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Natural Language Processing Projects Heshaam Feili

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1 Natural Language Processing Projects Heshaam Feili

2 (1)Persian Part-of-speech tagging –The large can can hold the water – D A N AUX V D N Using N-gram probabilities Hidden Markov Model Transformation model [Church 1988], [Charniak97], [Adwait96]

3 POS Taggers HMM-BasedCharniak model Statistical TrigramsTnT(trainable) Decision Tree- BasedTreeTagger(trainable) maximum entropy modelMx POST(trainable) )Tranformation- BasedEric brill tagger(trainable) HMM-BasedLT POS(trainable) HMM-BasedQtag(trainable) Fast Transformation-Based Learning tagger fnTBL (trainable)

4 Tagged persian data set –1000 sentence –May need some hand crafted actions ! Training method Evaluation method Needs some morphological smoothing (2 person) Project:

5 (2) Computational Grammars Seminar Unification grammar Augmented transition network Link grammar Tree adjoining grammar Categorical grammar Dependency grammar Head driven phrase structure grammar

6 Projects: Design & Implementation of Persian Computational grammar Parsing Algorithm Making a prototype ( 2 person ) Full grammar development (MS project)

7 (3) Statistical Parsing algorithms Probabilistic model –Probabilistic Context free grammar –N-Gram model Probabilistic Computational grammar Needs bracketed data set –(S (NP ((DET the)(N man)) ( VP (V killed) (NP ( (D the)(N dog)) ) )

8 Projects: Bracketing Persian Data Set –Use at least 1000 tagged sentence –Bracket the data set Implement an training model Evaluation phase –PARSEVAL metrics (2 Person)

9 (4) Machine Translation Architecture –Direct / Transfer / Interligua History Different Strategy Problems Current Status (1 person)

10 (5) Statistical MT Probabilistic model Training model Architecture Corpus Management EGYPT model … (2 person)

11 Project: English – Persian Statistical Translation system –Small data set exists … –Implement a statistical model –Needs Persian morphological analyzer Persian Pos tagger

12 (6) Persian morphology analyzer Inflection Verb Noun Auxiliary Adjective Adverb … Red House  خانه ي قرمز Projects (1 Person)

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