Ottoman Empire 400 Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul

32 Ottoman Empire 500 How did Suleyman build his army of Janissaries and why did he not use Muslims? Answer

33 Answer Ottoman Empire 500 A human tax on Christians; he didn’t trust Muslims from rival families

34 Muslim Achievements 100 This was the Muslim Empires main Architectural (building design) achievement Answer

35 Answer Muslim Achievements 100 Dome

36 Muslim Achievements 200 Muslims use this form of art rather than drawing humans or animals. Answer

37 Answer Muslim Achievements 200 Caligraphy

38 Muslim Achievements 300 The Muslim Empires’ military used these to get places quicker. Answer

39 Answer Muslim Achievements 300 Camels

40 Muslim Achievements 400 The Muslim Empires studied the stars using this new instrument... Answer

41 Answer Muslim Achievements 400 Astrolabe

42 Muslim Achievements 500 The Muslim Empires’ study of the stars (Astronomy) helped them do what two things… Answer

43 Answer Muslim Achievements 500 Develop a calendar and know where they were in the world

44 Vocabulary 100 The kings of the Ottoman Empires were called… Answer

45 Answer Vocabulary 100 Sultans

46 Vocabulary 200 Borrowing ideas from other ways of life. Answer

47 Answer Vocabulary 200 Cultural Diffusion

48 Daily DoubleDouble Vocabulary 300- Daily Double

49 Vocabulary 400 Suleyman’s army (bodyguards) were called ________. Answer

50 Answer Vocabulary 400 Janissaries

51 Vocabulary 500 What makes a country an Empire? Answer

52 Answer Vocabulary 500 -You’re a country -You conquer previously independent countries -Rule with one ruler

53 Final Jeopardy Once the Persians, Ottomans, and Muslim Empires conquered you what would they do? Answer Final Jeopardy Music

54 Answer Final Jeopardy -Let you keep your religion and cultural (cultural tolerance) -Did not force you into slavery -They would borrow your ideas

55 Daily Double – Vocabulary 300 The leader of the Muslim RELIGION Answer

56 Answer Daily Double Caliph

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