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Athens Northeast of Sparta Athens was named for the goddess Athena Athens Northeast of Sparta Athens was named for the goddess Athena.

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1 Athens Northeast of Sparta Athens was named for the goddess Athena Athens Northeast of Sparta Athens was named for the goddess Athena

2 Parthenon Temple dedicated to Athena Built between 447 and 432 B.C. Represented the power and wealth of the Athenian Empire Located on the Athenian acropolis

3 A Budding Democracy 600s B.C.- Early Athens was ruled by landowning nobles Only adult male citizens took part in public life Women, slaves, and foreign residents had no political power

4 Athens The economy was largely based on agriculture and trade o grains, vegetables, fruit o grapes and olives were to make wine and olive oil o raised sheep and goats for wool and dairy products Most farmers owed the nobles money Many sold themselves into slavery to pay their debts Athenians began to rebel against the nobles Farmers demanded an end to all debts, along with land for the poor

5 What was life in Athens like? For Girls- At home: Spinning Weaving Household duties Some wealthy families paid for their daughters tolearn to read, write, and play the lyre.

6 What was life in Athens like? For Boys- Athenian Schools taught: Reading Writing Arithmetic Sports Singing Lyre Boys finished school at age 18 and became citizens.

7 Olympics Only men could participate in and view the Olympic games Athletes competed by themeselves, not as part of a team Contests included running, jumping, wrestling, and boxing Winning athletes won a crown of olive leaves and brought glory to his city

8 Solon 594 B.C.- the nobles trusted Solon and turned to him for help Solon made several changes: Canceled all the farmers' debts Freed those who became slaves Allowed all male citizens to particpate in the assembly and law courts

9 Peisistratus 560 B.C.- After solon, Peisistratus seized power He won the support of the poor by: Dividing large estates among landless farmers Loaning money to the poor Giving jobs to the poor, such as building temples

10 Cleisthenes 508 B.C. - Cleisthenes came to power Created a new council of 500 citizens to help the assembly Assembly members had new powers - they could debate matters openly - hear court cases - appoint army generals

11 Persian War Who Sparta and Athens VS Persia What Joined forces of Sparta and Athens Where Athens, Marathon, Salamis, Platea, Thermopylie When 1st attack: 490bc; led by Darius 2nd attack: 480 bc; led by Xerxes Why Persian control of Greece

12 Greece during the Persian War

13 Sparta Joined forces with Athens Sent soldiers to fight Battle of Thermopylie war tactics to give advantage to Sparta with less soldiers. Battle of Salamis Strategy for victory: Destroy the enemy Athens Battle of Marathon Battle of Plataea Strategy for victory: work as a group. Persian War

14 Delian League Who Athens and Greek city-states What A group that promised to defend its member against the Persians. Where Island of Delos When 479bc Why After the Persian War, the people of Greece wanted to keep their lands free of invaders.

15 Greece under Delian League c.450 B.C.

16 The Age of Pericles 461bc Expansion of territory Peak of creativity, learning, politics and economy. Funeral Oration Concept of citizenship Direct democracy "Athens is the school of Greece"

17 Greece during the Peloponnesian War

18 The Peloponnesian War Who Sparta VS Athens What The Peloponnesian War Named for Sparta's location in Peloponnesus. Where Peloponnesus: Sparta, Athens, Crete, Coast of Aegean Sea When 431-404 BCE Why? Sparta and neighboring city states were jealous and suspicious of the wealth of Athens.

19 The Peloponnesian War

20 Sparta 431BC Army surrounds Athens on land. Still could not defeat Athens. Deal with Persia: Money to fund shipbuilding in exchange for Greek territory in Asia Minor. 405BC Navy destroys that of Athens and proceed to invade the city. Athens Citizens are called to live within the city walls, for protection, until the fighting has ended. Utilize Navy to deliver supplies. Lost in hand-to-hand combat. Disease and over crowding removed 1/3 of the population. 429BC Pericles dies of disease. 404BC Athens surrenders to Sparta Peloponnesian War Year 1 Year 2 25 year standoff

21 The Peloponnesian War Pericles gives his famous speech, "The Funeral Oration". He addresses and acknowledges the citizens Athens and reminds them of the power they hold in their own government. Pericles encourages the people of Athens to uphold their democratic social order and take pride in their system and what it represents. Pericles has pride in his country and wants to encourage his fellow Athenians to keep their heads up after one year of war has concluded.

22 The Peloponnesian War Sparta Over the next 30 years, Sparta held control of Greece. During this time, multiple city-states grew displeased with the Spartans. The city-states rebelled, setting into motion another set of wars; this time with Greeks against Greeks.

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