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Nintendo Wars: The Media and the Persian Gulf Conflicts.

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1 Nintendo Wars: The Media and the Persian Gulf Conflicts

2 Small Group Discussion: Military and Media Technology 1)What new military technologies changed warfare since the 1980s? (4 examples) 2)What new communication technologies changed media coverage since the 1980s? (4 examples)

3 The Persian Gulf War (1991) Brief Historical Overview “Muzzling” the Press? “Pooling” Reporters Peter Arnett, Baghdad Live Baghdad Sky (1991)

4 Gulf War Primary Sources Take a minute to read the primary source quotes from the Gulf War era military and media personnel. Write down your reactions to the pieces. Which is most persuasive? Why? Walter Cronkite (2003) See vocabulary.

5 Primary Source Vocabulary Disaffection—isolation and hostility. Dispatches—reports from the field of battle. Disposition—physical placement and movement. Divergence—separating. Inadvertent—not intended. Morale—attitude of soldiers. Reminiscent—reminds you of something.

6 Iraq War (2003) Historical Background “Embedding” Reporters Pentagon Briefing (2004) Embedded Journalism?

7 Maps: China War (2018-2021) Chinese Invasion of Taiwan (January 22, 2019) China & Taiwan in the Asian Context

8 Media Coverage: War With China (2018-2021) 1) US Naval combat with Chinese ships in the Straights of Taiwan. (US Casualties) 2) Chinese Marines invade Taiwan. 3) Chinese Air Force begins bombing of American bases on Guam. 4) US Air Force begins bombing campaign over Beijing. US marines land on Taiwan. 5) FBI investigates and arrests of Chinese nationals in San Francisco and LA. Media—Military—American Public

9 Bibliography W. Lance Bennet and David L. Paletz, eds., Taken by Storm: The Media, Public Opinion, and US Foreign Policy in the Gulf War (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994). Hamid Mowlana, George Gerbner, and Herbert I. Schiller, Triumph of the Image: The Media’s War in the Persian Gulf, a Global Perspective (Boulder: Westview Press, 1992). Hedrik Smith, ed., The Media and the Gulf War: The Press and Democracy in Wartime (Washington: Seven Locks Press, 1992).

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